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IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices Volume: 55  Issue: 4   Date: April 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

Theoretical Study of Electron Confinement in Submicrometer GaN HFETs Using a Thermally Self-Consistent Monte Carlo Method
Sadi, T.; Kelsall, R. W.Page(s): 945-953

Gallium–Indium–Zinc-Oxide-Based Thin-Film Transistors: Influence of the Source/Drain Material
Barquinha, P.; Vila, A. M.; GonÇalves, G.; Pereira, L.; Martins, R.; Morante, J. R.; Fortunato, E.Page(s): 954-960

Nitrogen Implantation to Improve Electron Channel Mobility in 4H-SiC MOSFET ,Moscatelli, F.; Poggi, A.; Page(s): 961-967

An Augmented Small-Signal HBT Model With Its Analytical Based Parameter Extraction Technique
Degachi, L.; Ghannouchi, F. M.Page(s): 968-972

Contact Resistance in Nanocrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistors ,Cheng, I-C.; Wagner, S.; Vallat-Sauvain, E.Page(s): 973-977

Optoelectronic Characteristics of Direct-Current and Alternating-Current White Thin-Film Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Nitride Film ,Yeh, R.-H.; Yu, T.-R.; Chung, T.-C.; Lo, S.-Y.; Hong, J.-W.Page(s): 978-985

A MOS Image Sensor With a Digital-Microlens
Onozawa, K.; Toshikiyo, K.; Yogo, T.; Ishii, M.; Yamanaka, K.; Matsuno, T.; Ueda, D.Page(s): 986-991

The Operation Characteristics of an Alternating Current Plasma Display Panel With Si-Doped MgO Protecting Layer
Ha, C. H.; Kim, J. K.; Whang, K.-W.Page(s): 992-996

Gate Oxide Wear-Out and Breakdown Effects on the Performance of Analog and Digital Circuits
Fernandez, R.; Martin-Martinez, J.; Rodriguez, R.; Nafria, M.; Aymerich, X. H.Page(s): 997-1004

Modeling and Analysis of the Asymmetric Source/Drain Extension CMOS Transistors for Nanoscale Technologies
Chen, Q.; Mojumder, N. N.; Roy, K.Page(s): 1005-1012

The Tunnel Source (PNPN) n-MOSFET: A Novel High Performance Transistor
Nagavarapu, V.; Jhaveri, R.; Woo, J. C. S.Page(s): 1013-1019

Modeling of $V_{rm th}$ Shift in nand Flash-Memory Cell Device Considering Crosstalk and Short-Channel Effects
Jung, S.-G.; Lee, K.-W.; Kim, K.-S.; Shin, S.-W.; Lee, S.-S; Om, J.-C.; Bae, G.-H.; Lee, J.-H.Page(s): 1020-1026

Electrical Properties of Low-Temperature-Compatible P-Channel Polycrystalline-Silicon TFTs Using High-$kappa$ Gate Dielectrics ,Yang, M.-J.; Chien, C.-H.; Lu, Y.-H.; Shen, C.-Y.; Huang, T.-Y.Page(s): 1027-1034

A New Method to Determine Effective Lateral Doping Abruptness and Spreading-Resistance Components in Nanoscale MOSFETs
Kim, S.-D.; Narasimha, S.; Rim, K.Page(s): 1035-1041

Ultralow-Thermal-Budget CMOS Process Using Flash-Lamp Annealing for 45 nm Metal/High- $k$ FETs
Ootsuka, F.; Katakami, A.; Shirai, K.; Watanabe, T.; Nakata, H.; Kitajima, M.; Aoyama, T.; Eimori, T.; Page(s): 1042-1049

Nonuniform Mobility-Enhancement Techniques and Their Impact on Device Performance
Payet, F.; Beuf, F.; Ortolland, C.; Skotnicki, T.Page(s): 1050-1057

Modeling and Layout Optimization of Differential Inductors for Silicon-Based RFIC Applications
Sia, C. B.; Ong, B. H.; Lim, W. M.; Yeo, K. S.; Alam, T.Page(s): 1058-1066

Nonuniform RF Overstress in High-Power Transistors and Amplifiers
Stopel, A.; Leibovitch, M.; Shapira, Y.Page(s): 1067-1073

Matching the Transconductance Characteristics of CMOS ISFET Arrays by Removing Trapped Charge
Milgrew, M. J.; Cumming, D. R. S.Page(s): 1074-1079

Analytical Model of Amorphous Layer Thickness Formed by High-Tilt-Angle As Ion Implantation
Suzuki, K.; Tada, Y.; Kataoka, Y.; Kawamura, K.; Nagayama, K.Page(s): 1080-1084

Strained CMOS Devices With Shallow-Trench-Isolation Stress Buffer Layers
Li, Y.; Chen, H.-M.; Yu, S.-M.; Hwang, J.-R.; Yang, F.-L.Page(s): 1085-1089

Micro-Raman/Infrared Temperature Monitoring of Gunn Diodes
Hopper, R. H.; Oxley, C. H.; Pomeroy, J. W.; Kuball, M.Page(s): 1090-1093

Corrections to “a three-dimensional simulation study of the performance of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors with doped reservoirs and realistic geometry” [Aug 06 1782-1788]  Page(s): 1094-1095

Special issue on Nanowire Electronics ,Page(s): 1096-1097

Special issue on Packaging Reliability ,Page(s): 1098-1098

2008 EDS J.J. EBERS AWARD ,Page(s): 1099-1099

2008 IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium ,Page(s): 1100-1100

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices information for authors ,Page(s): C3-C3