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IEEE Transactions MicroWave Theory and Technique Volume: 56  Issue: 2   Date: Feb. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques publication information Page(s): C2-C2

Millimeter-Wave-Radar Sensor Based on a Transceiver Array for Automotive Applications
Steinhauer, M.; Ruo, H.-O.; Irion, H.; Menzel, W.Page(s): 261-269

A Monolithic Phased Array Using 3-bit Distributed RF MEMS Phase Shifters
Topalli, K.; Civi, O.A.; Demir, S.; Koc, S.; Akin, T.Page(s): 270-277

24-GHz Frequency-Modulation Continuous-Wave Radar Front-End System-on-Substrate
Zhaolong Li; Ke Wu Page(s): 278-285

A Subthreshold Low-Noise Amplifier Optimized for Ultra-Low-Power Applications in the ISM Band
Do, A.V.; Chirn Chye Boon; Do, M.A.; Kiat Seng Yeo; Cabuk, A. Page(s): 286-292

L- and S-Band Compact Octave Bandwidth 4-bit MMIC Phase Shifters Bahl, I.J.; Conway Page 293-299

A 2-GHz GaAs HBT RF Pulsewidth Modulator Nielsen, M.; Larsen, T.Page(s): 300-304

A Compact Highly Reconfigurable CMOS MMIC Directional Coupler Abdalla, M.A.Y.; Phang Khoman; Eleftheriades, G.V.Page(s): 305-319

Fast Estimation of Spectral Spreading in GSM OPLL Transmitters Based on Folding Effects Analysis in Quadrature Phase Modulator Hyunchol ShinPage(s): 320-327

Analysis of a Fully Matched Saturated Doherty Amplifier With Excellent Efficiency
Jangheon Kim; Junghwan Moon; Young Yun Woo; Page(s): 328-338

16.6- and 28-GHz Fully Integrated CMOS RF Switches With Improved Body Floating
Qiang Li; Zhang, Y.P.; Kiat Seng Yeo; Wei Meng Lim Page(s): 339-345

A Triple-Tuned Ultra-Wideband VCO Tsuru, M.; Kawakami, K.; Tajima, K Page(s): 346-354

Analysis and Design of a Double-Quadrature CMOS VCO for Subharmonic Mixing at Ka-Band
Mazzanti, A.; Sacchi, E.; Andreani, P.; Svelto, F.Page(s): 355-363

Schottky Barrier Diode Circuits in Silicon for Future Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Applications
Pfeiffer, U.R.; Mishra, C.; Rassel, R.M.; Pinkett, S.; Reynolds, S.K. Page(s): 364-371

Multi-Lookup Table FPGA Implementation of an Adaptive Digital Predistorter for Linearizing RF Power Amplifiers With Memory Effects
Gilabert, P.L.; Cesari, A.; Montoro, G.; Bertran, E.; Dilhac, J.-M.Page(s): 372-384

A New Wideband Adaptive Digital Predistortion Technique Employing Feedback Linearization
Jangheon Kim; Young Yun Woo; Junghwan Moon; Bumman Kim ,Page(s): 385-392

Phase-Noise Analysis of Injection-Locked Oscillators and Analog Frequency Dividers
Ramirez, F.; Ponton, M.; Sancho, S.; Suarez, A.Page(s): 393-407

Efficient Algorithms for Crank–Nicolson-Based Finite-Difference Time-Domain Methods
Eng Leong Tan Page(s): 408-413

Exact Equivalent Straight Waveguide Model for Bent and Twisted Waveguides
Shyroki, D.M.Page(s): 414-419

Modeling and Optimization of Compact Microwave Bandpass Filters
Bekheit, M.; Amari, S.; Menzel, W.Page(s): 420-430

A Compact Open-Loop Filter With Mixed Electric and Magnetic Coupling
Qing-Xin Chu; Huan Wang Page(s): 431-439

Miniaturized Hexagonal Stepped-Impedance Resonators and Their Applications to Filters
Rui-Jie Mao; Xiao-Hong Tang; Ling Wang; Guo-Hong Du ,Page(s): 440-448

RF Amplitude and Phase-Noise Reduction of an Optical Link and an Opto-Electronic Oscillator
Eliyahu, D.; Seidel, D.; Maleki, L.Page(s): 449-456

A Series Solution for the Single-Mode Synthesis Problem Based on the Coupled-Mode Theory
Arnedo, I.; Laso, M.A.G.; Falcone, F.; Benito, D.; Lopetegi, T.Page(s): 457-466

Design Considerations of Miniaturized Least Dispersive Periodic Slow-Wave Structures
Chengzhi Zhou; Yang, H.Y.D.Page(s): 467-474

Vertical Topologies of Miniature Multispiral Stacked Inductors
Wen-Yan Yin; Jian-Yong Xie; Kai Kang; Jinglin Shi; Jun-Fa Mao; Xiao-Wei Sun Page(s): 475-486

A Novel Approach to the Design and Implementation of Dual-Band Power Divider
Cheng, K.-K.M.; Law, C.Page(s): 487-492

Six-Port Reflectometer Based on Modified Hybrid Couplers Ji Jun Yao; Swee Ping Page(s): 493-498

Microwave (8–50 GHz) Characterization of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Papers Using Rectangular Waveguides ,Lu Wang; Rongguo Zhou; Hao Xin Page(s): 499-506

Synthesis of a Wideband Multiprobe Reflectometer Kats, B.M.; Lvov, A.A.; Meschanov Page(s): 507-514

Comb-Generator Characterization ,Reader, H.C.; Williams, D.F.; Hale, P.D.; Clement, T.S.Page: 515-521

\Wafer-Scale Packaged RF Microelectromechanical Switches
Muldavin, J.; Bozler, C.O.; Rabe, S.; Wyatt, P.W.; Keast, C.L. Page(s): 522-529

Novel High-Q MEMS Curled-Plate Variable Capacitors Fabricated in 0.35-μm CMOS Technology
Bakri-Kassem, M.; Fouladi, S.; Mansour, R.R.Page(s): 530-541

Photonic Generation of Chirped Millimeter-Wave Pulses Based on Nonlinear Frequency-to-Time

apping in a Nonlinearly Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating Chao Wang; Jianping Yao Page(s): 542-553

FDTD Calculations of Specific Absorption Rate in Fetus Caused by Electromagnetic Waves From
Mobile Radio Terminal Using Pregnant Woman Model

Togashi, T.; Nagaoka, T.; Kikuchi, S.; Saito, K.; Watanabe, S.; Takahashi, M.; Ito, K.Page(s): 554-559

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques information for authors Page(s): 560-560

Special issue on RFID hardware and integration technologies Page(s): 561-561

Put your technology leadership in writing Page(s): 562-562

IEEE Foundation  ,Page(s): 563-563

Explore IEL IEEE's most comprehensive resource Page(s): 564-564

IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Information Page(s): C3-C3