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IEEE Transactions on Communication — Volume: 56  Issue: 3   Date: March 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Communications - Table of contents
Rate-compatible low-density generator matrix codes
Hanqing Lou; Garcia-Frias, J. Page(s): 321-324

Multiple error detection and correction based on redundant residue number systems Goh, V.T.; Siddiqi, M.U. Page(s): 325-330

Fast convenient numerical computation of lognormal characteristic functions
Beaulieu, N.C. Page(s): 331-333 

Blind estimation and detection of space-time trellis coded transmissions over the Rayleigh fading MIMO channel Lehmann, F. Page(s): 334-338

Statistics of general order selection in correlated Nakagami fading channels
Elkashlan, M.; Khattab, T.; Leung, C.; Schober, R. Page(s): 344-346

End-to-end BER analysis for dual-hop OSTBC transmissions over Rayleigh fading channels In-Ho Lee; Dongwoo Kim Page(s): 347-351
Reliable adaptive modulation and interference mitigation for mobile radio slow frequency hopping channels Ming Lei; Duel-Hallen, A.; Hallen, H. Page(s): 352-355

Space-time convolutional codes over GF(p) for two transmit antennas
De Noronha-Neto, M.; Uchoa-Filho, B.F. Page(s): 356-358

Constructing LDPC codes by error minimization progressive edge growth
Sharon, E.; Litsyn, S. Page(s): 359-368

Fast performance estimation of block codes
Srinivasan, R.; Wang, N. Page(s): 369-377

Construction of nonbinary cyclic, quasi-cyclic and regular LDPC codes: a finite geometry approach Lingqi Zeng; Lan Lan; Ying Yu Tai; Page(s): 378-387

Nested turbo codes for the Costa problem
Sun, Y.; Uppal, M.; Liveris, A.D.; Cheng, SPage(s): 388-399

Distributed source coding using short to moderate length rate-compatible LDPC codes: the entire Slepian-Wolf rate region Sartipi, M.; Fekri, F. Page(s): 400-411

On the performance of concatenated convolutional code and Alamouti space-time code with noisy channel estimates and finite-depth interleaving
Jootar, J.; Zeidler, J.R.; Proakis, J.G. Page(s): 412-423

MIMO multichannel beamforming: SER and outage using new eigenvalue distributions of complex noncentral Wishart matrices
Jin, S.; Mckay, M.R.; Gao, X.; Collings, I.B. Page(s): 424-434

Polyphase codes for uplink OFDM-CDMA systems
Tsai, Y.; Zhang, G.; Wang, X. Page(s): 435-444

Performance of RS coded M-ary modulation with and without symbol overlapping
Kar-Peo Yar; Do-Sik Yoo; Stark, W. Page(s): 445-453

A distributed radio channel allocation scheme for WLANs with multiple data rates
Yu, M.; Malvankar, A.; Su, W. Page(s): 454-465

Approximation of loss calculation for hierarchical networks with multiservice overflows Qian Huang; King-Tim Ko; Villy Bæk Iversen Page(s): 466-473
Two novel iterative joint frequency-offset and channel estimation methods for OFDMA uplink Fu, X.; Minn, H.; Cantrell, C.D. Page(s): 474-484

LDPC-coded cooperative relay systems: performance analysis and code design
Li, C.; Yue, G.; Khojastepour, M.A.; Wang, X.; Madihian, M. Page(s): 485-496

Iterative ML-based estimation of carrier frequency offset, channel impulse response and data in OFDM transmissions Merli, F.Z.; Vitetta, G.M. Page(s): 497-506

Clarification of interference power assignment in "capacity of large array receivers for deep-space communications Vilnrotter, V.; Srinivasan, M. Page(s): 507-507