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IEEE Transactions on Image Processing Volume: 17  Issue: 2   Date: Feb. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Space-Variant Restoration of Images Degraded by Camera Motion Blur
Sorel, M.; Flusser, J. Page(s): 105-116

LCD Motion Blur Reduction: A Signal Processing Approach
Shay Har-Noy; Nguyen, T.Q. Page(s): 117-125

Piecewise Linear Digital Curve Representation and Compression Using Graph Theory and a Line Segment Alphabet Hajdu, A.; Pitas, I. Page(s): 126-133

A Lossless Compression Scheme for Bayer Color Filter Array Images
King-Hong Chung; Yuk-Hee Chan Page(s): 134-144

Packet Video Error Concealment With Gaussian Mixture Models
Persson, D.; Eriksson, T.; Hedelin, P. Page(s): 145-154

Optimal Sensor Array Configuration in Remote Image Formation
Sharif, B.; Kamalabadi, F. Page(s): 155-166

Vision Processing for Realtime 3-D Data Acquisition Based on Coded Structured Light Chen, S.Y.; Li, Y.F.; Jianwei Zhang Page(s): 167-176

New Perspectives and Improvements on the Symmetric Extension Filter Bank for Subband/Wavelet Image Compression Jianyu Lin; Smith, M.J.T. Page(s): 177-189
Equivariant Holomorphic Filters for Contour Denoising and Rapid Object Detection Reisert, M.; Burkhardt, H. Page(s): 190-203

A Scale-Based Connected Coherence Tree Algorithm for Image Segmentation
Jundi Ding; Runing Ma; Songcan Chen Page(s): 204-216

Bayesian Approach With Hidden Markov Modeling and Mean Field Approximation for Hyperspectral Data Analysis Bali, N.; Mohammad-Djafari, A. Page(s): 217-225

Image Classification Using Correlation Tensor Analysis
Yun Fu; Huang, T.S. Page(s): 226-234

Integrating Color and Shape-Texture Features for Adaptive Real-Time Object Tracking Junqiu Wang; Yasushi Yagi Page(s): 235-240

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing Edics
Page(s): 241-241

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing information for authors
Page(s): 242-243

IEEE Signal Processing Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3