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IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology — Volume: 16  Issue: 3   Date: May - June2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology publication information,Page(s): C2-C2

A Data-Driven ${cal H}_{2}$ -Optimal Control Approach for Adaptive Optics
Hinnen, K.; Verhaegen, M.; Doelman, N. , Page(s): 381-395

Extremum Seeking Control of Cascaded Raman Optical Amplifiers

Dower, P. M.; Farrell, P. M.; Nesic, D. , Page(s): 396-407

Controller Design for Large-Gap Control of Electromagnetically Levitated System by Using an Optimization Technique Banerjee, S.; Kumar, T. K. S.;  Page(s): 408-415

Control and Sensor Fault Tolerance of Vehicle Active Suspension

Chamseddine, A.; Noura, H. , Page(s): 416-433

Nonlinear Adaptive Robust Control of Single-Rod Electro-Hydraulic Actuator With Unknown Nonlinear Parameters Guan, C.; Pan, S. , Page(s): 434-445

Electromechanical Brake Modeling and Control: From PI to MPC
Line, C.; Manzie, C.; Good, M. C.Page(s): 446-457

Adaptive Control for Nonlinearly Parameterized Uncertainties in Robot Manipulators ,Hung, N. V. Q.; Tuan, H. D.; Narikiyo, T.; Apkarian, P.Page(s): 458-468

Knowledge-Based Segmentation for Tracking Through Deep Turbulence
Vela, P. A.; Niethammer, M.; Pryor, G. D.; Tannenbaum, A. R.; Butts, R.; Washburn, D.
Page(s): 469-474

MIMO Robust Control for HVAC Systems
Anderson, M.; Buehner, M.; Young, P.; Hittle, D.; Anderson, C.; Tu, J.; Hodgson, D.
Page(s): 475-483

Modeling Hysteresis and Its Inverse Model Using Neural Networks Based on Expanded Input Space Method ,Zhao, X.; Tan, Y. Page(s): 484-490

Multi-Operational Controller Structure for Station Keeping and Transit Operations of Marine Vessels
Nguyen, T. D.; Sorensen, A. J.; Quek, S. T.
Page(s): 491-498

Fault Detection and Fault-Tolerant Control of a Civil Aircraft Using a Sliding-Mode-Based Scheme
Alwi, H.; Edwards, C.
Page(s): 499-510

Distributed Decision and Control for Cooperative UAVs Using Ad Hoc Communication
Ben-Asher, Y.; Feldman, S.; Gurfil, P.; Feldman, M.
Page(s): 511-516

Hover Control of an UAV With Backstepping Design Including Input Saturations
Azinheira, J. R.; Moutinho, A.
Page(s): 517-526

Formation Tracking Control of Unicycle-Type Mobile Robots With Limited Sensing Ranges
Do, K. D.
Page(s): 527-538

A New Scheme on Robust Observer-Based Control Design for Interconnected Systems With Application to an Industrial Utility Boiler

Swarnakar, A.; Marquez, H. J.; Chen, T.
Page(s): 539-547

Transparent Time-Delayed Bilateral Teleoperation Using Wave Variables
Aziminejad, A.; Tavakoli, M.; Patel, R. V.; Moallem, M.
Page(s): 548-555

Estimation Strategy for a Series of Grinding Cycles in Batch Production
Lee, C. W.
Page(s): 556-561

Nonlinear Modeling and Control of Servo Pneumatic Actuators
Rao, Z.; Bone, G. M.
Page(s): 562-569

Passive Finite-Dimensional Repetitive Control of Robot Manipulators
Kasac, J.; Novakovic, B.; Majetic, D.; Brezak, D.
Page(s): 570-576

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology information for authors
Page(s): C3-C3