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IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices Volume: 55  Issue:8   Date: July 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices publication information, Page(s): C2-C2

Tutor at Your Web-Step, Jindal, R. P., Page(s): 1793-1793

Editorial Verret, D., Page(s): 1794-1794

Special Issue on Silicon Carbide Devices and Technology
Zhao, J. H.; Pensl, G.; Kimoto, T.; Matsunami, H.; Kosugi, H., Page(s): 1795-1797

Characterization, Modeling, and Application of 10-kV SiC MOSFET

Wang, J.; Zhao, T.; Li, J.; Huang, A. Q.; Callanan, R.; Page(s): 1798-1806

A 10-kV Large-Area 4H-SiC Power DMOSFET With Stable Subthreshold Behavior Independent of Temperature

Howell, R. S.; Buchoff, S.; Van Campen, S.; McNutt, T. R.; Ezis, A.; Nechay, B.; Kirby, C. F.; Sherwin, M. E.; Clarke, R. C.; Singh, R.
Page(s): 1807-1815

Comparisons of Design and Yield for Large-Area 10-kV 4H-SiC DMOSFETs
Howell, R. S.; Buchoff, S.; Van Campen, S.; McNutt, T. R.; Hearne, H.; Ezis, A.; Sherwin, M. E.; Clarke, R. C.; Singh, R.
Page(s): 1816-1823

DC and Transient Performance of 4H-SiC Double-Implant MOSFETs
Losee, P. A.; Matocha, K.; Arthur, S. D.; Nasadoski, J.; Stum, Z.; Garrett, J.; Schutten, M.; Dunne, G.; Stevanovic, L.
Page(s): 1824-1829

Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown of 4H-SiC MOS Capacitors and DMOSFETs
Matocha, K.; Dunne, G.; Soloviev, S.; Beaupre, R.
Page(s): 1830-1834

Time Dependence of Bias-Stress-Induced SiC MOSFET Threshold-Voltage Instability Measurements
Lelis, A. J.; Habersat, D.; Green, R.; Ogunniyi, A.; Gurfinkel, M.; Suehle, J.; Goldsman, N.
Page(s): 1835-1840

Simulation and Experimental Study on the Junction Termination Structure for High-Voltage 4H-SiC PiN Diodes
Hiyoshi, T.; Hori, T.; Suda, J.; Kimoto, T.
Page(s): 1841-1846

Analytical Modeling of High-Voltage 4H-SiC Junction Barrier Schottky (JBS) Rectifiers
Zhu, L.; Chow, T. P.
Page(s): 1857-1863

Performance and Stability of Large-Area 4H-SiC 10-kV Junction Barrier Schottky Rectifiers
Hull, B. A.; Sumakeris, J. J.; O'Loughlin, M. J.; Zhang, Q.; Richmond, J.; Powell, A. R.; Imhoff, E. A.; Hobart, K. D.; Rivera-Lopez, A.; Hefner, A. R.
Page(s): 1864-1870

Advanced High-Voltage 4H-SiC Schottky Rectifiers
Zhu, L.; Chow, T. P
Page(s): 1871-1874

Influence of Field Plates and Surface Traps on Microwave Silicon Carbide MESFETs

Nilsson, P. Å.; Allerstam, F.; Sudow, M.; Andersson, K.; Hjelmgren, H.; Sveinbjornsson, E. Ö.; Rorsman, N.
Page(s): 1875-1879

1.88-$hbox{m}Omegacdothbox{cm}^{2}$ 1650-V Normally on 4H-SiC TI-VJFET

Li, Y.; Alexandrov, P.; Zhao, J. H.
Page(s): 1880-1886

Theoretical and Experimental Analyses of Safe Operating Area (SOA) of 1200-V 4H-SiC BJT

Gao, Y.; Huang, A. Q.; Agarwal, A. K.; Zhang, Q.
Page(s): 1887-1893

High-Current-Gain SiC BJTs With Regrown Extrinsic Base and Etched JTE

Lee, H.-S.; Domeij, M.; Ghandi, R.; Zetterling, C.-M.; Ostling, M.
Page(s): 1894-1898

Fabrication and Characterization of High-Current-Gain 4H-SiC Bipolar Junction Transistors

Zhang, J.; Li, X.; Alexandrov, P.; Fursin, L.; Wang, X.; Zhao, J. H.
Page(s): 1899-1906

