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IEEE Transactions Neural Networks Volume: 19  Issue: 4   Date: April 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Delay-Dependent Criteria for Global Robust Periodicity of Uncertain Switched Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay
Lou, X.; Cui, B. Page(s): 549-557

A One-Layer Recurrent Neural Network With a Discontinuous Hard-Limiting Activation Function for Quadratic Programming
Liu, Q.; Wang, J. Page(s): 558-570

Locality-Preserved Maximum Information Projection
Wang, H.; Chen, S.; Hu, Z.; Zheng, W. Page(s): 571-585

Shared Feature Extraction for Nearest Neighbor Face Recognition
Masip, D.; Vitria, J. Page(s): 586-595

Complex ICA by Negentropy Maximization
Novey, M.; Adali, T. Page(s): 596-609

Large-Scale Maximum Margin Discriminant Analysis Using Core Vector Machines
Tsang, I. W.-H.; Kocsor, A.; Kwok, J. T.-Y. Page(s): 610-624

DCT-Yager FNN: A Novel Yager-Based Fuzzy Neural Network With the Discrete Clustering Technique Singh, A.; Quek, C.; Cho, S.-Y.Page(s): 625-644

Real-Time Reconfigurable Subthreshold CMOS Perceptron
Aunet, S.; Oelmann, B.; Norseng, P. A.; Berg, Y. Page(s): 645-657

Relevance-Based Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Images
Mendenhall, M. J.; Merenyi, E. Page(s): 658-672

Output Feedback Stabilization for Time-Delay Nonlinear Interconnected Systems Using Neural Networks Hua, C.; Guan, X. Page(s): 673-688

PSECMAC: A Novel Self-Organizing Multiresolution Associative Memory Architecture Teddy, S. D.; Quek, C.; Lai, E. M.-K. Page(s): 689-712

Adaptive Importance Sampling to Accelerate Training of a Neural Probabilistic Language Model Bengio, Y.; Senecal, J.-S. Page(s): 713-722

A Note on the Bias in SVMs for Multiclassification
Gonzalez-Abril, L.; Angulo, C.; Velasco, F.; Ortega, J. A. Page(s): 723-725

Further Results on Delay-Dependent Stability Criteria of Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays Li, T.; Guo, L.; Sun, C.; Lin, C. Page(s): 726-730

Adaptive Approximation Based Control: Unifying Neural, Fuzzy and Traditional Adaptive Approximation Farrell, J. A.; Polycarpou, M. M. Page(s): 731-732

2008 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence
Page(s): 733-733

Quality without compromise
Page(s): 735-735

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3