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IEEE Transactions on Information Theory — Volume: 54  Issue: 6   Date: June. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Introduction to the Special Issue on Information Theoretic Security
Imai, H.; Hanaoka, G.; Maurer, U.; Zheng, Y. Page(s): 2405-2407

Tight Bounds for Unconditional Authentication Protocols in the Manual Channel and Shared Key Models Naor, M.; Segev, G.; Smith, A. Page(s): 2408-2425

Information Theoretic Bounds on Authentication Systems in Query Model
Safavi-Naini, R.; Wild, P. R. Page(s): 2426-2436

Secrecy Capacities for Multiterminal Channel Models
Csiszar, I.; Narayan, P. Page(s): 2437-2452

Secure Broadcasting Over Fading Channels
Khisti, A.; Tchamkerten, A.; Wornell, G. W. Page(s): 2453-2469

Secure Communication Over Fading Channels
Liang, Y.; Poor, H. V.; Shamai (Shitz), S. Page(s): 2470-2492

Discrete Memoryless Interference and Broadcast Channels With Confidential Messages: Secrecy Rate Regions
Liu, R.; Maric, I.; Spasojevic, P.; Yates, R. D. Page(s): 2493-2507

Some Improved Bounds for Secure Frameproof Codes and Related Separating Hash Families Stinson, D. R.; Zaverucha, G. M. Page(s): 2508-2514

Wireless Information-Theoretic Security
Bloch, M.; Barros, J.; Rodrigues, M. R. D.; McLaughlin, S. W. Page(s): 2515-2534

Key Distribution Protocols Based on Noisy Channels in Presence of an Active Adversary: Conventional and New Versions With Parameter Optimization
Yakovlev, V.; Korzhik, V.; Morales-Luna, G. Page(s): 2535-2549

Distributed Source Coding in the Presence of Byzantine Sensors
Kosut, O.; Tong, L. Page(s): 2550-2565

A Combinatorial Approach to Deriving Lower Bounds for Perfectly Secure Oblivious Transfer Reductions
Kurosawa, K.; Kishimoto, W.; Koshiba, T. Page(s): 2566-2571

On the Oblivious-Transfer Capacity of Noisy Resources
Nascimento, A. C. A.; Winter, A. Page(s): 2572-2581

Perfectly Secure Message Transmission Revisited
Wang, Y.; Desmedt, Y. Page(s): 2582-2595

Resilient Network Coding in the Presence of Byzantine Adversaries
Jaggi, S.; Langberg, M.; Katti, S.; Ho, T.; Katabi, D.; Page(s): 2596-2603

Quantum Key Distribution Based on Private States: Unconditional Security Over Untrusted Channels With Zero Quantum Capacity
Horodecki, K.; Horodecki, M.; Horodecki, P.; Leung, D.; Page(s): 2604-2620

Low-Dimensional Bound Entanglement With One-Way Distillable Cryptographic Key Horodecki, K.; Pankowski, L.; Horodecki, M.; Horodecki, P. Page(s): 2621-2625

On Matroids and Nonideal Secret Sharing
Beimel, A.; Livne, N. Page(s): 2626-2643

On Codes, Matroids, and Secure Multiparty Computation From Linear Secret-Sharing Schemes
Cramer, R.; Daza, V.; Gracia, I.; Urroz, J. J.; Leander, G.; Page(s): 2644-2657

Coding Theorems on the Threshold Scheme for a General Source
Koga, H. Page(s): 2658-2677

On the Fingerprinting Capacity Under the Marking Assumption
Anthapadmanabhan, N. P.; Barg, A.; Dumer, I. Page(s): 2678-2689

Unconditionally Secure Steganography Against Active Attacks
Shikata, J.; Matsumoto, T. Page(s): 2690-2705

Perfectly Secure Steganography: Capacity, Error Exponents, and Code Constructions Wang, Y.; Moulin, P. Page(s): 2706-2722

Shannon's Secrecy System With Informed Receivers and its Application to Systematic Coding for Wiretapped Channels
Merhav, N. Page(s): 2723-2734

The General Gaussian Multiple-Access and Two-Way Wiretap Channels: Achievable Rates and Cooperative Jamming
Tekin, E.; Yener, A. Page(s): 2735-2751

Cryptographic Hardness Based on the Decoding of Reed–Solomon Codes
Kiayias, A.; Yung, M. Page(s): 2752-2769

Anonymous Networking Amidst Eavesdroppers
Venkitasubramaniam, P.; He, T.; Tong, L. Page(s): 2770-2784

The Commitment Capacity of the Gaussian Channel Is Infinite
Nascimento, A. C. A.; Barros, J.; Skludarek, S.; Imai, H. Page(s): 2785-2789

The Bare Bounded-Storage Model: The Tight Bound on the Storage Requirement for Key Agreement Dziembowski, S.; Maurer, U. Page(s): 2790-2792

New Monotones and Lower Bounds in Unconditional Two-Party Computation
Wolf, S.; Wullschleger, J. Page(s): 2792-2797

Byzantine Modification Detection in Multicast Networks With Random Network Coding Ho, T.; Leong, B.; Koetter, R.; Medard, M.; Effros, M.; Page(s): 2798-2803

Computational Complexity of Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution
Zhao, Y.-B.; Gui, Y.-Z.; Chen, J.-J.; Han, Z.-F.; Guo, G.-C. Page(s): 2803-2807

Coding Theorems for the Shannon Cipher System With a Guessing Wiretapper and Correlated Source Outputs Hayashi, Y.; Yamamoto, H. Page(s): 2808-2817

2008 International Symposium on Information Theory and its Applications
Page(s): 2827-2827

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory information for authors
Page(s): C3-C3