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IEEE Transactions MicroWave Theory and Technique Volume: 56  Issue: 6   Date: Jun. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Effect of Process Mismatches on Integrated CMOS Phased Arrays Based on Multiphase Tuned Ring Oscillators
Krishnaswamy, H.; Hashemi, H. Page(s): 1305-1315

Investigation of High-Accuracy Indoor 3-D Positioning Using UWB Technology
Mahfouz, M. R.; Zhang, C.; Merkl, B. C.; Kuhn, M. J.; Fathy, A. E. Page(s): 1316-1330

Bandwidth Potential of Cascode HBT-Based TWAs as a Function of Transistor ${ f} _{max} /{ f} _{ T}$ Ratio Meliani, C.; Rudolph, M.; Doerner, R.; Page(s): 1331-1337

A 1-V 5-GHz CMOS Multiple Magnetic Feedback Receiver Front-End
Vitzilaios, G.; Papananos, Y.; Theodoratos, G. Page(s): 1338-1348

An Ultra-Compact CMOS Variable Phase Shifter for 2.4-GHz ISM Applications
Zheng, Y.; Saavedra, C. E. Page(s): 1349-1354

Improvement of Intermodulation Distortion Asymmetry Characteristics With Wideband Microwave Signals in High Power Amplifiers
Takenaka, I.; Ishikura, K.; Takahashi, H.; Hasegawa, K.; Page(s): 1355-1363

$Ka$-Band Low-Loss and High-Isolation Switch Design in 0.13-$mu{hbox {m}}$ CMOS Min, B.-W.; Rebeiz, G. M. Page(s): 1364-1371

Six-Port Interferometric Technique for Accurate $W$ -Band Phase-Noise Measurements Tatu, S. O.; Moldovan, E.; Affes, S.; Boukari, B.; Page(s): 1372-1379

A Submillimeter-Wave HEMT Amplifier Module With Integrated Waveguide Transitions Operating Above 300 GHz
Samoska, L.; Deal, W. R.; Chattopadhyay, G.; Pukala, D.; Fung, A.; Page(s): 1380-1388

3-D Aspect in the Five-Port Technique for Zero-IF Receivers and a New Blind Calibration Method Mabrouk, M.; Huyart, B.; Neveux, G. Page(s): 1389-1396

A 2.45-GHz Near-Field RFID System With Passive On-Chip Antenna Tags
Chen, X.; Yeoh, W. G.; Choi, Y. B.; Li, H.; Singh, R. Page(s): 1397-1404

Novel Microwave Network for the Leaky-Wave Analysis of Evanescent Fields in Stub-Loaded Structures
Gomez-Tornero, J. L.; Quesada-Pereira, F. D.; Alvarez-Melcon, A. Page(s): 1405-1412

A Fast Procedure to Accurately Determine Leaky Modes in Multilayered Planar Dielectric Substrates Rogier, H.; Vande Ginste, D. Page(s): 1413-1422

Determining the Effective Constitutive Parameters of Finite Periodic Structures: Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials
Aksun, M. I.; Alparslan, A.; Karabulut, E. P.; Irci, E.; Erturk, V. B. Page(s): 1423-1434

Finite-Element Time-Domain Simulation of Electric Discharges
Costa, A. A.; Artuzi, W. A.; Bonfim, M. J. C. Page(s): 1435-1439

Improved Finite-Difference Time-Domain Algorithm Based on Error Control for Lossy Materials Zygiridis, T. T.; Tsiboukis, T. D. Page(s): 1440-1445

Fast Computation of Layered Medium Green's Functions of Multilayers and Lossy Media Using Fast All-Modes Method and Numerical Modified Steepest Descent Path Method Wu, B.; Tsang, L. Page(s): 1446-1454

A Dual-Band Balun Using Partially Coupled Stepped-Impedance Coupled-Line Resonators Gao, X.; Yeung, L. K.; Wu, K.-L. Page(s): 1455-1460

A New Approach to the Realization of a Dual-Band Microstrip Filter With Very Wide Upper Stopband Cheng, K.-K. M.; Law, C. Page(s): 1461-1467

A Microstrip Bandpass Filter With Ultra-Wide Stopband
Tang, C.-W.; Hsu, Y.-K. Page(s): 1468-1472

Eight-Way Substrate Integrated Waveguide Power Divider With Low Insertion Loss
Song, K.; Fan, Y.; Zhang, Y. Page(s): 1473-1477

Design of Conical Transmission Line Power Combiners Using Tapered Line Matching Sections de Villiers, D. I. L.; van der Walt, P. W.; Page(s): 1478-1484

Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainties Caused by Common and Cross Modes in Differential Measurements Using Baluns
Jung, K.; Campbell, R. L.; Hayden, L. A.; Eisenstadt, W. R.; Page(s): 1485-1492

Highly Stable Millimeter-Wave Signal Distribution With an Optical Round-Trip Phase Stabilizer Kiuchi, H. Page(s): 1493-1500

Comments on “Reduced-Length Rat-Race Couplers”
Aditya, S.; Dutta Roy, S. C. Page(s): 1501-1501

Authors' Reply
Mandal, M. K.; Sanyal, S. Page(s): 1501-1501

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques information for authors
Page(s): 1502-1502

Proven powerful
Page(s): 1504-1504

IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3