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IEEE Transactions on Communication —Volume: 56  Issue: 5   Date: May 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Communications, Page(s): cvr1-cvr1

Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for Non-Data-Aided SNR Estimation of Linear Modulation Schemes
Gappmair, W., Page(s): 689-693

Simple Average BER Formulas for M-ary Orthogonal Signals with Noncoherent Diversity Combining in Nakagami-m Fading Channels Radaydeh, R.M.; Matalgah, M.M., Page(s): 694-699

On the Joint Synchronization of Clock Offset and Skew in RBS-Protocol
Sari, I.; Serpedin, E.; Kyoung-Lae Noh; Chaudhari, Page(s): 700-703

Blind Estimation of Carrier Frequency Offset and DC Offset for OFDM Systems
Lin, H.; Sankassa, H.M.; Senevirathna, B.; Yamashita, K., Page(s): 704-707

Capacity of MRC on Correlated Rician Fading Channels
Hamdi, K.A., Page(s): 708-711

Joint Source and Channel Coding using Punctured Ring Convolutional Coded CPM
Lin, Z.; Aulin, T., Page(s): 712-723

Near Optimal Common Detection Techniques for Shaped Offset QPSK and Feher¿s QPSK
Nelson, T.; Perrins, E.; Rice, M., Page(s): 724-735

Probability Density Function of Reliability Metrics in BICM with Arbitrary Modulation: Closed-form through Algorithmic Approach Szczecinski, L.; Bettancourt, R.; Feick, R. , Page(s): 736-742

Mobility Enhanced Smart Antenna Adaptive Sectoring for Uplink Capacity Maximization in CDMA Cellular Network Wang, A.; Krishnamurthy, V., Page(s): 743-753

Robust Optimal Cross-Layer Designs for TDD-OFDMA Systems with Imperfect CSIT and Unknown Interference: State-Space Approach Rui Wang; Lau, V.K.N., Page(s): 754-761

Hard-Limiting Performance Analysis of 2-D Optical Codes Under the Chip-Asynchronous Assumption Chia-Cheng Hsu; Guu-Chang Yang; Kwong, W.C. , Page(s): 762-768

Joint Optimum Linear Precoding and Power Control Strategies for Downlink MC-CDMA Systems
Benvenuto, N.; Bisaglia, P.; Boccardi, F., Page(s): 769-777

Minimum Mean-Squared Error Iterative Successive Parallel Arbitrated Decision Feedback Detectors for DS-CDMA Systems De Lamare, R.C.; Sampaio-Neto, R., Page(s): 778-789

Synchronization and Integration Region Optimization for UWB Signals with Non-coherent Detection and Auto-correlation Detection Zhang, R.; Dong, X., Page(s): 790-798

Cross-layer Adaptive Transmission: Optimal Strategies in Fading Channels
Hoang, A.T.; Motani, M., Page(s): 799-807

Non Binary and Precoded Faster Than Nyquist Signaling Rusek, F.; Anderson, J.B. , Page(s): 808-817

Progressive Linear Precoder Optimization for MIMO Packet Retransmissions Exploiting Channel Covariance Information  Manton, J.H.; Ding, Z.Page(s): 818-827

Optimum Power Allocation for Multiuser OFDM with Arbitrary Signal Constellations
Lozano, A.; Tulino, A.M.; Verdu, S.Page(s): 828-837

Quantized Principal Component Selection Precoding for Spatial Multiplexing with Limited Feedback
Mun, C., Page(s): 838-846