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IEEE Transactions on Information Theory — Volume: 54  Issue: 7   Date: July. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Highly Robust Error Correction byConvex Programming
Candes, E. J.; Randall, P. A. Page(s): 2829-2840

A Graph-Based Framework for Transmission of Correlated Sources Over Broadcast Channels Choi, S.; Pradhan, S. S. Page(s): 2841-2856

Worst Case Nonzero-Error Interactive Communication
Mercier, H.; McKenzie, P.; Wolf, S. Page(s): 2857-2867

Asynchronous Iterative Water-Filling for Gaussian Frequency-Selective Interference Channels Scutari, G.; Palomar, D. P.; Barbarossa, S. Page(s): 2868-2878

Asymptotic Capacity of Multicarrier Transmission With Frequency-Selective Fading and Limited Feedback Sun, Y.; Honig, M. L. Page(s): 2879-2902

Successive Refinement Via Broadcast: Optimizing Expected Distortion of a Gaussian Source Over a Gaussian Fading Channel
Tian, C.; Steiner, A.; Shamai (Shitz), S.; Diggavi, S. N. Page(s): 2903-2918

Error Exponent Regions for Gaussian Broadcast and Multiple-Access Channels
Weng, L.; Pradhan, S. S.; Anastasopoulos, A. Page(s): 2919-2942

On the Distortion SNR Exponent of Some Layered Transmission Schemes
Bhattad, K.; Narayanan, K. R.; Caire, G. Page(s): 2943-2958

Diversity and Multiplexing Tradeoff of Spatial Multiplexing MIMO Systems With CSI Ordonez, L.; Pages-Zamora, A.; Fonollosa, J. R. Page(s): 2959-2975

MIMO Diversity in the Presence of Double Scattering
Shin, H.; Win, M. Z. Page(s): 2976-2996

Fast Distributed Algorithms for Computing Separable Functions
Mosk-Aoyama, D.; Shah, D. Page(s): 2997-3007

Communication Via Decentralized Processing
Sanderovich, A.; Shamai (Shitz), S.; Steinberg, Y.; Kramer, G. Page(s): 3008-3023

Laminated Turbo Codes: A New Class of Block-Convolutional Codes
Huebner, A.; Zigangirov, K. S.; Costello, , D. J. Page(s): 3024-3034

A Decomposition Theory for Binary Linear Codes
Kashyap, N. Page(s): 3035-3058

Joint Fixed-Rate Universal Lossy Coding and Identification of Continuous-AlphabetMemoryless Sources Raginsky, M. Page(s): 3059-3077

Entanglement-Assisted Capacity of Quantum Multiple-Access Channels
Hsieh, M.-H.; Devetak, I.; Winter, A. Page(s): 3078-3090

Capacity Theorems for Quantum Multiple-Access Channels: Classical-Quantum and Quantum-Quantum Capacity Regions
Yard, J.; Hayden, P.; Devetak, I. Page(s): 3091-3113

A Framework for the Construction ofGolay Sequences
Fiedler, F.; Jedwab, J.; Parker, M. G.  Page(s): 3114-3129

The Correlation Distribution of Quaternary Sequences of Period $2(2^n-1)$
Johansen, A.; Helleseth, T.; Tang, X. Page(s): 3130-3139

Cross-Correlation Distribution of $p$ -ary $m$-Sequence of Period $p^{4k}-1$ and Its Decimated Sequences by $left({{ p^{2k}+1}over { 2}}right)^{2}$
Seo, E.-Y.; Kim, Y.-S.; No, J.-S.; Shin, D.-J. Page(s): 3140-3149

Capacity of the Trapdoor Channel With Feedback
Permuter, H.; Cuff, P.; Van Roy, B.; Weissman, T. Page(s): 3150-3165

On the Minimum Entropy of a Mixture of Unimodal and Symmetric Distributions
Chen, T.-L.; Geman, S. Page(s): 3166-3174

Distributed Estimation Via Random Access
Anandkumar, A.; Tong, L.; Swami, A. Page(s): 3175-3181

