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IEEE Transactions on Communication —Volume: 56  Issue: 7   Date: July 2008

Table of Contents

Sequential message-passing decoding of LDPC codes by partitioning check nodes
Kim, S; Jang, M.-H.; No, J.-S.; Hong, S.-N.; Shin, D.-J., Page(s): 1025-1031

A blind carrier frequency offset estimation scheme for OFDM systems with constant modulus signaling Zeng, X.N.; Ghrayeb, A., Page(s): 1032-1037

MPSK modulated constellation design for differential space-time modulation
Shi, Q.; Zhang, Q.T., Page(s): 1038-1042

Iterative soft-QRD-M for turbo coded MIMO-OFDM systems
Kim, K.J.; Reid, T.; I, Page(s): 1043-1046

Transmitter-based processing for down-link DS/CDMA systems with multiple transmit antennas

Park, C.S.; Lee, K.B., Page(s): 1047-1055

On optimal computation of MPLS label binding for multipoint-to-point connections
Solano, F.; Fabregat, R.; Marzo, J.L., Page(s): 1056-1059

Implementation aspects of LDPC convolutional codes Pusane, A.E.; Feltstrom, A.J.; Sridharan, A.; Lentmaier, M.; Zigangirov, K.Sh.; Costello, D.J., Page(s): 1060-1069

A general construction of constrained parity-check codes for optical recording

Kui Cai; Immink, K.A.S., Page(s): 1070-1079

Source fidelity over fading channels: performance of erasure and scalable codes

Zachariadis, K.E.; Honig, M.L.; Katsaggelos, A.K., Page(s): 1080-1091

Distributed differential space-time coding for wireless relay networks
Jing, Y.; Jafarkhani, H., Page(s): 1092-1100

Computing and bounding the first-order Marcum Q-function: a geometric approach

Kam, P.Y.; Li, R., Page(s): 1101-1110

Spectral regrowth analysis at the output of a memoryless power amplifier with multicarrier signals
Cottais, E.; Wang, Y.; Toutain, S., Page(s): 1111-1118

An ICI reduction scheme for OFDM system with phase noise over fading channels
Munier, F.; Eriksson, T.; Svensson, A., Page(s): 1119-1126

Single-symbol ML decoding for orthogonal and quasi-orthogonal STBC in clipped MIMO-OFDM systems Zhefeng Li; Xiang-Gen Xia, Page(s): 1127-1136

Lattice codes for amplified direct-detection optical systems
Mao, W.; Kahn, J.M., Page(s): 1137-1145

Linear estimation of correlated data in wireless sensor networks with optimum power allocation and analog modulation Bahceci, I.; Khandani, A.K., Page(s): 1146-1156

On the generation of Tikhonov variates de Abreu, G.T.F., Page(s): 1157-1168

ML iterative soft-decision-directed a carrier synchronization system for short packet turbo coded communication
Rahamim, Y.; Freedman, A.; Reichman, A., Page(s): 1169-1177

Saturation throughput analysis of IEEE 802.11 in the presence of non ideal transmission channel and capture effects
Daneshgaran, F.; Laddomada, M.; Mesiti, F.; Mondin, Page(s): 1178-1188

Detecting the number of signals in wireless DS-CDMA networks Valaee, S.; Page(s): 1189-1197