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IEEE Transactions on Information Theory — Volume: 54  Issue: 3   Date: March. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Error Exponents for Variable-Length Block Codes With Feedback and Cost Constraints
Nakiboglu, B.; Gallager, R. G.
Page(s): 945-963

Lautum Information
Palomar, D. P.; Verdu, S.
Page(s): 964-975

Multiple-Access Channels With Confidential Messages
Liang, Y.; Poor, H. V.
Page(s): 976-1002

An Algebraic, Analytic, and Algorithmic Investigation on the Capacity and Capacity-Achieving Input Probability Distributions of Finite-Input– Finite-Output Discrete Memoryless Channels
Liang, X.-B.
Page(s): 1003-1023

Bounds for Codes in Products of Spaces, Grassmann, and Stiefel Manifolds
Bachoc, C.; Ben-Haim, Y.; Litsyn, S.
Page(s): 1024-1035

Soft-Output BEAST Decoding With Application to Product Codes
Loncar, M.; Johannesson, R.; Bocharova, I. E.; Kudryashov, B. D.
Page(s): 1036-1049

On the Hardness of Decoding the Gale–Berlekamp Code
Roth, R. M.; Viswanathan, K.
Page(s): 1050-1060

A New Linear Programming Approach to Decoding Linear Block Codes
Yang, K.; Wang, X.; Feldman, J.
Page(s): 1061-1072

A Quasi-Random Approach to Space–Time Codes
Wu, K.; Ping, L.
Page(s): 1073-1085

On the User Selection for MIMO Broadcast Channels
Bayesteh, A.; Khandani, A. K.
Page(s): 1086-1107

Quantization Bounds on Grassmann Manifolds and Applications to MIMO Communications
Dai, W.; Liu, Y.; Rider, B.
Page(s): 1108-1123

Broadcast in MIMO Systems Based on a Generalized QR Decomposition: Signaling and Performance Analysis
Maddah-Ali, M. A.; Sadrabadi, M. A.; Khandani, A. K.
Page(s): 1124-1138

On the Derivation of the Exact, Closed-Form Capacity Formulas for Receiver-Sided Correlated MIMO Channels
Marques, P. M.; Abrantes, S. A.
Page(s): 1139-1161

Analysis and Optimization of Diagonally Layered Lattice Schemes for MIMO Fading Channels
Prasad, N.; Varanasi, M. K.
Page(s): 1162-1185

Diversity–Multiplexing Tradeoff and Outage Performance for Rician MIMO Channels
Shin, W.-Y.; Chung, S.-Y.; Lee, Y. H.
Page(s): 1186-1196

User Cooperation in the Absence of Phase Information at the Transmitters
Liu, L.; Chamberland, J.-F.; Miller, S. L.
Page(s): 1197-1206

Incremental Redundancy Cooperative Coding for Wireless Networks: Cooperative Diversity, Coding, and Transmission Energy Gains
Liu, R.; Spasojevic, P.; Soljanin, E.
Page(s): 1207-1224

Power-Efficient Resource Allocation for Time-Division Multiple Access Over Fading Channels
Wang, X.; Giannakis, G. B.
Page(s): 1225-1240

Max-Product for Maximum Weight Matching: Convergence, Correctness, and LP Duality
Bayati, M.; Shah, D.; Sharma, M.
Page(s): 1241-1251

Randomness Criteria in Terms of $ {alpha }$-Divergences
Fujiwara, A.
Page(s): 1252-1261

Recursive Lower Bounds on the Nonlinearity Profile of Boolean Functions and Their Applications
Carlet, C.
Page(s): 1262-1272

Optimal Prefix Codes for Infinite Alphabets With Nonlinear Costs
Baer, M. B.
Page(s): 1273-1286

Network Coding Capacity With a Constrained Number of Coding Nodes
Cannons, J.; Zeger, K.
Page(s): 1287-1291

The Sizes of Optimal $q$ -Ary Codes of Weight Three and Distance Four: A Complete Solution
Chee, Y. M.; Dau, S. H.; Ling, A. C. H.; Ling, S.
Page(s): 1291-1295

Markov Processes Asymptotically Achieve the Capacity of Finite-State Intersymbol Interference Channels
Chen, J.; Siegel, P. H.
Page(s): 1295-1303

Balanced Symmetric Functions Over ${hbox{GF}}(p)$
Cusick, T. W.; Li, Y.; Stanica, P.
Page(s): 1304-1307

Asymptotic Analysis of Reduced-Feedback Strategies for MIMO Gaussian Broadcast Channels
Diaz, J.; Simeone, O.; Bar-Ness, Y.
Page(s): 1308-1316

Serial Schedules for Belief-Propagation: Analysis of Convergence Time
Goldberger, J.; Kfir, H.
Page(s): 1316-1319

A Note on Rate-Distortion Functions for Nonstationary Gaussian Autoregressive Processes
Gray, R. M.; Hashimoto, T.
Page(s): 1319-1322

On the Optimal Number of Active Receivers in Fading Broadcast Channels
Keshavarz, H.; Xie, L.-L.; Mazumdar, R. R.
Page(s): 1323-1327

Capacity of a Class of Deterministic Relay Channels
Kim, Y.-H.
Page(s): 1328-1329

On the Construction of Boolean Functions With Optimal Algebraic Immunity
Li, N.; Qu, L.; Qi, W.-F.; Feng, G.; Li, C.; Xie, D.
Page(s): 1330-1334

Distance-Preserving and Distance-Increasing Mappings From Ternary Vectors to Permutations
Lin, J.-S.; Chang, J.-C.; Chen, R.-J.; Klove, T.
Page(s): 1334-1339

Complete Mutually Orthogonal Golay Complementary Sets From Reed–Muller Codes
Rathinakumar, A.; Chaturvedi, A. K.
Page(s): 1339-1346

On the Intersection of $ {BBZ }_{2} {BBZ }_{4}$-Additive Perfect Codes
Rifa, J.; Solov'eva, F. I.; Villanueva, M.
Page(s): 1346-1356

Feedback Codes Achieving the Capacity of the Z-Channel
Tallini, L. G.; Al-Bassam, S.; Bose, B.
Page(s): 1357-1362

Guided Scrambling Polynomials for Periodic Quotient Relationship Patterns
Xin, Y.; Fair, I. J.
Page(s): 1363-1367

Results on Parity-Check Matrices With Optimal Stopping And/Or Dead-End Set Enumerators
Weber, J. H.; Abdel-Ghaffar, K. A. S.
Page(s): 1368-1374

Signaling Over Arbitrarily Permuted Parallel Channels
Willems, F. M. J.; Gorokhov, A.
Page(s): 1374-1382

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory information for authors
Page(s): C3-C3