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IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology — Volume: 16  Issue: 4   Date: July- Aug 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Banding Artifact Reduction for a Class of Color Electrophotographic Printers With Underactuated Motor/Gear Configuration
Chen, C.-L.; Chiu, G. T.-C. Page(s): 577-588

Closed-Loop Control of an Underactuated Sheet Registration Device Using Feedback Linearization and Gain Scheduling
Elliot, J. G.; Gans, R. F. Page(s): 589-599

Robust Adaptive Control of Conjugated Polymer Actuators
Fang, Y.; Tan, X.; Alici, G. Page(s): 600-612

Trajectory Tracking Control for a 3-DOF Planar Parallel Manipulator Using the Convex Synchronized Control Method
Ren, L.; Mills, J. K.; Sun, D. Page(s): 613-623

Feedback Control of Oxygen Uptake During Treadmill Exercise
Hunt, K. J.; Ajayi, B.; Gollee, H.; Jamieson, L. Page(s): 624-635

Robust Nonlinear Model Predictive Control With PartialState Information
Scholte, E.; Campbell, M. E. Page(s): 636-651

Flatness-Based Tracking of an Electromechanical Variable Valve Timing Actuator With Disturbance Observer Feedforward Compensation
Chladny, R. R.; Koch, C. R. Page(s): 652-663

Control of Irrigation Channels
Weyer, E. Page(s): 664-675

A Hybrid Automaton Model of the Cement Mill Control
Kotini, I.; Hassapis, G. Page(s): 676-690

Adaptive LQ Control With Anti-Windup Augmentation to Optimize UAV Performance in Autonomous Soaring Applications
Kahveci, N. E.; Ioannou, P. A.; Mirmirani, M. D. Page(s): 691-707

Initialization of a Nonlinear Identification Algorithm Applied to Laboratory Plant Data Brus, L.; Wigren, T.; Carlsson, B. Page(s): 708-716

Nonlinear Feedback Control of a Dual-Stage Actuator System for Reduced Settling Time Zheng, J.; Fu, M. Page(s): 717-725

Reliability Enhancement of MEMS Lateral Comb Resonators Under Fault Conditions Izadian, A.; Famouri, P. Page(s): 726-734

Cooperative Control for Ocean Sampling: The Glider Coordinated Control System
Paley, D. A.; Zhang, F.; Leonard, N. E. Page(s): 735-744

Experimental Validation of Consensus Algorithms for Multivehicle Cooperative Control Ren, W.; Chao, H.; Bourgeous, W.; Sorensen, N.; Chen, Y. Page(s): 745-752

Adaptive Neural Network Control for Helicopters in Vertical Flight
Tee, K. P.; Ge, S. S.; Tay, F. E. H. Page(s): 753-762

Adaptive Analytical Model-Based Control for SI Engine Air–Fuel Ratio
Muske, K. R.; Jones, J. C. P.; Franceschi, E. M. Page(s): 763-768

New Regressors for the Direct Identification of Tire Deformation in Road Vehicles Via “In-Tire” Accelerometers Savaresi, S. M.; Tanelli, M Page(s): 769-780

PCA-Based Parameter Set Mappings for LPV Models With Fewer Parameters and Less Overbounding Kwiatkowski, A.; Werner, H. Page(s): 781-788

A Statistical Method for the Detection of Sensor Abrupt Faults in Aircraft Control Systems Samara, P. A.; Fouskitakis, G. N.; Sakellariou, J. S Page(s): 789-798

Parameter Estimation-Based Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery for Nonlinear Satellite Models Jiang, T.; Khorasani, K.; Tafazoli, S. Page(s): 799-808

Steering Limitations for a Vehicle Pulling Passive Trailers
Martinez, J. L.; Morales, J.; Mandow, A.;  Page(s): 809-818

Application of Predictive Sliding Mode Controllers to a Solar Plant
de la Parte, M. P.; Cirre, C. M.; Camacho, E. F Page(s): 819-825

Sliding-Mode Enhanced Adaptive Motion Tracking Control of Piezoelectric Actuation Systems for Micro/Nano Manipulation
Liaw, H. C.; Shirinzadeh, B.; Smith, J. Page(s): 826-833

Resource-Constrained Load Balancing Controller for a Parallel Database
Tang, Z.; Birdwell, J. D.; Chiasson, J.; Abdallah, C. T.; Page(s): 834-840

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology information for authors
Page(s): C3-C3