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IEEE Transactions MicroWave Theory and Technique Volume: 56  Issue: 3   Date: March. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

The Beginnings of This Transactions ,Williams, D. F.; Mortazawi, A.Page(s): 565-567

A New Analytical Method for Robust Extraction of the Small-Signal Equivalent Circuit for SiGe HBTs Operating at Cryogenic Temperatures ,Olvera-Cervantes, J.-L.; Cressler, J. D.; Medina-Monroy, J.-L.; Thrivikraman, T.; Banerjee, B.; Laskar, J.Page(s): 568-574

Closed-Form Formulas for Predicting the Nonlinear Behavior of All-Pole Bandpass Filters
Koochakzadeh, M.; Abbaspour-Tamijani, A.Page(s): 575-586

A 7-dB 43-GHz CMOS Distributed Amplifier on High-Resistivity SOI Substrates
Pavageau, C.; Si Moussa, M.; Raskin, J.-P.; Vanhoenaker-Janvier, D.; FelPage(s): 587-598

A 1-V 45-GHz Balanced Amplifier With 21.5-dB Gain Using 0.18-μm CMOS Technology
Jin, J.-D.; Hsu, S. S. H.Page(s): 599-603

High-Efficiency Broadband Parallel-Circuit Class E RF Power Amplifier With Reactance-Compensation Technique ,Kumar, N.; Prakash, C.; Grebennikov, A.; Mediano, A.Page(s): 604-612

A High Conversion-Gain Q-Band InP DHBT Subharmonic Mixer Using LO Frequency Doubler
Johansen, T. K.; Vidkjaer, J.; Krozer, V.; Konczykowska, A.; Riet, M.;  Page(s): 613-619

A 0.8-mW 55-GHz Dual-Injection-Locked CMOS Frequency Divider Luo, T.-N.; Chen, Y.-J. E.Page(s): 620-625

A New RF CMOS Gilbert Mixer With Improved Noise Figure and Linearity
Yoon, J.; Kim, H.; Park, C.; Yang, J.; Song, H.; Lee, S.; Kim, B.Page(s): 626-631

Monostatic Reflectivity and Transmittance of Radar Absorbing Materials at 650 GHz
Tamminen, A.; Lonnqvist, A.; Mallat, J.; Raisanen, A. V.Page(s): 632-637

Multiconductor Transmission Lines in Inhomogeneous Bi-Anisotropic Media
Kaifas, T. N.; Sahalos, J. N. S.Page(s): 638-653

A New 3-D Transmission Line Matrix Scheme for the Combined SchrÖdinger–Maxwell Problem in the Electronic/Electromagnetic Characterization of Nanodevices ,Pierantoni, L.; Page(s): 654-662

CAD-Oriented Model of a Coplanar Line on a Silicon Substrate Including Eddy-Current Effects and Skin Effect ,Tran, L. N.; Pasquet, D.; Bourdel, E.; Quintanel, S.Page(s): 663-670

Ultra-Wide Suppression Band of Surface Waves Using Periodic Microstrip-Based Structures
El Sabbagh, M. A.; Mansour, R. R.Page(s): 671-683

An Optimum Design Methodology for Planar-Type Coaxial Probes Applicable to Broad Temperature Permittivity Measurements ,Kim, N.; Yoon, J.; Cho, S.; Cho, J.; Cheon, C.; Kwon, Y.Page(s): 684-692

A Novel Calibration Algorithm for a Special Class of Multiport Vector Network Analyzers
Ferrero, A.; Teppati, V.; Garelli, M.; Neri, A.Page(s): 693-699

Application of Millimeter-Wave Radiometry for Remote Chemical Detection
Gopalsami, N.; Bakhtiari, S.; Elmer II, T. W.; Raptis, A. C.Page(s): 700-709

Dispersion Limitations of Ultra-Wideband Wireless Links and Their Compensation Via Photonically Enabled Arbitrary Waveform Generation ,McKinney, J. D.; Peroulis, D.; Weiner, A. M.Page(s): 710-719

G-Band Distributed Microelectromechanical Components Based on CMOS Compatible Fabrication
Vaha-Heikkila, T.; Ylonen, M.Page(s): 720-728

A Two-Pole Lumped-Element Programmable Filter With MEMS Pseudodigital Capacitor Banks
Palego, C.; Pothier, A.; Crunteanu, A.; Chatras, M.; Blondy, P.; Page(s): 729-735

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques information for authors Page(s): 736-736

Special issue on RFID Hardwave and Integration Technologies Page(s): 737-737

IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Information , Page(s): C3-C3