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IEEE Transactions on Information Theory — Volume: 54  Issue: 4   Date: April. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

Joint Source and Channel Coding for MIMO Systems: Is it Better to be Robust or Quick? Holliday, T.; Goldsmith, Page(s): 1393-1405

The Diversity Order of the Semidefinite Relaxation Detector ,Jalden, J.; Ottersten, B. Page(s): 1406-1422

Approaching the Zero-Outage Capacity of MIMO-OFDM Without Instantaneous Water-Filling
Sung, J. H.; Barry, J. R.Page(s): 1423-1436

Multiuser Constrained Water-Pouring for Continuous-Time Overloaded Gaussian Multiple-Access Channels
Cho, J. H.Page(s): 1437-1459

Product Multicommodity Flow in Wireless Networks ,Madan, R.; Shah, D.; Leveque, O.Page(s): 1460-1476

Entropy Amplification Property and the Loss for Writing on Dirty Paper ,Cohen, A. S.; Zamir, R.Page(s): 1477-1487

A Coding Theorem for a Class of Stationary Channels With Feedback ,Kim, Y.-H.Page(s): 1488-1499

Discrete-Input Two-Dimensional Gaussian Channels With Memory: Estimation and Information Rates Via Graphical Models and Statistical Mechanics,Shental, O.; Shental, N.; Shamai (Shitz Page(s): 1500-1513

An Efficient Pseudocodeword Search Algorithm for Linear Programming Decoding of LDPC Codes
Chertkov, M.; Stepanov, M. G.Page(s): 1514-1520

Performance of Parallel Concatenated Coding Schemes Fagnani, F. Page(s): 1521-1535

On the MacWilliams Identity for Convolutional Codes Gluesing-Luerssen, H.; Schneider, G.Page(s): 1536-1550

Stopping Set Analysis of Iterative Row-Column Decoding of Product Codes ,Rosnes, E. Page(s): 1551-1560

Low-Density Lattice Codes ,Sommer, N.; Feder, M.; Shalvi, O.Page(s): 1561-1585

Successive Wyner–Ziv Coding Scheme and Its Application to the Quadratic Gaussian CEO Problem
Chen, J.; Berger, Y.Page(s): 1586-1603

Tracking the Best Quantizer ,Gyorgy, A.; Linder, T.; Lugosi, G.Page(s): 1604-1625

On Finite Memory Universal Data Compression and Classification of Individual Sequences ,Ziv, J.Page(s): 1626-1636

Multivariate Signal Parameter Estimation Under Dependent Noise From 1-Bit Dithered Quantized Data
Dabeer, O.; Masry, E.Page(s): 1637-1654

Dimensionality Reduction for Distributed Estimation in the Infinite Dimensional Regime
Roy, O.; Vetterli, M.Page(s): 1655-1669

Spectral Relations for Multidimensional Complex Improper Stationary and (Almost) Cyclostationary Processes
Wahlberg, P.; Schreier, P. J.Page(s): 1670-1682

HCH: A New Tweakable Enciphering Scheme Using the Hash-Counter-Hash Approach
Chakraborty, D.; Sarkar, P.Page(s): 1683-1699

Boolean Functions, Projection Operators, and Quantum Error Correcting Codes
Aggarwal, V.; Calderbank, A. R.Page(s): 1700-1707

The Information-Disturbance Tradeoff and the Continuity of Stinespring's Representation
Kretschmann, D.; Schlingemann, D.; Werner, R. F.Page(s): 1708-1717

On the Optimality of the ARQ-DDF Protocol ,Azarian, K.; El Gamal, H.; Schniter, P.Page(s): 1718-1724

Sequential Procedures for Aggregating Arbitrary Estimators of a Conditional Mean
Bunea, F.; Nobel, A.Page(s): 1725-1735

Security Aspects of the Authentication Used in Quantum Cryptography
Cederlof, J.; Larsson, J.-A.Page(s): 1735-1741

Mismatched Filtering of Aperiodic Quadriphase Codes Damtie, B.; Lehtinen, Page(s): 1742-1749

Improved Probabilistic Bounds on Stopping Redundancy ,Han, J.; Siegel, P. H.; Vardy, A.Page(s): 1749-1753

Increasing User Capacity by Interference Avoidance and Intentional Asynchrony in CDMA Systems
Hombs, B.; Lehnert, J. S.Page(s): 1754-1760

On the Number of 1-Perfect Binary Codes: A Lower Bound
Krotov, D. S.; Avgustinovich, S. V.Page(s): 1760-1765

Turbo Codes in Binary Erasure Channel Lee, J. W.; Urbanke, R. L.; Blahut, R. E.Page(s): 1765-1773

EXIT Functions of Hadamard Components in Repeat–Zigzag–Hadamard (RZH) Codes With Parallel Decoding
Li, K.; Wang, X.; Ashikhmin, A.Page(s): 1773-1785

On the Linear Complexity of Sequences Obtained by State Space Generators
Limniotis, K.; Kolokotronis, N.; Kalouptsidis, N.Page(s): 1786-1793

On Convergence Speed of Capacity-Achieving Sequences for Erasure Channel Lu, M.Page(s): 1793-1794

On Correcting Bursts (and Random Errors) in Vector Symbol (n, k) Cyclic Codes ,
Metzner, J. J.Page(s): 1795-1807

Colored Gaussian Source–Channel Broadcast for Heterogeneous (Analog/Digital) Receivers
Prabhakaran, V. M.; Puri, R.; Ramchandran, K.Page(s): 1807-1814

Optimal Normalized Diversity Product of 2 × 2 Lattice-Based Diagonal Space–Time Codes From QAM Signal Constellations Wang, H.; Xia, X.-G.Page(s): 1814-1818

Maximum Entropy for Sums of Symmetric and Bounded Random Variables: A Short Derivation
Yu, Y.Page(s): 1818-1819

Computing Binary Combinatorial Gray Codes Via Exhaustive Search With SAT Solvers
Zinovik, I.; Kroening, D.; Chebiryak, Y.Page(s): 1819-1823

2008 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory
Page(s): 1835-1835

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory information for authors Page(s): C3-C3