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IEEE Transactions on Multimedia—Volume: 10  Issue: 5   Date:Jul- Aug . 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia publication information
, Page(s): C2-C2

Multimedia Applications in Mobile/Wireless Context

Shen, B.; Ooi, W. T.; Morabito, G.; Steinbach, E., Page(s): 673-674

Reliable Event-Detection in Wireless Visual Sensor Networks Through Scalar Collaboration and Game-Theoretic Consideration
Czarlinska, A.; Kundur, D., Page(s): 675-690

Error-Resilient Video Encoding and Transmission in Multirate Wireless LANs
Argyriou, A., Page(s): 691-700

Cross-Layer Optimization for State Update in Mobile Gaming
Yu, Y.; Li, Z.; Shi, L.; Chen, E. Y.-C.; Xu, H., Page(s): 701-710

Multimedia Clip Generation From Documents for Browsing on Mobile Devices Erol, B.; Berkner, K.; Joshi, S., Page(s): 711-723

Segmentation-Based View-Dependent 3-D Graphics Model Transmission

Guan, W.; Cai, J.; Zheng, J.; Chen, C. W., Page(s): 724-734

Efficient Deblocking With Coefficient Regularization, Shape-Adaptive Filtering, and Quantization Constraint

Zhai, G.; Zhang, W.; Yang, X.; Lin, W.; Xu, Y., Page(s): 735-745

An Efficient Watermarking Method Based on Significant Difference of Wavelet Coefficient Quantization
Lin, W.-H.; Horng, S.-J.; Kao, T.-W.; Fan, P, Page(s): 746-757

A Multilevel Asymmetric Scheme for Digital Fingerprinting

Boato, G.; De Natale, F. G. B.; Fontanari, C., Page(s): 758-766

Robust Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Based on Late Integration
Lee, J.-S.; Park, C. H., Page(s): 767-779

A Cyclic Interface for the Presentation of Multiple Music Files
Ali, S.; Aarabi, P. , Page(s): 780-793

Graph-Based Multiplayer Detection and Tracking in Broadcast Soccer Videos

Pallavi, V.; Mukherjee, J.; Majumdar, A. K.; Sural, S., Page(s): 794-805

Semantic Coding by Supervised Dimensionality Reduction

Kokiopoulou, E.; Frossard, P., Page(s): 806-818

Combining Topological and Geometrical Features for Global and Partial 3-D Shape Retrieval

Mademlis, A.; Daras, P.; Axenopoulos, A.; Tzovaras, D.; Strintzis, M. G., Page(s): 819-831

Color-Based Image Salient Region Segmentation Using Novel Region Merging Strategy

Kuan, Y.-H.; Kuo, C.-M.; Yang, N.-C., Page(s): 832-845

A Speech/Music Discriminator of Radio Recordings Based on Dynamic Programming and Bayesian Networks
Pikrakis, A.; Giannakopoulos, T.; Theodoridis, S., Page(s): 846-857

Distributed Collaboration for Enhanced Sender-Driven Video Streaming

Chakareski, J.; Frossard, P., Page(s): 858-870

Optimized Periodic Broadcast of Nonlinear Media

Carlsson, N.; Mahanti, A.; Li, Z.; Eager, D., Page(s): 871-884

Content-Aware Playout and Packet Scheduling for Video Streaming Over Wireless Links

Li, Y.; Markopoulou, A.; Apostolopoulos, J.; Bambos, N., Page(s): 885-895

Queuing-Based Dynamic Channel Selection for Heterogeneous Multimedia Applications Over Cognitive Radio Networks

Shiang, H.-P.; van der Schaar, M., Page(s): 896-909

Dynamic Resource Allocation for Robust Distributed Multi-PointVideo Conferencing
Chen, M.; Su, G.-M.; Wu, M., Page(s): 910-925

Simulating a Smartboard by Real-Time Gesture Detection in Lecture Videos

Wang, F.; Ngo, C.-W.; Pong, T.-C., Page(s): 926-935

Recognizing Human Emotional State From Audiovisual Signals*
Wang, Y.; Guan, L., Page(s): 936-946

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia Edics
, Page(s): 947-947

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia information for authors, Page(s): 948-949

IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting
Page(s): 950-950

Special Issue on Quality-Driven Cross-Layer Design for Multimedia Communications
Page(s): 951-952

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia society information, Page(s): C3-C3