Switch-Type Hybrid Hard Decision Decoding Algorithms for Regular Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Chen, G.; Qi, L.; Huijuan, C.; Kun, T. Page(s): 3181-3188

On The Han–Kobayashi Region for theInterference Channel
Chong, H.-F.; Motani, M.; Garg, H. K.; El Gamal, H. Page(s): 3188-3195

Constructions of Difference Systems of Sets and Disjoint Difference Families
Fan, C.-L.; Lei, J.-G.; Chang, Y.-X. Page(s): 3195-3201

On the Decoder Error Probability of Bounded Rank-Distance Decoders for Maximum RankDistance Codes Gadouleau, M.; Yan, Z. Page(s): 3202-3206

On the Probability Distribution of Superimposed Random Codes
Gunther, B. Page(s): 3206-3210

The Generalized Asymptotic Equipartition Property: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions Harrison, M. T. Page(s): 3211-3216

NTRUSign With a New Perturbation
Hu, Y.; Wang, B.; He, W. Page(s): 3216-3221

On the Mutual Information and Low-SNR Capacity of Memoryless Noncoherent Rayleigh-Fading Channels
de la Kethulle de Ryhove, S.; Marina, N.; Oien, G. E. Page(s): 3221-3231

On the Outage Capacity Distribution of Correlated Keyhole MIMO Channels
Levin, G.; Loyka, S. Page(s): 3232-3245

Comments on “A New Construction of 16-QAM Golay Complementary Sequences” and Extension for 64-QAM Golay Sequences Li, Y. Page(s): 3246-3251

Simple Distance-Preserving Mappings From Ternary Vectors to Permutations
Lin, T.-T.; Tsai, S.-C.; Wu, H.-L. Page(s): 3251-3256

Bounds on the Minimum Distance of Goppa Codes
Maharaj, H. Page(s): 3256-3259

On the Mutual Information Distribution of OFDM-Based Spatial Multiplexing: Exact Variance and Outage Approximation
McKay, M. R.; Smith, P. J.; Suraweera, H. A.; Collings, I. B. Page(s): 3260-3278

On the Number of Subsequences When Deleting Symbols From a String
Mercier, H.; Khabbazian, M.; Bhargava, V. K. Page(s): 3279-3285

On Optimal Quantization Rules for Some Problems in Sequential Decentralized Detection Nguyen, X.; Wainwright, M. J.; Jordan, M. I. Page(s): 3285-3295

Myopic Coding in Multiterminal Networks
Ong, L.; Motani, M. Page(s): 3295-3314

Complete Characterization of the Equivalent MIMO Channel for Quasi-Orthogonal Space–Time Codes Sezgin, A.; Oechtering, T. J. Page(s): 3315-3327

Asymptotic Geometry of Multiple Hypothesis Testing
Westover, M. B. Page(s): 3327-3329

Complementary Set Matrices Satisfying a Column Correlation Constraint
Wu, D.; Spasojevic, P. Page(s): 3330-3339

On Information Embedding When Watermarks and Covertexts are Correlated
Yang, E.-h.; Sun, W. Page(s): 3340-3345

On Binary Self-Dual Codes With Automorphisms
Yorgova, R. A. Page(s): 3345-3351

On the Maximum Entropy Properties of theBinomial Distribution
Yu, Y. Page(s): 3351-3353

Achieving the Gaussian Rate–Distortion Function by Prediction
Zamir, R.; Kochman, Y.; Erez, U. Page(s): 3354-3364

Stable Recovery of Sparse Signals Via Regularized Minimization
Zhu, C. Page(s): 3364-3367

Correction to “On Achievable Rates and Complexity of LDPC Codes Over Parallel Channels: Bounds and Applications” [Feb 07 580-598]
Sason, I.; Wiechman, G. Page(s): 3368-3368

Digital Communications Over Fading Channels [Book Review]
Simon, M. K.; Alouini, M.-S. Page(s): 3369-3370

2008 International Symposium on Information Theory and its Applications
Page(s): 3383-3383

Special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory on Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. Page(s): 3384-3384

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory information for authors
Page(s): C3-C3