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IEEE Transactions Neural Networks Volume: 19  Issue: 7   Date: July 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Just-in-Time Adaptive Classifiers—Part I: Detecting Nonstationary Changes
Alippi, C.; Roveri, M., Page(s): 1145-1153

Distributed EM Algorithm for Gaussian Mixtures in Sensor Networks
Gu, D., Page(s): 1154-1166

Distributed Parallel Support Vector Machines in Strongly Connected Networks
Lu, Y.; Roychowdhury, V.; Vandenberghe, L., Page(s): 1167-1178

Fault-Tolerant Indirect Adaptive Neurocontrol for a Static Synchronous Series Compensator
Qiao, W.; Harley, R. G.; Venayagamoorthy, G. K. , Page(s): 1179-1195

On Real-Time AER 2-D Convolutions Hardware for Neuromorphic Spike-Based Cortical Processing
Serrano-Gotarredona, R.; Serrano-Gotarredona, T.; Acosta-Jimenez, A.; Page(s): 1196-1219

Stability and Almost Disturbance Decoupling Analysis of Nonlinear System Subject to Feedback Chien, T.-L.; Chen, C.-C.; Huang, Y.-C.; Lin, W.-J., Page(s): 1220-1230

Dynamic Neural-Network-Based Model-Predictive Control of an Industrial Baker's Yeast Drying Process
Yuzgec, U.; Becerikli, Y.; Turker, M., Page(s): 1231-1242

Neurodynamic Programming and Zero-Sum Games for Constrained Control Systems
Abu-Khalaf, M.; Lewis, F. L.; Huang, J., Page(s): 1243-1252

Exchange Monte Carlo Sampling From Bayesian Posterior for Singular Learning Machines
Nagata, K.; Watanabe, S., Page(s): 1253-1266

A General Wrapper Approach to Selection of Class-Dependent Features

Wang, L.; Zhou, N.; Chu, F., Page(s): 1267-1278

A Bioinspired Neural Network for Real-Time Concurrent Map Building and Complete Coverage Robot Navigation in Unknown Environments Luo, C.; Yang, S. X., Page(s): 1279-1298

Delay-Distribution-Dependent Exponential Stability Criteria for Discrete-Time Recurrent Neural Networks With Stochastic Delay Yue, D.; Zhang, Y.; Tian, E.; Peng, C., Page(s): 1299-1306

Semisupervised Learning Based on Generalized Point Charge Models
Wang, F.; Zhang, C., Page(s): 1307-1311

Over 1 million scientific documents , Page(s): 1312-1312

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks blank page
Page(s): C4-C4