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IEEE Transactions on Communication —Volume: 56  Issue: 9   Date: Sep 2008

Table of Contents

Combined puncturing and path pruning for convolutional codes and the application to unequal error protection Chung-Hsuan Wang; Yi-Hsin Lin Page(s): 1385-1389

The continuous-time peak-to-average power ratio of OFDM signals using complex modulation schemes
Wong, K.D.; Pun, M.-O.; Poor, H.V. Page(s): 1390-1393

Simple construction of multiple interleavers: cyclically shifting a single interleaver
Kusume, K.; Bauch, G. Page(s): 1394-1397

Iterative channel estimation and decoding for the multipath channels with RAKE reception
Sharma, N.; Ashikhmin, A. Page(s): 1398-1403

Optimum selection combining using the maximum energy criterion for M-ary NCFSK in Rician fading channels Young Gil Kim; Beaulieu, N.C. Page(s): 1404-1408

Switching rates of dual selection diversity and dual switch-and-stay diversity
Beaulieu, N.C. Page(s): 1409-1413

Optimum code structures for positive optical CDMA using normalized divergence maximization criterion
Mashhadi, S.; Salehi, J.A. Page(s): 1414-1421

Effects of chromatic dispersion on optical coherent-detection systems
Keang-po Ho; Hsi-cheng Wang Page(s): 1422-1424

Maximum likelihood based estimation of frequency and phase offset in DCT OFDM systems under non-circular transmissions: algorithms, analysis and comparisons
Feifei Gao; Tao Cui; Nallanathan, A.; Tellambura, C. Page(s): 1425-1429

Walsh coded training signal aided time domain channel estimation for MIMO-OFDM systems
Hyoung-Goo Jeon; Hyoung-Kyu Song; Serpedin, E. Page(s): 1430-1433

Markov analysis of selective repeat type II hybrid ARQ using block codes
Badia, L.; Levorato, M.; Zorzi, M. Page(s): 1434-1441

Serially concatenated space time convolutional codes and continuous phase modulation
Gabrowska, M.; Bossert, M.; Shavgulidze, S.; Schober, S. Page(s): 1442-1450

Optimization of LDPC codes for modulation and detection in layered multi-antenna architectures
Hyo-Jin Lee; Kyeongcheol Yang Page(s): 1451-1457

Analytical tools for optimizing the error correction performance of arithmetic codes
Ben-Jamaa, S.; Weidmann, C.; Kieffer, M. Page(s): 1458-1468

High-rate diversity across time and frequency using linear dispersion
Jinsong Wu; Blostein, S. Page(s): 1469-1477

Adaptive MLSE for DPSK in time- and frequency-selective channels Baas, N.; Taylor, D. Page(s): 1478-1486

Quadrature multiplexed CPM Fonseka, J.P.; Dowling, E.M.; Teng, C.-C. Page(s): 1487-1497

Spectral precoding for rectangularly pulsed OFDM Char-Dir Chung Page(s): 1498-1510

Strict convexity of the feasible log-SIR region
Boche, H.; Stanczak, S. Page(s): 1511-1518

Stability region of an optimized bidirectional regenerative half-duplex relaying protocol
Oechtering, T.; Boche, H. Page(s): 1519-1529

Bimodal packet distribution in loss systems using maximum Tsallis entropy principle
Sharma, S.; Karmeshu Page(s): 1530-1535

ML-based follower jamming rejection in slow FH/MFSK systems with an antenna array
Ko, C.; Hung Nguyen-Le; Huang, L. Page(s): 1536-1544

Cooperative spatial multiplexing for ad hoc networks with hybrid ARQ: system design and performance analysis Levorato, M.; Tomasin, S.; Zorzi, M. Page(s): 1545-1555