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IEEE Transactions on Image Processing Volume: 17  Issue: 4   Date: April. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

The Golden Age of Imaging
Page(s): 441-442

A Discriminative Approach for Wavelet Denoising
Hel-Or, Y.; Shaked, D. Page(s): 443-457

Maximum Likelihood Wavelet Density Estimation With Applications to Image and Shape Matching Peter, A. M.; Rangarajan, A. Page(s): 458-468

Wavelet-Based Bayesian Image Estimation: From Marginal and Bivariate Prior Models to Multivariate Prior Models Tan, S.; Jiao, L.; Kakadiaris, I. A. Page(s): 469

SURE-LET Multichannel Image Denoising: Interscale Orthonormal Wavelet Thresholding Luisier, F.; Blu, T. Page(s): 482-492

Nonrigid Registration of 3-D Multichannel Microscopy Images of Cell Nuclei
Yang, S.; Kohler, D.; Teller, K.; Cremer, T.; Le Baccon, P Page(s): 493-499

Weighted Adaptive Lifting-Based Wavelet Transform for Image Coding
Liu, Y.; Ngan, K. N. Page(s): 500-511

Universal Image Compression Using Multiscale Recurrent Patterns With Adaptive Probability Model de Lima Filho, E. B.; da Silva, E. A. B.;  Page(s): 512-527

Fast Full-Search Equivalent Template Matching by Enhanced Bounded Correlation
Mattoccia, S.; Tombari, F.; Di Stefano,  Page(s): 528-538

A Fast Thresholded Landweber Algorithm for Wavelet-Regularized Multidimensional Deconvolution Vonesch, C.; Unser, M. Page(s): 539-549

Deblurring Using Regularized Locally Adaptive Kernel Regression
Takeda, H.; Farsiu, S.; Milanfar, P. Page(s): 550-563

GAFFE: A Gaze-Attentive Fixation Finding Engine
Rajashekar, U.; van der Linde, I.;  Page(s): 564-573

Topology Preserving Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Face Recognition
Zhang, T.; Fang, B.; Tang, Y. Y.; He, G.; Wen, J. Page(s): 574-584

Thevenaz, P.; Unser, M. Page(s): 585-593

Activity Modeling Using Event Probability Sequences
Cuntoor, N. P.; Yegnanarayana, B.; Chellappa, R. Page(s): 594-607

Bayesian Foreground and Shadow Detection in Uncertain Frame Rate Surveillance Videos Benedek, C.; Sziranyi, T. Page(s): 608-621

Customizing Kernel Functions for SVM-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification
Guo, B.; Gunn, Steve R.; Damper, R. I.; Nelson, J. D. B. Page(s): 622-629

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing Edics
Page(s): 630-630

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing information for authors
Page(s): 631-632

IEEE Signal Processing Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3