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IEEE Transactions Neural Networks Volume: 19  Issue: 2   Date: Feb. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Preliminary Study on Wilcoxon Learning Machines

Jer-Guang Hsieh; Yih-Lon Lin; Jyh-Horng Jeng , Page(s): 201-211

A Hierarchical Graph Neuron Scheme for Real-Time Pattern Recognition

Nasution, B.B.; Khan, A.I. , Page(s): 212-229

Integrating Temporal Difference Methods and Self-Organizing Neural Networks for Reinforcement Learning With Delayed Evaluative Feedback Ah-Hwee , Page(s): 230-244

Ranked Centroid Projection: A Data Visualization Approach With Self-Organizing Maps
Yen, G.G.; Zheng Wu , Page(s): 245-259

Maxi–Min Margin Machine: Learning Large Margin Classifiers Locally and Globally

Kaizhu Huang; Haiqin Yang; King, I.; Lyu, M.R. , Page(s): 260-272

Constrained Least Absolute Deviation Neural Networks
Zhishun Wang; Peterson, B.S. , Page(s): 273-283

Best Approximation of Gaussian Neural Networks With Nodes Uniformly Spaced
Mulero-Martinez, J.I. , Page(s): 284-298

Recursive Neural Network Rule Extraction for Data With Mixed Attributes
Setiono, R.; Baesens, B.; Mues, C. , Page(s): 299-307

A Neural Network Method for Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy Based on Pupil Size and EEG Derong Liu; Zhongyu Pang; Lloyd, S.R. , Page(s): 308-318

Global Synchronization Criteria of Linearly Coupled Neural Network Systems With Time-Varying Coupling Wei Wu; Tianping Chen , Page(s): 319-332

Recurrent Correlation Associative Memories: A Feature Space Perspective
Perfetti, R.; Ricci, E. , Page(s): 333-345

Local and Global Stability Analysis of an Unsupervised Competitive Neural Network
Meyer-Base, A.; Thummler, V. , Page(s): 346-351

A Normalized Adaptive Training of Recurrent Neural Networks With Augmented Error Gradient
Wu Yilei; Song Qing; Liu Sheng , Page(s): 351-356

Cline: A New Decision-Tree Family

Amasyah, M.F.; Ersoy, O. , Page(s): 356-363

Evolved Feature Weighting for Random Subspace Classifier
Nanni, L.; Lumini, A. , Page(s): 363-366

Stability Analysis of Markovian Jumping Stochastic Cohen–Grossberg Neural Networks With Mixed Time Delays Huaguang Zhang; Yingchun Wang , Page(s): 366-370

Training Two-Layered Feedforward Networks With Variable Projection Method
Cheol-Taek Kim; Ju-Jang Lee , Page(s): 371-375

Pattern Recognition
Theodoridis, S.; Koutroumbas, K. , Page(s): 376-376

Nearest-Neighbor Methods in Learning and Vision
Shakhna- rovich, G.; Darrell, T.; Indyk, P. , Page(s): 377-377

International Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems , Page(s): 378-378

2008 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence
Page(s): 379-379

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3