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IEEE Transactions on Information Theory — Volume: 54  Issue: 5   Date: May. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory publication information  Page(s): C2-C2

Mutual Information and Conditional Mean Estimation in Poisson Channels ,
Guo, D.; Shamai (Shitz), S.; Verdu, S. Page(s): 1837-1849

State Amplification ,Kim, Y.-H.; Sutivong, A.; Cover, T. M.Page(s): 1850-1859

Why Do Block Length and Delay Behave Differently if Feedback Is Present?
Sahai, A. Page(s): 1860-1886

A Generalization of the Blahut–Arimoto Algorithm to Finite-State Channels
Vontobel, P. O.; Kavcic, A.; Arnold, D. M.; Loeliger, H.-A.Page(s): 1887-1918

An Improved Outer Bound for Multiterminal Source Coding ,Wagner, A. B.; Anantharam, V.
Page(s): 1919-1937

Rate Region of the Quadratic Gaussian Two-Encoder Source-Coding Problem
Wagner, A. B.; Tavildar, S.; Viswanath, P.Page(s): 1938-1961

An Improved Sphere-Packing Bound for Finite-Length Codes Over Symmetric Memoryless Channels
Wiechman, G.; Sason, I.Page(s): 1962-1990

A General Construction of Tweakable Block Ciphers and Different Modes of Operations
Chakraborty, D.; Sarkar, P.Page(s): 1991-2006

Provably Secure Constant Round Contributory Group Key Agreement in Dynamic Setting
Dutta, R.; Barua, R.Page(s): 2007-2025

Entropy Analysis and New Constructions of Biometric Key Generation Systems
Golic, J. D.; Baltatu, M.Page(s): 2026-2040

Asymptotic Properties of the Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Long-Range-Dependent Processes
Bardet, J.-M.; Kammoun, I.Page(s): 2041-2052

Joint Design and Separation Principle for Opportunistic Spectrum Access in the Presence of Sensing Errors ,Chen, Y.; Zhao, Q.; Swami, A.Page(s): 2053-2071

Asymptotic Optimality Theory for Decentralized Sequential Hypothesis Testing in Sensor Networks
Mei, Y.Page(s): 2072-2089

Energy-Efficient Transmissions With Individual Packet Delay Constraints ,
Chen, W.; Neely, M. J.; Mitra, U.Page(s): 2090-2109

The Water-Filling Game in Fading Multiple-Access Channels ,Lai, L.; El Gamal, H.Page(s): 2110-2122

Eigenvalue Distributions of Sums and Products of Large Random Matrices Via Incremental Matrix Expansions ,Peacock, M. J. M.; Collings, I. B.; Honig, M. L.Page(s): 2123-2138

Throughput-Optimal Precoding and Rate Allocation for MISO Systems With Noisy Feedback Channels ,Zhang, J.; Lehnert, J. S.Page(s): 2139-2155

Space–Time Coding Techniques With Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulations for MIMO Block-Fading Channels ,Gresset, N.; Brunel, L.; Boutros, J. J.Page(s): 2156-2178

Constrained Codes as Networks of Relations ,Schwartz, M.; Bruck, J.Page(s): 2179-2195

L-CAMP: Extremely Local High-Performance Wavelet Representations in High Spatial Dimension
Hur, Y.; Ron, A.Page(s): 2196-2209

Compressed Sensing and Redundant Dictionaries ,
Rauhut, H.; Schnass, K.; Vandergheynst, P.Page(s): 2210-2219

Lagrangian Vector Quantization With Combined Entropy and Codebook Size Constraints
Gray, R. M.; Linder, T.; Gill, J. T.Page(s): 2220-2242

Universal Algorithms for Channel Decoding of Uncompressed Sources
Ordentlich, E.; Seroussi, G.; Verdu, S.; Viswanathan, K.Page(s): 2243-2262

Entropy of Patterns of i.i.d. Sequences—Part I: General Bounds ,Shamir, G. I.Page(s): 2263-2277

On Multiterminal Source Code Design ,Yang, Y.; Stankovic, V.; Xiong, Z.; Zhao, W.Page(s): 2278-2302

Linear Network Codes and Systems of Polynomial Equations ,
Dougherty, R.; Freiling, C.; Zeger, K.Page(s): 2303-2316

On the Connection-Level Stability of Congestion-Controlled Communication Networks
Lin, X.; Shroff, N. B.; Srikant, R.Page(s): 2317-2338

Minimax Bounds for Active Learning ,Castro, R. M.; Nowak, R. D.Page(s): 2339-2353

Classes of Quadratic APN Trinomials and Hexanomials and Related Structures
Budaghyan, L.; Carlet, C.Page(s): 2354-2357

On the Calculation of the Hilbert Transform From Interpolated Data Boche, H.; Page(s): 2358-2366

Multidimensional Coded Modulation in Block-Fading Channels ,Guillen i Fbregas, APage(s): 2367-2372

The Average Value for the Probability of an Undetected Error ,Perry, P. N.; Fossorier, Page(s): 2372-

Information Consistency of Nonparametric Gaussian Process Methods
Seeger, M. W.; Kakade, S. M.; Foster, D. P.Page(s): 2376-2382

A Class of Two-Dimensional Cluster-Correcting Codes Based on Schwartz–Etzion's Construction Methods ,Tokiwa, K.-i.; Orii, Y.; Yamasaki, T.Page(s): 2383-2387

A Heuristic Algorithm for the Construction of Good Linear Codes ,Zwanzger, J.Page(s): 2388-2392

2008 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory ,Page(s): 2403-2403

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory information for authors Page(s): C3-C3