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IEEE Transactions Neural Networks Volume: 19  Issue: 6   Date: June 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks publication information, Page(s): C2-C2

Beyond Feedforward Models Trained by Backpropagation: A Practical Training Tool for a More Efficient Universal Approximator Ilin, R.; Kozma, R.; Werbos, P. J. , Page(s): 929-937

Global Convergence and Limit Cycle Behavior of Weights of Perceptron
Ho, C. Y.-F.; Ling, B. W.-K.; Lam, H.-K.; Nasir, M. H. U. , Page(s): 938-947

Centroid Neural Network With a Divergence Measure for GPDF Data Clustering
Park, D.-C.; Kwon, O.-H.; Chung, J., Page(s): 948-957

Implementation of Pipelined FastICA on FPGA for Real-Time Blind Source Separation

Shyu, K.-K.; Lee, M.-H.; Wu, Y.-T.; Lee, P.-L., Page(s): 958-970

Global Convergence of SMO Algorithm for Support Vector Regression
Takahashi, N.; Guo, J.; Nishi, T., Page(s): 971-982

Optimized Approximation Algorithm in Neural Networks Without Overfitting
Liu, Y.; Starzyk, J. A.; Zhu, Z., Page(s): 983-995

A Constrained Optimization Approach to Preserving Prior Knowledge During Incremental Training Ferrari, S.; Jensenius, M., Page(s): 996-1009

Adaptive Gain Control for Spike-Based Map Communication in a Neuromorphic Vision System Meng, Y.; Shi, B. E. , Page(s): 1010-1021

Local Convergence Analysis of FastICA and Related Algorithms
Shen, H.; Kleinsteuber, M.; Huper, K., Page(s): 1022-1032

Representation of Nonlinear Random Transformations by Non-Gaussian Stochastic Neural Networks Turchetti, C.; Crippa, P.; Pirani, M.; Biagetti, G., Page(s): 1033-1060

Incremental Learning of Chunk Data for Online Pattern Classification Systems
Ozawa, S.; Pang, S.; Kasabov, N., Page(s): 1061-1074

Absolute Exponential Stability of Recurrent Neural Networks With Generalized Activation Function Xu, J.; Cao, Y.-Y.; Sun, Y.; Tang, J., Page(s): 1075-1089

Nonnegative Matrix Factorization in Polynomial Feature Space
Buciu, I.; Nikolaidis, N.; Pitas, I., Page(s): 1090-1100

Automatic Relevance Determination for Identifying Thalamic Regions Implicated in Schizophrenia
Browne, A.; Jakary, A.; Vinogradov, S.; Fu, Y.; Deicken, R. F., Page 1101-1107

Evaluation of the Traffic Parameters in a Metropolitan Area by Fusing Visual Perceptions and CNN Processing of Webcam Images Faro, A.; Giordano, D C., Page(s): 1108-1129

An Adaptive Learning Approach for 3-D Surface Reconstruction From Point Clouds
Junior, A. M. B.; Neto, A. D. D.; de Melo, J. D.; Goncalves, L. M. G., Page(s): 1130-1140

Corrections to “On Adaptive Learning Rate That Guarantees Convergence in Feedforward Networks Behera, L.; Kumar, S.; Patnaik, A., Page(s): 1141-1141

Neurodynamics of Cognition and Consciousness

Perlovsky, L. I.; Kozma, Eds., R., Page(s): 1142-1142

World Congress on Computational Intelligence-WCCI 2008 , Page(s): 1143-1143

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Information, Page(s): C3-C3