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IEEE Transactions on Information Theory — Volume: 54  Issue: 8   Date: August. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Robust Distributed Source Coding
Chen, J.; Berger, T. Page(s): 3385-3398

Distortion Control for Delay-Sensitive Sources
Faridi, A.; Ephremides, A. Page(s): 3399-3411

More Efficient Algorithms and Analyses for Unequal Letter Cost Prefix-Free Coding
Golin, M.; Li, J. Page(s): 3412-3424

Interference Alignment and Degrees of Freedom of the $K$-User Interference Channel
Cadambe, V. R.; Jafar, S. A. Page(s): 3425-3441

Fundamental Limits of Linear Equalizers: Diversity, Capacity, and Complexity
Ma, X.; Zhang, W. Page(s): 3442-3456

Communication Over MIMO X Channels: Interference Alignment, Decomposition, and Performance Analysis Maddah-Ali, M. A.; Motahari, A. S.; Khandani, A. K. Page(s): 3457-3470

Distributed Power Allocation With Rate Constraints in Gaussian Parallel Interference Channels
Pang, J.-S.; Scutari, G.; Facchinei, F.; Wang, C. Page(s): 3471-3489

Asymptotic Mutual Information Statistics of Separately Correlated Rician Fading MIMO Channels
Taricco, G. Page(s): 3490-3504

Large Deviations of the Interference in a Wireless Communication Model
Ganesh, A. J.; Torrisi, G. L. Page(s): 3505-3517

Optimal Cross-Layer Scheduling of Transmissions Over a Fading Multiaccess Channel
Goyal, M.; Kumar, A.; Sharma, V. Page(s): 3518-3537

Group Testing for Binary Markov Sources: Data-Driven Group Queries for Cooperative Sensor Networks Hong, Y.-W. P.; Scaglione, A. Page(s): 3538-3551

Group Divisible Codes and Their Application in the Construction of Optimal Constant-Composition Codes of Weight Three Chee, Y. M.; Ge, G.; Ling, A. C. H. Page(s): 3552-3564

Probabilistic Analysis of Linear Programming Decoding
Daskalakis, C.; Dimakis, A. G.; Karp, R. M.; Page(s): 3565-3578

Coding for Errors and Erasures in Random Network Coding
Koetter, R.; Kschischang, F. R. Page(s): 3579-3591

Performance of Space–Time Codes: Gallager Bounds and Weight Enumeration
Ling, C.; Li, K. H.; Kot, A. C. Page(s): 3592-3610

New List Decoding Algorithms for Reed–Solomon and BCH Codes
Wu, Y. Page(s): 3611-3630

From Identification to Signatures Via the Fiat–Shamir Transform: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Security Abdalla, M.; An, J. H.; Bellare, M.; Namprempre, C. Page(s): 3631-3646

Analysis of the Hash Function Design Strategy Called SMASH
Lamberger, M.; Pramstaller, N.; Rechberger, C.; Page(s): 3647-3655

Improving the Lower Bound on the Higher Order Nonlinearity of Boolean Functions With Prescribed Algebraic Immunity Mesnager, S. Page(s): 3656-3662

Tardos Fingerprinting is Better Than We Thought
Skoric, B.; Vladimirova, T. U.; Celik, M.; Talstra, J. C. Page(s): 3663-3676

Asymptotic Entanglement Manipulation of Bipartite Pure States
Bowen, G.; Datta, N. Page(s): 3677-3686

Modular Representations of Polynomials: Hyperdense Coding and Fast Matrix Multiplication
Grolmusz, V. Page(s): 3687-3692

Noise Threshold for Universality of Two-Input Gates
Unger, F. Page(s): 3693-3698

Gaussian Degraded Relay Broadcast Channel
Bhaskaran, S. R. Page(s): 3699-3709

An Identity of Chernoff Bounds With an Interpretation in Statistical Physics and Applications in Information Theory Merhav, N. Page(s): 3710-3721

Families of Optimal OOCs With $lambda = 2$
Alderson, T. L.; Mellinger, K. E. Page(s): 3722-3724

Optimal Sequential Frame Synchronization
Chandar, V.; Tchamkerten, A.; Wornell, G. Page(s): 3725-3728

A Case for Amplify–Forward Relaying in the Block-Fading Multiple-Access Channel
Chen, D.; Azarian, K.; Laneman, J. N. Page(s): 3728-3733

New Design of Quaternary Low-Correlation Zone Sequence Sets and Quaternary Hadamard Matrices
Chung, J.-H.; Yang, K. Page(s): 3733-3737

A Construction for Constant-Composition Codes
Ding, Y. Page(s): 3738-3741

Sets of Optimal Frequency-Hopping Sequences
Ding, C.; Yin, J. Page(s): 3741-3745

Delay Optimal Transmission Policy in a Wireless Multiaccess Channel
Ehsan, N.; Javidi, T. Page(s): 3745-3751

On the MIMO Channel Capacity for the Nakagami-$m$ Channel
Fraidenraich, G.; Leveque, O.; Cioffi, J. M. Page(s): 3752-3757

Estimation of the Rate–Distortion Function
Harrison, M. T.; Kontoyiannis, I. Page(s): 3757-3762

Eliminating Trapping Sets in Low-Density Parity-Check Codes by Using Tanner Graph Covers
Ivkovic, M.; Chilappagari, S. K.; Vasic, B. Page(s): 3763-3768

New Families of $M$-Ary Sequences With Low Correlation Constructed From Sidel'nikov Sequences
Kim, Y.-S.; Chung, J.-S.; No, J.-S.; Chung, H. Page(s): 3768-3774

Standard Forms of Stabilizer and Normalizer Matrices for Additive Quantum Codes
Li, R.; Xu, Z.; Li, X. Page(s): 3775-3778

On The Classification of Binary Optimal Self-Orthogonal Codes
Li, R.; Xu, Z.; Zhao, X. Page(s): 3778-3782

The Icosian Code and the $E_8$ Lattice: A New $4,times,4$ Space–Time Code With Nonvanishing Determinant Liu, J.; Calderbank, A. R. Page(s): 3782-3789

Constructions of Multiblock Space–Time Coding Schemes That Achieve the Diversity–Multiplexing Tradeoff Lu, H.-F. (F.) Page(s): 3790-3796

Lower Bounds for the Empirical Minimization Algorithm
Mendelson, S. Page(s): 3797-3803

Estimating the Lengths of Memory Words
Morvai, G.; Weiss, B. Page(s): 3804-3807

Adaptive Coding and Prediction of Sources With Large and Infinite Alphabets
Ryabko, B. Y.; Astola, J.; Gammerman, A. Page(s): 3808-3813

Nonuniform Sampling of Bandlimited Functions
Shin, C. E.; Lee, M. B.; Rim, K. S. Page(s): 3814-3819

On Binary Probing Signals and Instrumental Variables Receivers for Radar
Stoica, P.; Li, J.; Xue, M. Page(s): 3820-3825

Construction of Self-Dual Codes
Tsai, H.-P.; Shih, P.-Y.; Wu, R.-Y.; Su, W.-K Page(s): 3826-3831

How to Filter an “Individual Sequence With Feedback”
Weissman, T. Page(s): 3831-3841

Unitary Space–Time Constellation Design Based on the Chernoff Bound of the Pairwise Error Probability Wu, Y.; Ruotsalainen, K.; Juntti, M. Page(s): 3842-3850

Page(s): 3851-3862

2008 International Symposium on Information Theory and its Applications
Page(s): 3863-3863

Special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory on Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. Page(s): 3864-3864

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory information for authors
Page(s): C3-C3