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IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices Volume: 55  Issue: 3   Date: March 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Changes in the Editorial Board
, D. V. ,Page(s): 705- 705

Nanostructured Absorbers for Multiple Transition Solar Cells
Levy, M. Y.; Honsberg, C. , Page(s): 706-711

Analytical HFET $I$– $V$ Model in Presence of Current Collapse
Koudymov, A.; Shur, M. S.; Simin, G.; Chu, K.; Chao, P. C.; Lee, C.; Page(s): 712-720

Electrical Characteristics of Passivated Pseudomorphic HEMTs With $hbox{P}_{hbox{2}}hbox{S}_{hbox{5}}/(hbox{NH}_{hbox{4}})_{hbox{2}}hbox{S}_{hbox{X}}$ Pretreatment Chiu, H.-C.; Huang, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-W.; Page(s): 721-726

Simulation of Silicon Nanowire Transistors Using Boltzmann Transport Equation Under Relaxation Time Approximation Jin, S.; Tang, T.-W.; Fischetti, Page: 727-736

Computational Study on the Performance of Multiple-Gate Nanowire Schottky-Barrier MOSFETs Shin, M. , Page(s): 737-742

Approaching Optimal Characteristics of 10-nm High-Performance Devices: A Quantum Transport Simulation Study of Si FinFET  Khan, H. R.; Mamaluy, D.; Page(s): 743-753

A Day and Night Vision MOS Imager With Robust Photonic-Crystal-Based RGB-and-IR
Koyama, S.; Inaba, Y.; Kasano, M.; Murata, T. , Page(s): 754-759

Fully Integrated Single Photon Avalanche Diode Detector in Standard CMOS 0.18- $mu$m Technology Faramarzpour, N.; Deen, M. J.; Shirani, S.; Fang , Q. , Page(s): 760-767

Improvement of Interpixel Uniformity in Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Display by Luminance Correction Circuit
Kang, M.-S.; Yun, Y.-J.; Lee, C.-H.; Lee, J. , Page(s): 768-773

Design and Properties of Phototransistor Photodetector in Standard 0.35- $mu$m SiGe BiCMOS Technology Lai, K.-S.; Huang, J.-C.; Hsu, K. Y.-J. , Page(s): 774-781

Investigation of the Correlation Between Temperature and Enhancement of Electron Tunneling Current Through $hbox{HfO}_{bf 2}$ Gate Stacks Mao, L.-F. , Page(s): 782-788

Compact Surface Potential Model for FD SOI MOSFET Considering Substrate Depletion Region Agarwal, P.; Saraswat, G.; Kumar, M. J. , Page(s): 789-795

DICE: A Beneficial Short-Channel Effect in Nanoscale Double-Gate MOSFETs
Chouksey, S.; Fossum, J. G. , Page(s): 796-802

Threshold Voltage Model of Short-Channel FD-SOI MOSFETs With Vertical Gaussian Profile
Zhang, G.; Shao, Z.; Zhou, K. Page(s): 803-809

Thermally Processed High-Mobility MOS Thin-Film Transistors on Transferable Single-Crystal Elastically Strain-Sharing Si/SiGe/Si Nanomembranes Yuan, H.-C.; Kelly (Roberts), M. M.; Savage, D. E.; Lagally, M. G.; Celler, G. K.; Ma, Z. Page(s): 810-815

Generic Carrier-Based Core Model for Undoped Four-Terminal Double-Gate MOSFETs Valid for Symmetric, Asymmetric, and Independent-Gate-Operation Modes
Liu, F.; He, J.; Fu, Y.; Hu, J.; Bian, W.; Song, Y.; Zhang, X.; Chan , M , Page(s): 816-826

Subthreshold Performance of Dual-Material Gate CMOS Devices and Circuits for Ultralow Power Analog/Mixed-Signal Applications Chakraborty, S., Page(s): 827-832

Characterization of On-Chip Transformer Using Microwave Technique
Hsu, H.; Tseng, C.-W.; Chan, K.-Y. , Page(s): 833-837

High-Work-Function Ir/HfLaO ${rm p}$-MOSFETs Using Low-Temperature-Processed Shallow Junction Cheng, C. C.; Wu, C. C.; Su, N. N.; Wang, S. S.; McAlister, Page(s): 838-843

Electrical Measurement of Local Stress and Lateral Diffusion Near Source/Drain Extension Corner of Uniaxially Stressed n-MOSFETs Hsieh, C.-Y.; Chen, J. Page: 844-849

Strained ${rm n}$-MOSFET With Embedded Source/Drain Stressors and Strain-Transfer Structure (STS) for Enhanced Transistor Performance Ang , K.-W.; Lin , J.Page(s): 850-857

Threshold Voltage Variation in SOI Schottky-Barrier MOSFETs

Zhang, M.; Knoch, J.; Zhang, S.-L.; Feste, S.; SchrÖter, M.; Mantl , S. Page(s): 858-865

A Tight-Binding Study of the Ballistic Injection Velocity for Ultrathin-Body SOI MOSFETs Liu , Y.; Neophytou, N.; Low, T.; Klimeck , G.; Lundstrom, M. S ,Page(s): 866-871

Physical Model of Noise Mechanisms in SOI and Bulk-Silicon MOSFETs for RF Applications Adan, A. O.; Koyanagi, M.; Fukumi , M. ,Page(s): 872-880

Application and Evaluation of the RF Charge-Pumping Technique
Sasse, G. T.; Schmitz, J. , Page(s): 881-889

A Full Adder Design Using Serially Connected Single-Layer Magnetic Tunnel Junction Elements Lee, S.; Seo, S.; Shin , H. , Page(s): 890-895

A Low-Frequency Noise Model for Four-Gate Field-Effect Transistors
JimÉnez Tejada , J. A.; Luque RodrÍguez, A.; Godoy, A.; LÓpez Villan ,Page(s): 896-903

Influence of Bandstructure and Channel Structure on the Inversion Layer Capacitance of Silicon and GaAs MOSFETs Pal, H. S.; Cantley, K. D.; Ahmed, S. D.; Page(s): 904-908

Assessment of SET Logic Robustness Through Noise Margin Modeling
Sathe, C; Dan, S. S.; Mahapatra, S. , Page(s): 909-915

Effect of Random Circuit Fabrication Errors on Small-Signal Gain and Phase in Traveling-Wave Tubes Pengvanich, P.; Chernin, D.; Lau, Y. Y.; Luginsla , Page(s): 916-924

Factors Influencing the Leakage Current in Embedded SiGe Source/Drain Junctions
Simoen, E.; Gonzalez, M. B.; Vissouvanadin, B.; Chowdhury, M. K.; Verh , Page(s): 925-930

The Enhancement of $Q$-Factor of Planar Spiral Inductor With Low-Temperature Annealing Sun, H.; Liu, Z.; Zhao, J.; Wang, L.; Zhu, J. , Page(s): 931-936

Technology and Performance of InAlN/AlN/GaN HEMTs With Gate Insulation and Current Collapse Suppression Using Zr$hbox{O}_{bm 2}$ or Hf $hbox{O}_{bm 2}$
Kuzmik, J.; Pozzovivo, G.; Abermann, S.; Carlin, J.-F.; Gonschorek, Page(s): 937-941

Special issue on Nanowire Electronics
Page(s): 942-943

2008 Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop
Page(s): 944-944

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices information for authors
Page(s): C3-C3