Low-Forward-Voltage-Drop 4H-SiC BJTs Without Base Contact Implantation

Lee, H.-S.; Domeij, M.; Zetterling, C.-M.; Ostling, M.
Page(s): 1907-1911

Design and Characterization of High-Voltage 4H-SiC p-IGBTs

Zhang, Q.; Wang, J.; Jonas, C.; Callanan, R.; Sumakeris, J. J.; Ryu, S.-H.; Das, M.; Agarwal, A.; Palmour, J.; Huang, A. Q.
Page(s): 1912-1919

Optimization of on-State and Switching Performances for 15–20-kV 4H-SiC IGBTs

Tamaki, T.; Walden, G. G.; Sui, Y.; Cooper, J. A.
Page(s): 1920-1927

Numerical Study of the Turnoff Behavior of High-Voltage 4H-SiC IGBTs

Tamaki, T.; Walden, G. G.; Sui, Y.; Cooper, J. A.
Page(s): 1928-1933

Development of 4H-SiC LJFET-Based Power IC
Zhang, Y.; Sheng, K.; Su, M.; Zhao, J. H.; Alexandrov, P.; Li, X.; Fursin, L.; Weiner, M.
Page(s): 1934-1945

Demonstration and Characterization of Bipolar Monolithic Integrated Circuits in 4H-SiC

Lee, J.-Y.; Singh, S.; Cooper, J. A.
Page(s): 1946-1953

Ultralow-Loss SiC Floating Junction Schottky Barrier Diodes (Super-SBDs)

Nishio, J.; Ota, C.; Hatakeyama, T.; Shinohe, T.; Kojima, K.; Nishizawa, S.-I.; Ohashi, H.
Page(s): 1954-1960

Modeling and Optimal Device Design for 4H-SiC Super-Junction Devices

Yu, L.; Sheng, K.
Page(s): 1961-1969

3C-Silicon Carbide Nanowire FET: An Experimental and Theoretical Approach

Rogdakis, K.; Lee, S.-Y.; Bescond, M.; Lee, S.-K.; Bano, E.; Zekentes, K.
Page(s): 1970-1976

4H-SiC Visible-Blind Single-Photon Avalanche Diode for Ultraviolet Detection at 280 and 350 nm

Hu, J.; Xin, X.; Li, X.; Zhao, J. H.; VanMil, B. L.; Lew, K.-K.; Myers-Ward, R. L.; EddyJr., C. R.; Gaskill, D. K.
Page(s): 1977-1983

Impact Ionization Coefficients in 4H-SiC

Loh, W. S.; Ng, B. K.; Ng, J. S.; Soloviev, S. I.; Cha, H.-Y.; Sandvik, P. M.; Johnson, C. M.; David, J. P. R.
Page(s): 1984-1990

Monte Carlo Simulation of Ion Implantation in Crystalline SiC With Arbitrary Polytypes

Tian, S.
Page(s): 1991-1996

Detailed Analysis and Precise Modeling of Multiple-Energy Al Implantations Through $hbox{SiO}_{2}$ Layers Into 4H-SiC

Mochizuki, K.; Someya, T.; Takahama, T.; Onose, H.; Yokoyama, N.
Page(s): 1997-2003

Characterization of Transient Gate Oxide Trapping in SiC MOSFETs Using Fast $I$–$V$ Techniques

Gurfinkel, M.; Xiong, H. D.; Cheung, K. P.; Suehle, J. S.; Bernstein, J. B.; Shapira, Y.; Lelis, A. J.; Habersat, D.; Goldsman, N.
Page(s): 2004-2012

Analysis of Anomalous Charge-Pumping Characteristics on 4H-SiC MOSFETs

Okamoto, D.; Yano, H.; Hatayama, T.; Uraoka, Y.; Fuyuki, T.
Page(s): 2013-2020

Investigation on the Use of Nitrogen Implantation to Improve the Performance of N-Channel Enhancement 4H-SiC MOSFETs

Poggi, A.; Moscatelli, F.; Solmi, S.; Nipoti, R.
Page(s): 2021-2028

A Physical Model of High Temperature 4H-SiC MOSFETs

Potbhare, S.; Goldsman, N.; Lelis, A.; McGarrity, J. M.; McLean, F. B.; Habersat, D.
Page(s): 2029-2040

