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IEEE Transactions on Information Theory — Volume: 54  Issue: 2   Date: Feb. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory publication information Page(s): C2-C2

On the Error Correction of Regular LDPC Codes Using the Flipping Algorithm Burshtein, D.Page(s): 517-530

Low-Rate Repeat-Zigzag-Hadamard Codes ,Kai Li; Guosen Yue; Xiaodong Wang; Li Ping Page(s): 531-543

On Slow-Fading MIMO Systems With Nonseparable Correlation ,Far, R.R.; Oraby, T.; Bryc, W.; Speicher, R.Page(s): 544-553

Cross-Layer Optimization of MAC and Network Coding in Wireless Queueing Tandem Networks
Sagduyu, Y.E.; Ephremides, A.Page(s): 554-571

Throughput and Fairness Guarantees Through Maximal Scheduling in Wireless Networks
Chaporkar, P.; Kar, K.; Xiang Luo; Sarkar, S.Page(s): 572-594

Asymptotic Performance Limits of Switches With Buffered Crossbars Supporting Multicast Traffic ,
Giaccone, P.; Leonardi, E.Page(s): 595-607

Paging and Registration in Cellular Networks: Jointly Optimal Policies and an Iterative Algorithm,
Hajek, B.; Mitzel, K.; Sichao Yang Page(s): 608-622

Multicast Capacity of Packet-Switched Ring WDM Networks Scheutzow, M.; Reisslein, M.; Maier,  Seeling, Page(s): 623-644

The Impact of Stochastic Noisy Feedback on Distributed Network Utility Maximization Junshan Zhang;  Page(s): 645-665

A Note on the Periodicity and the Output Rate of Bit Search Type Generators
Altug, Y.; Ayerden, N.P.; Mihcak, M.K.; Anarim, E.Page(s): 666-679

Key Distillation and the Secret-Bit Fraction Jones, N.S.; Masanes, L.Page(s): 680-691

Universal Filtering Via Hidden Markov Modeling Moon Taesup; Weissman, T.Page(s): 692-708

On the Blind Identifiability of Orthogonal Space–Time Block Codes From Second-Order Statistics
Via, J.; Santamaria, I.Page(s): 709-722

Ergodic Classical-Quantum Channels: Structure and Coding Theorems Bjelakovic, I.; Boche, H.Page(s): 723-742

Entanglement Information Rate Distortion of a Quantum Gaussian Source Xiao-Yu Chen; Wei-Ming Wang Page(s): 743-748

The Bounded-Storage Model in the Presence of a Quantum Adversary Knig, R.T.; Terhal, B.M.Page(s): 749-762

Strongly Universal Quantum Turing Machines and Invariance of Kolmogorov Complexity Muller, M.Page(s): 763-780

On the Performance of Clustering in Hilbert Spaces Biau, G.; Devroye, L.; Lugosi, G.Page(s): 781-790

Low-Correlation Sequences Over the QAM Constellation Anand, M.; Kumar, P.V.Page(s): 791-810

Approximation Algorithms for Wavelet Transform Coding of Data Streams Guha, S.; Harb, B.Page(s): 811-830

Error Control Codes for Parallel Asymmetric Channels  Ahlswede, R.; Aydinian, H.Page(s): 831-836

Some Results on FCSR Automata With Applications to the Security of FCSR-Based Pseudorandom Generators
Arnault, F.; Berger, T.P.; Minier, M.Page(s): 836-840

Optimal Parsing Trees for Run-Length Coding of Biased Data ,Aviran, S.; Siegel, P.H.; Wolf, J.K.Page(s): 841-849

Access Structures of Elliptic Secret Sharing Schemes Hao Chen; San Ling; Chaoping Xing Page(s): 850-852

On the Efficiency of Embedding Information Within Scalar Quantizers Davies, M.Page(s): 853-859

Codes Defined by Forms of Degree $2$ on Quadric Surfaces Edoukou, F.A.B.Page(s): 860-864

Two Characterizations of Crooked Functions ,Godsil, C.; Roy, A.Page(s): 864-866

Quantization for Nonparametric Regression ,Gyorfi, L.; Wegkamp, M.Page(s): 867-874

On the $2$-Adic Complexity and the $k$-Error $2$ -Adic Complexity of Periodic Binary Sequences
Honggang Hu; Dengguo Feng ,Page(s): 874-883

Communicating Over Adversarial Quantum Channels Using Quantum List Codes ,Leung, D.; Smith, G.Page(s): 883-887

A New Generic Maximum-Likelihood Metric Expression for Space–Time Block Codes With Applications to Decoding
Leuschner, J.; Yousefi, S.Page(s): 888-894

Rational Covariance Functions for Nonstationary Random Fields ,Chunsheng MaPage(s): 895-897

On Some Double Circulant Binary Extended Quadratic Residue Codes ,Musa, M.B.Page(s): 898-905

Averaging $Q(Vert {bf X}Vert)$ for a Complex Circularly Gaussian Random Vector ${bf X}$: A Novel Approach
Sharma, G.V.V.Page(s): 905-909

Using Graphs for the Analysis and Construction of Permutation Distance-Preserving Mappings
Swart, T.G.; Ferreira, H.C.; Ouahada, K.Page(s): 910-916

Capacity of Ultra-Wideband Power-Constrained Ad Hoc Networks Xiaojun Tang; Yingbo HuaPage(s): 916-920

Multiuser Successive Refinement and Multiple Description Coding Chao Tian; Jun Chen; Diggavi, S.N.Page(s): 921-931

Construction of Even Length Binary Sequences With Asymptotic Merit Factor $6$ Xiong Tingyao; Hall, J.I.Page(s): 931-935

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory information for authors Page(s): C3-C3