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IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering—October 2008 (Vol. 20, No. 10)

Table of Contents

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Regular Papers

Competitor Mining with the Web
Shenghua Bao, Rui Li, Yong Yu, Yunbo Cao

Kernel Uncorrelated and Regularized Discriminant Analysis: A Theoretical and Computational Study
Shuiwang Ji, Jieping Ye

Mixed-Drove Spatiotemporal Co-Occurrence Pattern Mining
Mete Celik, Shashi Shekhar, James P. Rogers, James A. Shine

Rotational Linear Discriminant Analysis Technique for Dimensionality Reduction
Alok Sharma, Kuldip K. Paliwal

The Discrete Basis Problem
Pauli Miettinen, Taneli Mielikäinen, Aristides Gionis, Gautam Das, Heikki Mannila

DiSC: Benchmarking Secure Chip DBMS
Nicolas Anciaux, Luc Bouganim, Philippe Pucheral, Patrick Valduriez

Random Walks to Identify Anomalous Free-Form Spatial Scan Windows
Vandana P. Janeja, Vijayalakshmi Atluri

Schema Matching Using Interattribute Dependencies
Jaewoo Kang, Jeffrey F. Naughton

Toward Managing Uncertain Spatial Information for Situational Awareness Applications
Yiming Ma, Dmitri V. Kalashnikov, Sharad Mehrotra

Knowledge Reuse Enhancement with Motional Visual Representation
Jiang-Liang Hou, Alice W.-J. Tsai

Call for Papers

Call for Papers for Special Issue on Domain-Drive Data Mining

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