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IEEE Transactions MicroWave Theory and Technique Volume: 56  Issue: 7   Date: Jul. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Nonlinear Characterization and Modeling of Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors
Curutchet, A.; Theron, D.; Werquin, M.; Ducatteau, D.; Happy, H.;  Page(s): 1505-1510

Measuring Transistor Large-Signal Noise Figure for Low-Power and Low Phase-Noise Oscillator Design
Jankovic, M.; Breitbarth, J.; Brannon, A.; Popovic, Z. Page(s): 1511-1515

New Synthesis of Parallel-Coupled Line Bandpass Filters With Chebyshev Responses
Chin, K.-S.; Chiou, Y.-C.; Kuo, J.-T. Page(s): 1516-1523

Open-Loop Digital Predistorter for RF Power Amplifiers Using Dynamic Deviation Reduction-Based Volterra Series
Zhu, A.; Draxler, P. J.; Yan, J. J.; Brazil, T. J.; Kimball, D. F.; Asbeck, P. M. Page(s): 1524-1534

An Improved Small-Signal Parameter-Extraction Algorithm for GaN HEMT Devices
Brady, R. G.; Oxley, C. H.; Brazil, T. J. Page(s): 1535-1544

Topology Analysis and Design of Passive HEMT Millimeter-Wave Multiple-Port Switches
Lai, R.-B.; Chao, S.-F.; Tsai, Z.-M.; Lee, J.; Wang, H. Page(s): 1545-1554

Design of Multigigabit-per-Second Transceiver for Band-Limited High-Speed Data Communication Using DC-Free Signaling Yeo, H.; Chen, J.; Bashirullah, R.; Eisenstadt, W. R.; Lin, J. Page(s): 1555-1564

A Load-Shared CMOS Power Amplifier With Efficiency Boosting at Low Power Mode for Polar Transmitters
Lee, D. H.; Park, C.; Han, J.; Kim, Y.; Hong, S.; Lee, C.-H.; Laskar, J. Page(s): 1565-1574

A 40–50-GHz SiGe 1:8 Differential Power Divider Using Shielded Broadside-Coupled Striplines
May, J. W.; Rebeiz, G. M. Page(s): 1575-1581

A High-Efficiency 100-W GaN Three-Way Doherty Amplifier for Base-Station Applications
Pelk, M. J.; Neo, W. C. E.; Gajadharsing, J. R.; Pengelly, R. S.; Page(s): 1582-1591

Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging Module With Preamplified Zero-Bias Detection
Lynch, J. J.; Moyer, H. P.; Schaffner, J. H.; Royter, Y.; Sokolich, M.; Page(s): 1592-1600

Closed-Form Expressions of Multilayered Planar Green's Functions That Account for the Continuous Spectrum in the Far Field Mesa, F.; Boix, R. R.; Medina, F. Page(s): 1601-1614

Analysis of Substrate Integrated Waveguide Structures Based on the Parallel-Plate Waveguide Green's Function
Arnieri, E.; Amendola, G. Page(s): 1615-1623

An Efficient and Simple Analytical Model for Analysis of Propagation Properties in Impedance Waveguides
Luukkonen, O.; Simovski, C. R.; Raisanen, A. V.; Tretyakov, S. A. Page(s): 1624-1632

Compact 90$^{circ}$ Twist Formed by a Double-Corner-Cut Square Waveguide Section
Kirilenko, A. A.; Kulik, D. Y.; Rud, L. A. Page(s): 1633-1637

Excitation of an Infinite Microstrip Line With a Vertical Coaxial Feed
Rodriguez-Berral, R.; Mesa, F.; Jackson, D. R. Page(s): 1638-1648

Quasi-TM Transmission Line Parameters of Coupled Lossy Lines Based on the Dirichlet to Neumann Boundary Operator
Demeester, T.; De Zutter, D. Page(s): 1649-1660

Robust Parametric Macromodeling Using Multivariate Orthonormal Vector Fitting
Deschrijver, D.; Dhaene, T.; De Zutter, D. Page(s): 1661-1667

Realization of Multilayered Wide-Passband Bandpass Filter With Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Technology
Tang, C.-W.; Yang, D.-L. Page(s): 1668-1674

Higher Order Cochlea-Like Channelizing Filters
Galbraith, C. J.; Rebeiz, G. M. Page(s): 1675-1683

Design of Artificial Lumped-Element Coplanar Waveguide Filters With Controllable Dual-Passband Responses
Mao, S.-G.; Wu, M.-S. Page(s): 1684-1692

Partial $H$-Plane Filters With Multiple Transmission Zeros
Kim, D.-J.; Lee, J.-H. Page(s): 1693-1698

An Analytic Design Method for Microstrip Tunable Filters
Lee, J.; Sarabandi, K. Page(s): 1699-1706

Spurious-Response Suppression in Microstrip Parallel-Coupled Bandpass Filters by Grooved Substrates
Moradian, M.; Tayarani, M. Page(s): 1707-1713

A Novel Compact Balanced-to-Unbalanced Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Bandpass Filter With Three Coupled Lines Configuration Chen, K.-T.; Chung, S.-J. Page(s): 1714-1720

Dual-Band Rectangular Patch Hybrid Coupler
Zheng, S. Y.; Yeung, S. H.; Chan, W. S.; Page(s): 1721-1728

Higher Order Intermodulation Product Measurement of Passive Components
Christianson, A. J.; Henrie, J. J.; Chappell, W. J. Page(s): 1729-1736

Microelectromechanical Systems Tunable Frequency-Selective Surfaces and Electromagnetic-Bandgap Structures on Rigid-Flex Substrates Coutts, G. M.; Mansour, R. R.; Chaudhuri, S. K. Page(s): 1737-1746

MEMS-Switchable Coupled Resonator Microwave Bandpass Filters
Ong, C.; Okoniewski, M. Page(s): 1747-1755

IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3