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IEEE Transactions on Information Theory — Volume: 54  Issue: 1   Date: Jan. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory Associate Editors ,Page(s): 1-1

2007 IEEE Information Theory Society Paper Award ,Page(s): 2-3

2007 IEEE Communications Society and Information Theory Society Joint Paper Award ,Page(s): 4-4

Improved Upper Bounds on the Reliability Function of the Gaussian Channel Ben-Haim, Y.; Litsyn, S.Page(s): 5-12

An Improved Bound on the List Error Probability and List Distance Properties
Bocharova, I.E.; Johannesson, R.; Kudryashov, B.D.; Loncar, M.Page(s): 13-32

Diversity Embedded Space–Time Codes Diggavi, S.N.; Calderbank, A.R.; Dusad, S.; Al-Dhahir, N.Page(s): 33-50

Extremal Problems of Information Combining ,Yibo Jiang; Ashikhmin, A.; Koetter, R.; Singer, A.C.Page(s): 51-71

Capacity Bounds for Sticky Channels ,Mitzenmacher, M.Page(s): 72-77

Effect of Random Permutation of Symbols in a Sequence ,Muramatsu, J.Page(s): 78-86

Linear Precoders for Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation on AWGN Channels: Analysis and Design Criteria
Simoens, F.; Wymeersch, H.; Moeneclaey, M.Page(s): 87-99

On the Fading-Paper Achievable Region of the Fading MIMO Broadcast Channel
Bennatan, A.; Burshtein, D.Page(s): 100-115

Joint Source–Channel Codes for MIMO Block-Fading Channels
Gunduz, D.; Erkip, E.Page(s): 116-134

Explicit Codes Achieving List Decoding Capacity: Error-Correction With Optimal Redundancy
Guruswami, V.; Rudra, A.Page(s): 135-150

Degrees of Freedom Region of the MIMO $X$ Channel ,Jafar, S.A.; Shamai, S.Page(s): 151-170

Interference Channels With Common Information ,Jinhua Jiang; Yan Xin; Garg, H.K.Page(s): 171-187

Exponential Diversity Achieving Spatio–Temporal Power Allocation Scheme for Fading Channels
Sharma, V.; Premkumar, K.; Swamy, R.N.Page(s): 188-208

Linear Network Error Correction Codes in Packet Networks ,Zhen ZhangPage(s): 209-218

Locally Optimum Detection of Signals in Multiplicative and First-Order Markov Additive Noises
Jumi Lee; Iickho Song; Hyoungmoon Kwon; Hong Jik Kim Page(s): 219-234

State Estimation With InitialState Uncertainty ,Levinbook, Y.; Wong, T.F.Page(s): 235-254

Optimal Watermark Embedding and Detection Strategies Under Limited Detection Resources
Merhav, N.; Sabbag, E.Page(s): 255-274

Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning and Spectral Kernel Design ,Johnson, R.; Tong ZhangPage(s): 275-288

Asymptotic Minimax Bounds for Stochastic Deconvolution Over Groups n Ja-Yong Koo; Kim, P.T.Page(s): 289-298

Achievable Rates for Pattern Recognition ,Westover, M.B.; O'Sullivan, J.A.Page(s): 299-320

On the Bahadur-Efficient Testing of Uniformity by Means of the Entropy ,Harremoes, P.; Vajda, I.Page(s): 321-331

On Successive Refinement With Causal Side Information at the Decoders ,Maor, A.; Merhav, N.Page(s): 332-343

Quantization as Histogram Segmentation: Optimal Scalar Quantizer Design in Network Systems
Muresan, D.; Effros, M.Page(s): 344-366

On One-to-One Codes for Memoryless Cost Channels ,Savari, S.A.Page(s): 367-379

ZRM Codes ,Borges, J.; Fernandez-Cordoba, C.; Phelps, K.T.Page(s): 380-386

Improved Risk Tail Bounds for On-Line Algorithms ,Cesa-Bianchi, N.; Gentile, C.Page(s): 386-390

Improved Lower Bounds for Constant GC-Content DNA Codes ,Yeow Meng Chee; San Ling,Page(s): 391-394

Wiretap Channel With Side Information ,Yanling Chen; Han Vinck, A.J.Page(s): 395-402

Hard Problems of Algebraic Geometry Codes ,Qi ChengPage(s): 402-406

Computation of Information Rates by Particle Methods ,Dauwels, J.; Loeliger, H.-A.Page(s): 406-409

A Systematic Construction for Radar Arrays ,Gennian Ge; Ling, A.C.H.; Ying MiaoPage(s): 410-414

New Nonbinary Self-Dual Codes ,Gulliver, T.A.; Harada, M.Page(s): 415-417

Upper Bounds for the Lengths of $s$-Extremal Codes Over $BBF _{2}$, $BBF _{4}$, and $BBF _{2} + uBBF _{2}$
Sunghyu Han; Jon-Lark Kim ,Page(s): 418-422

New $[47,15,16]$ Linear Binary Block Code ,Janosov, M.; Husak, M.; Farkas, P.; Armada, A.G.Page(s): 423-424

Oblivious Communication Channels and Their Capacity ,Langberg, M.Page(s): 424-429

Antenna Packing in Low-Power Systems: Communication Limits and Array Design ,
Muharemovic, T.; Sabharwal, A.; Aazhang, B.Page(s): 429-440

Affine Reflection Group Codes ,Niyomsataya, T.; Miri, A.; Nevins, M.Page(s): 441-454

Broadcast Capacity Region of Two-Phase Bidirectional Relaying ,Oechtering, T.J.; Schnurr, Page(s): 454-458

Throughput of Low-Power Cellular Systems With Collaborative Base Stations and Relaying
Simeone, O.; Somekh, O.; Bar-Ness, Y.; Spagnolini, U.Page(s): 459-467

Sum Capacity of One-Sided Parallel Gaussian Interference Channels ,Chi Wan Sung; Lui, K.W.K.; Page(s): 468-472

On Secret Reconstruction in Secret Sharing Schemes ,Huaxiong Wang; Wong, D.S.Page(s): 473-480

Minimum Pseudoweight and Minimum Pseudocodewords of LDPC Codes ,Shu-Tao Xia; Fang-Wei Fu ,Page(s): 480-485

On the Minimum Distance Conjecture for Schubert Codes ,Xu Xiang

The Accuracy of Markov Chain Models in Predicting Packet-Loss Statistics for a Single Multiplexer
Xunqi Yu; Modestino, J.W.; Xusheng Tian ,Page(s): 489-501

Correction to “Feedback With Carry Shift Registers Synthesis With the Euclidean Algorithm” [May 04 910-917]
Arnault, F.; Berger, T. P.Page(s): 502-502

contributors Page(s): 503-513

2008 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory ,Page(s): 514-514

IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW 2008) ,Page(s): 515-515

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory information for authors ,Page(s): C3-C3