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IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology — Volume: 16  Issue: 1   Date: Jan. Feb 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Doyle, F. J. , Page(s): 1-1

2007 IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology Outstanding Paper Award
Page(s): 2-2

Model Predictive Control Applied to Constraint Handling in Active Noise and Vibration Control
Wills, A.G.; Bates, D.; Fleming, A.J.; Ninness, B , Page(s): 3-12

Maglev Apparatus for Power Minimization and Control of Artificial Hearts
Samiappan, C.; Mirnateghi, N.; Paden, B.E.; Antaki, J.F. , Page(s): 13-18

Decentralized Receding Horizon Control and Coordination of Autonomous Vehicle Formations Keviczky, T.; Borrelli, F.; Fregene, K.; Godbole, D , Page(s): 19-33

Coordinate Control of Energy Saving Programmable Valves
Song Liu; Bin Yao , Page(s): 34-45

Performance Analysis of Digital Flight Control Systems With Rollback Error Recovery Subject to Simulated Neutron-Induced Upsets Hong Zhang; Gray, W.S.; Gonzalez, O.R. , Page(s): 46-59

An Adaptive Optimal Control Design for a Bolus Chasing Computed Tomography Angiography Er-Wei Bai; Zhijun Cai; McCabe, R.; Ge Wang , Page(s): 60-69

An Analysis of the Effects of Closed-Loop Commutation Delay on Stepper Motor Control and Application to Parameter Estimation Krishnamurthy, P.; Khorrami, F. , Page(s): 70-77

NARX-Based Nonlinear System Identification Using Orthogonal Least Squares Basis Hunting
Chen, S.; Wang, X.X.; Harris, C.J. , Page(s): 78-84

A Differential Game Approach to Formation Control
Dongbing Gu , Page(s): 85-93

Matched Feedforward/Model Reference Control of a High Precision Robot With Dead-Zone
Chang, T.; Ding Yuan; Hanek, H. , Page(s): 94-102

Sensitivity-Based Hierarchical Controller Architectures for Active Suspension

Rattasiri, W.; Wickramarachchi, N.; Halgamuge, S.K. , Page(s): 103-112

Objective Prioritization Using Lexicographic Minimizers for MPC of Sewer Networks
Ocampo-Martinez, C.; Ingimundarson, A.; Puig, V.; Quevedo, J. , Page(s): 113-121

Nonlinear PCA With the Local Approach for Diesel Engine Fault Detection and Diagnosis
Xun Wang; Kruger, U.; Irwin, G.W.; McCullough, G.; McDowell, N. , Page(s): 122-129

Modeling and Control of a Manufacturing Flow Line Using Partial Differential Equations

van den Berg, R.; Lefeber, E.; Rooda, K. , Page(s): 130-136

A Novel Robust Nonlinear Motion Controller With Disturbance Observer
Zi-Jiang Yang; Tsubakihara, H.; Kanae, S.; Wada, K.; Chun-Yi Su , Page(s): 137-147

Modeling and Micro-Radian Precision Pointing of a Flexible Manipulator With the Existence of Static Friction
Chen Hsieh; Gi-Lung Lin , Page(s): 148-157

Design and Practical Implementation of Internet-Based Predictive Control of a Servo System

Senchun Chai; Guo-Ping Liu; Rees, D.; Yuanqing Xia , Page(s): 158-168

A Full Envelope Small Commercial Aircraft Flight Control Design Using Multivariable Proportional-Integral Control
Mattei, M.; Scordamaglia, V. , Page(s): 169-176

$H_2$ Control for Head Positioning in Axial and Radial Dimensions for Self-Servo Track Writing Chunling Du; Lihua Xie; Jul Nee Teoh; Guoxiao Guo , Page(s): 177-181

Autotune Identification via the Locus of a Perturbed Relay System Approach
Boiko, I. , Page(s): 182-185