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IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices Volume: 55  Issue: 2   Date: Feb 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

WEB-based Manuscript Processing
Jindal, R. P. ,Page(s): 477 -477

Channel Temperature Determination in High-Power AlGaN/GaN HFETs Using Electrical Methods and Raman Spectroscopy Simms, R.J.T.; Page(s): 478-482

Polarization Engineering on Buffer Layer in GaN-Based Heterojunction FETs
Inoue, T.; Nakayama, T.; Ando, Y.; Kosaki,.; Miyamoto, H., Page(s): 483-488

Stability and 2-D Simulation Studies of Avalanche Breakdown in 4H-SiC DMOSFETs With JTE Okayama, T.; Arthur, S.D.; Rao, R.R.; Kishor ,Page(s): 489-494

Double-Recessed High-Frequency AlInGaN/InGaN/GaN Metal–Oxide Double Heterostructure Field-Effect Transistors Adivarahan, V.; Gaevski, , Page(s): 495-499

A 6,13-bis(Triisopropylsilylethynyl) Pentacene Thin-Film Transistor Using a Spun-On Inorganic Gate-Dielectric Jae-Hong Kwon; Jung-Hoon Seo; San , Page(s): 500-505

Modeling of Programming and Read Performance in Phase-Change Memories—Part I: Cell Optimization and Scaling Russo, U.; Ielmini, D.; Redaell ,Page(s): 506-514

Modeling of Programming and Read Performance in Phase-Change Memories—Part II: Program Disturb and Mixed-Scaling Approach Russo, U.; Page(s): 515-522

GaN Light-Emitting Diode with Deep-Angled Mesa Sidewalls for Enhanced Light Emission in the Surface-Normal Direction Jae-Soong Lee; Joonhee , Page(s): 523-526

An Organic Active-Matrix Imager
Nausieda, I.; Ryu Kyungbum; Kymissis, I.; Akinwande, A.I.; Bulovic, Page(s): 527-532

Design Constraints on FSC LCD

I-Yin Li; Jean-Fu Kiang , Page(s): 533-539

High-Reliable and High-Speed 1.3 $mu$m Complex-Coupled Distributed Feedback Buried-Heterostructure Laser Diodes With Fe-Doped InGaAsP/InP Hybrid Grating
Feng-Ming Lee; Chia-Lung Tsai; Chih-Wei Hu; Fu-Yi Cheng; Meng ,Page(s): 540-546

On the Correct Extraction of Interface Trap Density of MOS Devices With High-Mobility Semiconductor Substrates Martens, K.; Chi On Chui ; Page(s): 547-556

A Closed-Form Model for Thermionic Trap-Assisted Tunneling
Sathaiya, D.M.; Karmalkar, S. , Page(s): 557-564

A “Probe-Lift” MOS-Capacitor Technique for Measuring Very Low Oxide Leakage Currents and Their Effect on Generation Lifetime Marinella,
M.J.; Page(s): 565-571

The Effects of Mechanical Uniaxial Stress on Junction Leakage in Nanoscale CMOSFETs Tzu-Juei Wang; Chih-Hsin Ko; Shoou-Jinn Chang ; Page(s): 572-577

Scalable 3-D Fin-Like Poly-Si TFT and Its Nonvolatile Memory Application
Huaxiang Yin; Wenxu Xianyu; Tikhonovsky, A.; Young Soo , Page(s): 578-584

Electrical Behavior and Technology Optimization of Si/SiGeC HBTs on Thin-Film SOI Avenier, G.; Fregonese, S.; Chevalier, P.; Bustos, J.; Saguin, F.; Page(s): 585-593

Dynamic Power Model of CMOS Gates Driving Transmission Lines Based on Fourier Analysis Xiao-Chun Li; Jun-Fa Mao; Wen-Yan Yin ,Page(s): 594-600

Subharmonically Pumped RF CMOS Paramps
Magierowski, S.; Chan, H.; Zourntos, T. , Page(s): 601-608

Device Design and Optimization Considerations for Bulk FinFETs

Manoj, C.R.; Nagpal, M.; Varghese, D.; Rao, V.R. ,Page(s): 609-615

Rigorous Surface-Potential Solution for Undoped Symmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs Considering Both Electrons and Holes at Quasi NonEquilibrium
Xing Zhou; Zhaomin Zhu; Rustagi, S.C.; Guan Huei See; Guojun Zhu; Shihuan Lin; Chengqing Wei; Guan Hui Lim ,Page(s): 616-623

A Compact Model Satisfying Gummel Symmetry in Higher Order Derivatives and Applicable to Asymmetric MOSFETs  Guan Huei See; Xing Zhou; Chandrase ,Page(s): 624-631

A Low-Power, Highly Scalable, Vertical Double-Gate MOSFET Using Novel Processes
Hoon Cho; Kapur, P.; Kalavade, P.; Saraswat, K.C. ,Page(s): 632-639

Detailed Simulation Study of a Reverse Embedded-SiGe Strained-Silicon MOSFET

Fiorenza, J.G.; Ji-Soo Park; Lochtefeld, A. ,Page(s): 640-648

Device Design and Electron Transport Properties of Uniaxially Strained-SOI Tri-Gate nMOSFETs
Irisawa, T.; Numata, T.; Tezuka, T.; Usuda, K.; Sugiyama, N.,Page(s): 649-654

RTN ${bf V}_{{bf T}}$ Instability From the Stationary Trap-Filling Condition: An Analytical Spectroscopic Investigation
Compagnoni, C.M.; Gusmeroli, R.; Page(s): 655-661

Suppressing Self-Modulation Instability in a Delayed Feedback Traveling Wave Tube Oscillator Using Controlling Chaos Technique Ryskin, N.M.; Khavroshin, Page(s): 662-667

Improvements in Performance of Broadband Helix Traveling-Wave Tubes
Ghosh, T.K.; Challis, A.J.; Jacob, A.; Bowler, D.; Carter, R.G. , Page(s): 668-673

Analytical Evaluation of the Ratio Between Injection and Space-Charge Limited Currents in Single Carrier Organic Diodes Alvarez, A.L.; Arredondo, B.; Romero, B.; Page(s): 674-680

Design of Highly Transparent Organic Photodiodes
Zaus, E.S.; Tedde, S.; Rauch, T.; Furst, J.; Dohler, G.H. , Page(s): 681-684

Oxide Thickness Optimization for Digital Subthreshold Operation
Paul, B.C.; Roy, K. ,Page(s): 685-688

Failure Mechanisms Associated With Lens Shape of High-Power LED Modules in Aging Test
Yi-Cheng Hsu; Yu-Kuan Lin; Ming-Hung Chen; Chun-Chin Tsai; Jao , Page(s): 689-694

Strained Quantum Well InAs Micro-Hall Sensors: Dependence of Device Performance on Channel Thickness Dobbert, J.; Kunets, V.P.; Morgan, T.A.; Guzun, D.; Maz ,Page(s): 695-700

Errata for “Explicit Analytical Charge and Capacitance Models of Undoped Double-Gate MOSFETs” [Jul 07 1718-1724]
Moldovan, O.; Jimenez, D.; Guitart, J. R.; ChavePage: 701-701

Erratum to “Degradation Analysis of 2 $mu$m DFB Laser Using Optical Beam Induced Current Technique” [Oct 07 2644-2649] Takeshita, T.; Sato, T.; Mitsuhara, Page(s): 701-701

Special issue on Nanowire Electronics
Page(s): 702-703

66th Device Research Conference
Page(s): 704-704

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices information for authors
Page(s): C3-C3