Remarkable Increase in the Channel Mobility of SiC-MOSFETs by Controlling the Interfacial $hbox{SiO}_{2}$ Layer Between $hbox{Al}_{2}hbox{O}_{3}$ and SiC

Hatayama, T.; Hino, S.; Miura, N.; Oomori, T.; Tokumitsu, E.
Page(s): 2041-2045

The Effect of Gate Oxide Processes on the Performance of 4H-SiC MOSFETs and Gate-Controlled Diodes

Wang, Y.; Tang, K.; Khan, T.; Koushik Balasubramanian, M. K.; Naik, H.; Wang, W.; Chow, T. P.
Page(s): 2046-2053

4H-SiC MIS Capacitors and MISFETs With Deposited $hbox{SiN}_{x}/ hbox{SiO}_{2}$ Stack-Gate Structures

Noborio, M.; Suda, J.; Kimoto, T.
Page(s): 2054-2060

Energy- and Time-Dependent Dynamics of Trap Occupation in 4H-SiC MOSFETs

Potbhare, S.; Goldsman, N.; Akturk, A.; Gurfinkel, M.; Lelis, A.; Suehle, J. S.
Page(s): 2061-2070

Program/Erase Characteristics of Amorphous Gallium Indium Zinc Oxide Nonvolatile Memory

Yin, H.; Kim, S.; Lim, H.; Min, Y.; Kim, C. J.; Song, I.; Park, J.; Kim, S.-W.; Tikhonovsky, A.; Hyun, J.; Park, Y.
Page(s): 2071-2077

Epitaxial Graphene Transistors on SiC Substrates

Kedzierski, J.; Hsu, P.-L.; Healey, P.; Wyatt, P. W.; Keast, C. L.; Sprinkle, M.; Berger, C.; de Heer, W. A.
Page(s): 2078-2085

Investigation of the Transport Properties of Silicon Nanowires Using Deterministic and Monte Carlo Approaches to the Solution of the Boltzmann Transport Equation

Lenzi, M.; Palestri, P.; Gnani, E.; Reggiani, S.; Gnudi, A.; Esseni, D.; Selmi, L.; Baccarani, G.
Page(s): 2086-2096

On the Optimal Design, Performance, and Reliability of Future Carbon Nanotube-Based Interconnect Solutions

Nieuwoudt, A.; Massoud, Y.
Page(s): 2097-2110

CCD Charge Injection Structure at Very Small Signal Levels

Prigozhin, G.; Burke, B.; Bautz, M.; Kissel, S.; LaMarr, B.
Page(s): 2111-2120

Two-Transistor Active Pixel Sensor Readout Circuits in Amorphous Silicon Technology for High-Resolution Digital Imaging Applications

Taghibakhsh, F.; Karim, K. S.
Page(s): 2121-2128

Multichannel Poly-Si Thin-Film Transistors Prepared by Excimer Laser Annealing With Channel Width Comparable or Smaller Than the Grain Size

Yang, P.-C.; Kuo, P.-S.; Lee, S.-C.
Page(s): 2129-2133

Simulation of the Impact of Process Variation on the Optimized 10-nm FinFET

Khan, H. R.; Mamaluy, D.; Vasileska, D.
Page(s): 2134-2141

Investigation of Parasitic Effects and Design Optimization in Silicon Nanowire MOSFETs for RF Applications

Zhuge, J.; Wang, R.; Huang, R.; Zhang, X.; Wang, Y.
Page(s): 2142-2147

A Quasi Two-Dimensional Conduction Model for Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistor Based on Discrete Grains

Wong, M.; Chow, T.; Wong, C. C.; Zhang, D.
Page(s): 2148-2156

A Unified Analytic Drain–Current Model for Multiple-Gate MOSFETs

Yu, B.; Song, J.; Yuan, Y.; Lu, W.-Y.; Taur, Y.
Page(s): 2157-2163

Charge-Carrier Plasma Dynamics During the Reverse-Recovery Period in $hbox{p}^{+}$-$hbox{n}^{-}$ - $hbox{n}^{+}$ Diodes

Baburske, R.; Heinze, B.; Lutz, J.; Niedernostheide, F.-J.
Page(s): 2164-2172

Drain Current Model Including Velocity Saturation for Symmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs

Hariharan, V.; Vasi, J.; Rao, V. R.
Page(s): 2173-2180

A Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistor With Self-Aligned Metal Electrodes Formed Using Aluminum-Induced Crystallization

