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IEEE Transactions on Multimedia—Volume: 10  Issue: 6   Date:Jul- Aug . 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia publication information Page(s): C2-C2

Improving Robustness of Quantization-Based Image Watermarking via Adaptive Receiver
Kang, X.; Huang, J.; Zeng, W. Page(s): 953-959

Progressive Audio Scrambling in Compressed Domain
Yan, W.-Q.; Fu, W.-G.; Kankanhalli, M. S. Page(s): 960-968

Humanoid Audio–Visual Avatar With Emotive Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Tang, H.; Fu, Y.; Tu, J.; Hasegawa-Johnson, M.; Huang, T. S. Page(s): 969-981

A Constrained Probabilistic Petri Net Framework for Human Activity Detection in Video
Albanese, M.; Chellappa, R.; Moscato, V.; Picariello, A.; Subrahmanian, V. S.; Turaga, Page(s): 982-996

Optimizing Multiple Object Tracking and Best View Video Synthesis
Jiang, H.; Fels, S.; Little, J. J. Page(s): 997-1012

Caches for Multimedia Workloads: Power and Energy Tradeoffs
Kudithipudi, D.; Petko, S.; John, E. B. Page(s): 1013-1021

Turn Your Mobile Into the Ball: Rendering Live Football Game Using Vibration
Rehman, S.; Sun, J.; Liu, L.; Li, H. Page(s): 1022-1033

Predicting Visual Focus of Attention From Intention in Remote Collaborative Tasks
Ou, J.; Oh, L. M.; Fussell, S. R.; Blum, T.; Yang, J. Page(s): 1034-1045

A Methodology for Deriving VoIP Equipment Impairment Factors for a Mixed NB/WB Context
Raja, A.; Azad, R. M. A.; Flanagan, C.; Ryan, C. Page(s): 1046-1058

Robust Image Corner Detection Based on the Chord-to-Point Distance Accumulation Technique

Awrangjeb, M.; Lu, G. Page(s): 1059-1072

Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Multiresolution Color and Texture Features
Chun, Y. D.; Kim, N. C.; Jang, I. H. Page(s): 1073-1084

Selection of Concept Detectors for Video Search by Ontology-Enriched Semantic Spaces
Wei, X.-Y.; Ngo, C.-W.; Jiang, Y.-G. Page(s): 1085-1096

Shot Change Detection via Local Keypoint Matching Huang, C.-R.; Lee, H.-P.; Chen, C.-S. Page(s): 1097-1108

Flexible-Pay-Per-Channel: A New Model for Content Access Control in Pay-TV Broadcasting Systems

Sun, H.-M.; Chen, C.-M.; Shieh, C.-Z. Page(s): 1109-1120

Cross-Layer Error Control for Multimedia Streaming in Wireless/Wireline Packet Networks
Argyriou, A. Page(s): 1121-1127

Effect of Delay and Buffering on Jitter-Free Streaming Over Random VBR Channels
Liang, G.; Liang, B. Page(s): 1128-1141

Video Streaming for Mobile Video Surveillance Gualdi, G.; Prati, A.; Cucchiara, R. Page(s): 1142-1154

Delay-Constrained and R-D Optimized Transrating for High-Definition Video Streaming Over WLANs
Demircin, M. U.; van Beek, P.; Altunbasak, Y. Page(s): 1155-1168

Energy-Constrained Distortion Reduction Optimization for Wavelet-Based Coded Image Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks Wang, W.; Peng, D.; Wang, H.; Sharif, H.; Chen, H.-H. Page(s): 1169-1180

Optimal Carrier Loading Control for the Enhancement of Visual Quality over OFDMA Cellular Networks
Jang, U.; Lee, H.; Lee, S. Page(s): 1181-1196

On the Application of Game-Theoretic Mechanism Design for Resource Allocation in Multimedia Systems
Su, S.-C.; van der Schaar, M. Page(s): 1197-1207

Fast Inter Mode Decision Using Spatial Property of Motion Field
Shen, L.; Liu, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Shi, X. Page(s): 1208-1214

A Cost-Efficient Secure Multimedia Proxy System Zhu, W. T. Page(s): 1214-1220

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia Edics Page(s): 1221-1221

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia information for authors Page(s): 1222-1223

IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting
Page(s): 1224-1224

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia society information
Page(s): C3-C3