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IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology — Volume: 16  Issue: 2   Date: March -April2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Suboptimal Control of Switched Systems With an Application to the DISC Engine
Rinehart, M.; Dahleh, M.; Reed, D.; Kolmanovsky, I. , Page(s): 189-201

Augmented Hamiltonian Formulation and Energy-Based Control Design of Uncertain Mechanical Systems Yuzhen Wang; Shuzhi Sam Ge , Page(s): 202-213

Output Feedback Controller for Operation of Spark Ignition Engines at Lean Conditions Using Neural Networks Vance, J.B.; Kaul, B.C.; Jagann. , Page(s): 214-228

Invariance-Preserving Abstractions of Hybrid Systems: Application to User Interface Design
Oishi, M.; Mitchell, I.M.; Bayen, A.M.; Tomlin, C.J., Page(s): 229-244

Active Vibration Isolation Using an Electrical Damper or an Electrical Dynamic Absorber Sang-Myeong Kim; Pietrzko, S.; Brennan, M.J. , Page(s): 245-254

Optimal Suppression of Laser Beam Jitter by High-Order RLS Adaptive Control
Orzechowski, P.K.; Chen, N.Y.; Gibson, J.S.;  Page(s): 255-267

A Model Predictive Decentralized Control Scheme With Reduced Communication Requirement for Spacecraft Formation Lavaei, J.; Momeni, A.; Page(s): 268-278

Modeling and Control of Shape Memory Alloy Actuators
Jayender, J.; Patel, R.V.; Nikumb, S.; Ostojic, M. , Page(s): 279-287

Monitoring Environmental Boundaries With a Robotic Sensor Network
Susca, S.; Bullo, F.; Martinez, S. , Page(s): 288-296

Control Experiment of a Wheel-Driven Mobile Inverted Pendulum Using Neural Network Seul Jung; Sung Su Kim , Page(s): 297-303

Bilateral Teleoperation Over Unreliable Communication Networks
Chopra, N.; Berestesky, P.; Spong, M.W. , Page(s): 304-313

Testing Homogeneity of Coefficients in Distributed Systems With Application to Quality Monitoring Rafajlowicz, E. , Page(s): 314-321

Observer-Based Contouring Controller Design of a Biaxial Stage System Subject to Friction Chieh-Li Chen; Kuan-Chen Lin , Page(s): 322-329

A Parameter Optimization Approach to Multiple-Objective Controller Design
de Ruiter, A.H.J.; Liu, H.H.T. , Page(s): 330-339

GPS-Based Path Following Control for a Car-Like Wheeled Mobile Robot With Skidding and Slipping
Boon Chang Low; Danwei Wang , Page(s): 340-347

Accommodation of Repetitive Sensor Faults— Applied to Surface Faults on Compact Discs Odgaard, P.F.; Stoustrup, J.; Andersen, P.; Vidal, E. , Page(s): 348-355

Adaptive Reshaping of Excitation Currents for Accurate Torque Control of Brushless Motors Aghili, F. , Page(s): 356-364

Adaptive Cruise Control for a SMART Car: A Comparison Benchmark for MPC-PWA Control Methods Corona, D.; De Schutter, B. , Page(s): 365-372

Asymptotic Tracking for Systems With Structured and Unstructured Uncertainties
Patre, P.M.; MacKunis, W.; Makkar, C.; Dixon, W.E. , Page(s): 373-379

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology information for authors
Page(s): C3-C3