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IEEE Transactions Networking Volume: 16  Issue: 1   Date: Jan-Feb. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking publication information

Page(s): C2-C2

Race Conditions in Coexisting Overlay Networks
Keralapura, R.; Chen-Nee Chuah; Taft, N.; Iannaccone, G. , Page(s): 1-14

Probabilistic Packet Marking for Large-Scale IP Traceback
Goodrich, M.T. , Page(s): 15-24

Hyperbolic Embedding of Internet Graph for Distance Estimation and Overlay Construction
Shavitt, Y.; Tankel, T. , Page(s): 25-36

Trajectory Sampling With Unreliable Reporting
Duffield, N.; Grossglauser, M. , Page(s): 37-50

An Algorithmic Approach to Geographic Routing in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Kuhn, F.; Wattenhofer, R.; Zollinger, A. , Page(s): 51-62

Efficient Routing in Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks: The Single-Copy Case Spyropoulos, T.; Psounis, K.; Raghavendra, C.S. , Page(s): 63-76

Efficient Routing in Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks: The Multiple-Copy Case Spyropoulos, T.; Psounis, K.; Raghavendra, C.S. , Page(s): 77-90

On the Performance Benefits of Multihoming Route Control
Akella, A.; Maggs, B.; Seshan, S.; Shaikh, A. , Page(s): 91-104

Two Techniques for Fast Computation of Constrained Shortest Paths

Shigang Chen; Meongchul Song; Sahni, S. , Page(s): 105-115

BRA: A Bidirectional Routing Abstraction for Asymmetric Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Ramasubramanian, V.; Mosse, D. , Page(s): 116-129

A Stochastic Foundation of Available Bandwidth Estimation: Multi-Hop Analysis
Xiliang Liu; Ravindran, K.; Loguinov, D. , Page(s): 130-143

Improved Quasi-Path Restoration in Mesh Networks
Patel, M.; Chandrasekaran, R.; Venkatesan, S. , Page(s): 144-156

Dual-Link Failure Resiliency Through Backup Link Mutual Exclusion
Ramasubramanian, S.; Chandak, A. , Page(s): 157-169

Rate and Delay Guarantees Provided by Clos Packet Switches With Load Balancing
Smiljanic, A. , Page(s): 170-181

Performance of a Speculative Transmission Scheme for Scheduling-Latency Reduction Iliadis, I.; Minkenberg, C. , Page(s): 182-195

A Service-Curve Framework for Packet Scheduling With Switch Configuration Delays Cruz, R.L.; Al-Harthi, S. , Page(s): 196-205

Matching From the First Iteration: An Iterative Switching Algorithm for an Input Queued Switch Mneimneh, S. , Page(s): 206-217

Simple Summaries for Hashing With Choices
Kirsch, A.; Mitzenmacher, M. , Page(s): 218-231

Measurement and Analysis of LDAP Performance
Xin Wang; Schulzrinne, H.; Kandlur, D.; Verma, D. , Page(s): 232-243

Comments on “Dynamic Routing of Restorable Bandwidth-Guaranteed Tunnels Using Aggregated Network Resource Usage Information”
Lau, W.; Rosenba, Page(s): 244-245

IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking society information
Page(s): C3-C3