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IEEE Transactions Neural Networks Volume: 19  Issue: 8   Date: Aug. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks publication information, Page(s): C2-C2

Dynamics of Learning in Multilayer Perceptrons Near Singularities

Cousseau, F.; Ozeki, T.; Amari, S., Page(s): 1313-1328

Robust State Estimation for Uncertain Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay

Huang, H.; Feng, G.; Cao, J., Page(s): 1329-1339

A Novel Recurrent Neural Network for Solving Nonlinear Optimization Problems With Inequality Constraints
Xia, Y.; Feng, G.; Wang, J., Page(s): 1340-1353

Individual Stable Space: An Approach to Face Recognition Under Uncontrolled Conditions
Geng, X.; Zhou, Z.-H.; Smith-Miles, K., Page(s): 1354-1368

Reinforcement-Learning-Based Dual-Control Methodology for Complex Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems With Application to Spark Engine EGR Operation Shih, P.; Kaul, B. C., Page(s): 1369-1388

A New Approach to Knowledge-Based Design of Recurrent Neural Networks

Kolman, E.; Margaliot, M., Page(s): 1389-1401

A Neural Model for Compensation of Sensory Abnormalities in Autism Through Feedback From a Measure of Global Perception
Noriega, G., Page(s): 1402-1414

The $Q$ -Norm Complexity Measure and the Minimum Gradient Method: A Novel Approach to the Machine Learning Structural Risk Minimization Problem
Vieira, D. A. G.; Takahashi, R. H. C.; Palade, Page(s): 1415-1430

Configuration of Continuous Piecewise-Linear Neural Networks
Wang, S.; Huang, X.; Junaid, K. M., Page(s): 1431-1445

Training Hard-Margin Support Vector Machines Using Greedy Stagewise Algorithm
Bo, L.; Wang, L.; Jiao, L., Page(s): 1446-1455

Deterministic Learning for Maximum-Likelihood Estimation through Neural Networks
Cervellera, C.; Maccio, D.; Muselli, M, Page(s): 1456-1467

Visualization of Tree-Structured Data Through Generative Topographic Mapping

Gianniotis, N.; Tino, P., Page(s): 1468-1493

Comments on “The Extreme Learning Machine Wang, L. P.; Wan, C. R., Page(s): 1494-1495

Reply to “Comments on “The Extreme Learning Machine” Huang, G.-B., Page(s): 1495-1496

Comments on “Adaptive Neural Control for a Class of Nonlinearly Parametric Time-Delay Systems”

Yoo, S. J.; Park, J. B.; Choi, Y. H., Page(s): 1496-1498

Reply to “Comments on “Adaptive Neural Control for a Class of Nonlinearly Parametric Time-Delay Systems”” Ho, D. W. C.; Li, J.; Niu, Y., Page(s): 1498-1498

Complexity Explained Erdi, P., Page(s): 1499-1499

Special issue on computing with words, Page(s): 1500-1500

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Information, Page(s): C3-C3