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IEEE Transactions MicroWave Theory and Technique Volume: 56  Issue: 1   Date: Jan. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

A 0–55-GHz Coplanar Waveguide to Coplanar Strip Transition
Anagnostou, D.E.; Morton, M.; Papapolymerou, J.; Christodoulou, C.G.Page(s): 1-6

Compact Large-Signal Shot-Noise Model for HBTs ,Rudolph, M.; Korndrfer, F Page(s): 7-14

Design Considerations on the Minimum Size of Broadband Antennas for UWB Applications
Saitou, A.; Aoki, K.; Honjo, K.; Watanabe, K.Page(s): 15-21

A Highly Compact Active Wideband Balun With Impedance Transformation in SiGe BiCMOS
Godara, B.; Fabre, A.Page(s): 22-30

A Two-Point Modulation Technique for CMOS Power Amplifier in Polar Transmitter Architecture
Shameli, A.; Safarian, A.; Rofougaran, A.; Rofougaran, M.; De Flaviis, F.Page(s): 31-38

A 1-V 9.7-mW CMOS Frequency Synthesizer for IEEE 802.11a Transceivers
Leung, L.L.K.; Luong, H.C.Page(s): 39-48

Rapid Simulation of Linear PBG Microstrip Structures Using the Rayleigh Multipole Method
Schaub, D.E.; Oliver, D.R.Page(s): 49-55

Broadband Active Receiving Patch With Resistive Equalization
Segovia-Vargas, D.; Castro-Galan, D.; Garcia-Munoz, L.E.; Gonzalez-Posadas, V.Page(s): 56-64

Frequency-Selective Predistortion Linearization of RF Power Amplifiers
Roblin, P.; Suk Keun Myoung; Chaillot, D.; Young Gi Kim; Fathimulla, A.; Strahler, J.; Bibyk,Page(s): 65-76
A Highly Efficient and Linear Class-AB/F Power Amplifier for Multimode Operation
Daehyun Kang; Daekyu Yu; Kyoungjoon Min; Kichon Han; Jinsung Choi Page(s): 77-87

Analysis and Experiments of Compact Folded Substrate-Integrated Waveguide
Wenquan Che; Liang Geng; Kuan Deng; Chow, Y.L.Page(s): 88-93

Stability and Accuracy of a Finite-Difference Time-Domain Scheme for Modeling Double-Negative Media With High-Order Rational Constitutive Parameters Grande, A.; Pereda,  Page(s): 94-104

Certified Computation of Optimal Multiband Filtering Functions
Lunot, V.; Seyfert, F.; Bila, S.; Nasser, A.Page(s): 105-112

Mixed Finite-Element Time-Domain Method for Transient Maxwell Equations in Doubly Dispersive Media ,Donderici, B.; Teixeira, F.L.Page(s): 113-120

Efficient Full-Wave Analysis of Multilayer Interconnection Structures Using a Novel Domain Decomposition–Model-Order Reduction Method ,Shih-Hao Lee; Jian-Ming JinPage(s): 121-130

Practical Implementation of the Spatial Images Technique for the Analysis of Shielded Multilayered Printed Circuits Gomez-Diaz, J.S.; Martinez-Mendoza, M.; Perez-Soler, F.J.; Quesada- Page(s): 131-141

Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cross-Coupled Filter With Negative Coupling Structure
Xiao-Ping Chen; Ke Wu Page(s): 142-149

Design of Dual-Band Bandpass Filters Using Stub-Loaded Open-Loop Resonators
Mondal, P.; Mandal, M.K.Page(s): 150-155

Quarter-Wavelength Side-Coupled Ring Resonator for Bandpass Filters
Mohd Salleh, M.K.; Prigent, G.; Pigaglio, O.; Crampagne, R.Page(s): 156-162

Analysis and Design Procedure of Transmission-Line Transformers
Gomez-Jimenez, P.; Otero, P.; Marquez-Segura, E.Page(s): 163-171

A Broadband Planar Magic-T Using Microstrip–Slotline Transitions
Kongpop U-yen; Wollack, E.J.; Papapolymerou, J.; Laskar, J.Page(s): 172-177

Analysis and Modeling of Hybrid Planar-Type Electromagnetic-Bandgap Structures and Feasibility Study on Power Distribution Network Applications Ki Hyuk Kim; Aine, J.E.S.Page(s): 178-186

Design of Triple-Passband Microwave Filters Using Frequency Transformations
Juseop Lee; Sarabandi, K.Page(s): 187-193

Design of Ultra-Wideband Three-Way Arbitrary Power Dividers ,Abbosh, A.M.Page(s): 194-201

Broadband Low-Cost Frequency Meters ,Sokoll, T.; Jacob, A.F.Page(s): 202-208

Prediction of Passive Intermodulation From Coaxial Connectors in Microwave Networks
Henrie, J.; Christianson, A.; Chappell, W.J.Page(s): 209-216

A Measurement Process to Characterize Natural and Engineered Low-Loss Uniaxial Dielectric Materials at Microwave Frequencies ,Mumcu, G.; Sertel, K.; Volakis, J.L.Page(s): 217-223

New Time-Domain Voltage and Current Waveform Measurement Setup for Power Amplifier Characterization and Optimization Bensmida, S.; Poire, P.; Negra, R.; Ghannouchi, Page(s): 224-231

Millimeter-Wave Fiber-Fed Wireless Access Systems Based on Dense Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing Networks ,Chang-Soon Choi; Shoji, Y.; Ogawa, H.Page(s): 232-241

Graphical Approach for Evaluating Performance Limitations in Externally Modulated Analog Photonic Links Bucholtz, F.; Urick, V.J.; Godinez, M.; Williams, K.J.Page(s): 242-247

All-Fiber Full-Duplex Multimode Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing Network for Radio-Over-Multimode-Fiber Distribution of Broadband Wireless Services
Larrode, M.G.; Koonen, A.M.J.Page(s): 248-255

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques information for authors Page(s): 256-256

Special issue on RFID hardware and integration Technologies ,Page(s): 257-257

Special issue on Microwave Photonics , Page(s): 258-258

IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Information ,Page(s): C3-C3