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IEEE Transactions on Communication —Volume: 56  Issue: 6   Date: June 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Communications - cover page, Page(s): c1-c2

Quasi-orthogonal STBC with minimum decoding complexity: performance analysis, optimal signal transformations, and antenna selection diversity Dao, D.N.; Tellambura, C., Page(s): 849-853

A necessary and sufficient condition for determining the girth of quasi-cyclic LDPC codes
Wu, X.; You, X.; Zhao, C., Page(s): 854-857

Diversity factor-based capacity asymptotic approximations of MRC reception in Rayleigh fading channels Li, Y.; Kishore, S., Page(s): 858-861

A zero-forcing multiuser transmitter preprocessing scheme for downlink communications
Lie-Liang Yang, Page(s): 862-865

Optimal blind transport format detection for the UMTS uplink
Wang, M.M.; Brown, T., Page(s): 866-870

Low complexity MIMO scheduling with channel decomposition using capacity upperbound
Zhang, X.; Lee, J., Page(s): 871-876

On the complexity of joint source-channel decoding of Markov sequences over memoryless channels Dumitrescu, S.; Wu, X., Page(s): 877-885

Joint source coding, routing and power allocation in wireless sensor networks
Yuan, J.; Yu, W., Page(s): 886-896

Error rates of DPSK systems with MIMO EGC diversity reception over Rayleigh fading channels
Falujah, I.A.; Prabhu, V.K., Page(s): 897-903

Design and analysis of bit interleaved coded space-time modulation
Zhao, L.; Huber, J.; Gerstacker, W., Page(s): 904-914

Noncoherent eigenbeamforming and interference suppression for outdoor OFDM systems
Jacobsen, N.; Barriac, G.; Madhow, U., Page(s): 915-924

Balanced capacity of wireline multiple access channels with individual power constraints
Sartenaer, T.; Louveaux, J.; Vandendorpe, L., Page(s): 925-936

Relay assisted F/TDMA ad hoc networks: node classification, power allocation and relaying strategies Serbetli, S.; Yener, A., Page(s): 937-947

Routing-oriented update schEme (ROSE) for link state updating
Ansari, N.; Cheng, G.; Wang, N. , Page(s): 948-956

Tunable laser-based design and analysis for fractional lambda switches
Viet-Thang Nguyen; Lo Cigno, R.; Ofek. Y., Page(s): 957-967

Frequency offset estimation for MB-OFDM-based UWB systems
Li, Y.; Minn, H.; Jacobs, T.; Win, M.Z., Page(s): 968-979

Unified asymptotic analysis of linearly modulated signals in fading, non-Gaussian noise, and interference Nasri, A.; Schober, R.; Ma, Y., Page(s): 980-990

Distributed measurements for estimating and updating cellular system performance
Xiao, L.; Greenstein, L.J.; Mandayam, N.B.; Periyalwar, S., Page(s): 991-998

On optimum power allocation for the V-BLAST Kostina, V.; Loyka, S., Page(s): 999-1012

Diversity eigenbeamforming for coded signals Choi, J., Page(s): 1013-1021