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IEEE Transactions MicroWave Theory and Technique Volume: 56  Issue: 4   Date: April. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques publication information Page(s): C2-C2

A New Millimeter-Wave Small-Signal Modeling Approach for pHEMTs Accounting for the Output Conductance Time Delay Crupi, G.; Schreurs, D. M. M.-P.; Raffo, A.; Caddemi, A.;Page(s): 741-746

Direct Analysis Technique for Long-Finger HBT by Electromagnetic and Device Co-Simulation
Shinohara, Y.; Ishikawa, R.; Honjo, K. Page(s): 747-754

Scalable Nonlinear FET Model Based on a Distributed Parasitic Network Description
Resca, D.; Santarelli, A.; Raffo, A.; Cignani, R.; Vannini, G.; Filicori, F.; Schreurs, D. Page(s): 755-766

18–40-GHz Beam-Shaping/Steering Phased Antenna Array System Using Fermi Antenna
Yang, L.; Ito, N.; Domier, C. W.; Luhmann, N. C.; Mase, A.Page(s): 767-773

Single-Layer High-Order Miniaturized-Element Frequency-Selective Surfaces
Bayatpur, F.; Sarabandi, K. Page(s): 774-781

A 1.8-GHz CMOS Power Amplifier Using a Dual-Primary Transformer With Improved Efficiency in the Low Power Region ,Park, C.; Han, J.; Kim, H.; Hong, S.Page(s): 782-792

Novel Miniature and Broadband Millimeter-Wave Monolithic Star Mixers,Kuo, C.-C.; Kuo, C.-L.; Kuo, C.-J.; Maas, S. A.; Wang, H.Page(s): 793-802

Microwave Modulators Based on 4H-SiC p-i-n Diodes Zekentes, K.; Camara, N.; Basanets, V. V.;  Boltovets, M. S.; Kryvutsa, V. A.; Orechovskij, V. O.; Simonchuk, V. I.; Zorenko Page(s): 803-808

Analysis and Design of a Novel ×4 Subharmonically Pumped Resistive HEMT Mixer Gunnarsson, S. E.
Page(s): 809-816

A Quantization Noise Pushing Technique for ∆Σ Fractional- N Frequency Synthesizers
Yang, Y.-C.; Lu, S.-S. Page(s): 817-825

A Model for Stability, Noise, and Angle Modulation Analysis of Injection-Locked Oscillators
Georgiadis, A. Page(s): 826-834

Low-Loss and Broadband Asymmetric Broadside-Coupled Balun for Mixer Design in 0.18-μm CMOS Technology ,Chiou, H.-K.; Yang, T.-Y.Page(s): 835-848

A High-Power CMOS Switch Using A Novel Adaptive Voltage Swing Distribution Method in Multistack FETs Ahn, M.; Lee, C.-H.; Kim, B. S.; Laskar, J.Page(s): 849-858

The Switched Injection-Locked Oscillator: A Novel Versatile Concept for Wireless Transponder and Localization Systems Vossiek, M.; Gulden, P.Page(s): 859-866

Neural Network Inverse Modeling and Applications to Microwave Filter Design
Kabir, H.; Wang, Y.; Yu, M.; Zhang, Q.-J.Page(s): 867-879

A Dyadic Green's Function Based Method for the Transient Analysis of Lossy and Dispersive Multiconductor Transmission Lines Antonini, G.Page(s): 880-895

A Circuit-Theoretic Approach to the Design of Quadruple-Mode Broadband Microstrip Patch Antennas Abunjaileh, A. I.; Hunter, I. C.; Kemp, A. H.Page(s): 896-900

Zig–Zag-Array Superconducting Resonators for Relatively High-Power Applications
Matthaei, G. L.; Willemsen, B. A.; Prophet, E. M.; Tsuzuki, G.Page(s): 901-912

Novel Centrally Loaded Resonators and Their Applications to Bandpass Filters
Zhang, X. Y.; Xue, Q.Page(s): 913-921

High-Q Resonators and Filters Inside Advanced Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Substrates Using Fine-Scale Periodicity Gong, X.; Smyth, T.; Ghaneie, E.; Chappell, W. J.Page(s): 922-930

Suppression of Unwanted Harmonics Using Integrated Complementary Split-Ring Resonators in Nonlinear Transmission Line Frequency Multipliers Payandehjoo, K.; Abhari, R.Page(s): 931-941

A Wideband Scalable and SPICE-Compatible Model for On-Chip Interconnects Up to 110 GHz
Kang, K.; Nan, L.; Rustagi, S. C.; Mouthaan, K.; Shi, J.; Kumar, R.; Yin, W.-Y.; Page(s): 942-951

Multilayer Organic Multichip Module Implementing Hybrid Microelectromechanical Systems
Chen, M. J.; Pham, A.-V.; Evers, N.; Kapusta, C.; Iannotti, J.; Page(s): 952-958