Zhang, D.; Chow, T.; Wong, M.
Page(s): 2181-2186

A Charge-Based Model for Long-Channel Cylindrical Surrounding-Gate MOSFETs From Intrinsic Channel to Heavily Doped Body

Liu, F.; He, J.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, J.; Hu, J.; Ma, C.; Chan, M.
Page(s): 2187-2194

Uncertainty Analysis of Two-Step and Three-Step Methods for Deembedding On-Wafer RF Transistor Measurements

Cha, J.; Lee, S.
Page(s): 2195-2201

A Novel Trapping-Nitride-Storage Non-Volatile Memory Cell Using a Gated-Diode Structure With an Ultra-Thin Dielectric Dopant Diffusion Barrier
Tsai, W.-J.; Ou, T.-F.; Kao, H.-L.; Lai, E.-K.; Huang, J.-S.; Chong, L.-H.; Liao, Y.-Y.; Hong, S.-P.; Wu, M. T.; Tsai,
Page(s): 2202-2211

Uniform Square Polycrystalline Silicon Fabricated by Employing Periodic Metallic Pads and SiON Absorption Layer for Thin Film Transistors
Yang, P.-C.; Hsueh, C.-Y.; Yang, C.-H.; Lee, J.-H.; Lin, H.-W.; Chang, H.-Y.; Chang, C.-Y.; Lee, S.-C.
Page(s): 2212-2217

A Study of Gate-Sensing and Channel-Sensing (GSCS) Transient Analysis Method—Part I: Fundamental Theory and Applications to Study of the Trapped Charge Vertical Location and Capture Efficiency of SONOS-Type Devices
Lue, H.-T.; Du, P.-Y.; Wang, S.-Y.; Hsieh, K.-Y.; Liu, R.; Lu, C.-Y.
Page(s): 2218-2228

A Study of Gate-Sensing and Channel-Sensing (GSCS) Transient Analysis Method Part II: Study of the Intra-Nitride Behaviors and Reliability of SONOS-Type Devices

Du, P.-Y.; Lue, H.-T.; Wang, S.-Y.; Huang, T.-Y.; Hsieh, K.-Y.; Liu, R.; Lu, C.-Y.
Page(s): 2229-2237

Enhancement of the Flatband Modulation of Ni-Silicided Gates on Hf-Based Dielectrics
Yang, J. J.; Wang, X. P.; Zhu, C.-X.; Li, M.-F.; Yu, H.-Y.; Loh, W.-Y.; Kwong, D.-L.
Page(s): 2238-2245

Optimization of the Porous-Silicon-Based Superjunction Power MOSFET
Ye, H.; Haldar, P.
Page(s): 2246-2251

An Analytical Model to Evaluate the Radiated Power Spectrum of a Multipactor Discharge in a Parallel-Plate Region
Sorolla, E.; Anza, S.; Gimeno, B.; PÉrezPerez, A. M.; Vicente, C.; Gil, J.; PÉrez-SolerPerez-Soler, F. J.; Quesada, F. D.; ÁlvarezAlvarez, A.; Boria, V. E.
Page(s): 2252-2258

Mechanism and Improvement of On-Resistance Degradation Induced by Avalanche Breakdown in Lateral DMOS Transistors
Chen, J. F.; Lee, J. R.; Wu, K.-M.; Huang, T.-Y.; Liu, C. M.
Page(s): 2259-2262

Efficient Calculation Algorithm for One-Dimensional Ion Implantation Profiles With High Tilt Angles
Suzuki, K.; Kojima, S.
Page(s): 2263-2267

Impact of Lateral Asymmetry of MOSFETs on the Gate–Drain Noise Correlation

Roy, A. S.; Enz, C. C.; Lim, T. C.; Danneville, F.
Page(s): 2268-2272

Atomic Vapor Deposition of Strontium Tantalate Films for MIM Applications
Lukosius, M.; Wenger, C.; Pasko, S.; Costina, I.; D¿browskiDabrowski, J.; Sorge, R.; MÜssigMussig, H.-J.; Lohe, C.
Page(s): 2273-2277

Effect of Thermal Strain in Helical Slow-Wave Circuit on TWT Cold-Test Characteristics

Yan, S.; Yao, L.; Yang, Z.
Page(s): 2278-2281

Special issue of IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices on solid-state image sensors

Page(s): 2282-2282

Special issue on IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices on vacuum electronic devices

Page(s): 2283-2283

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