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IEEE Transactions on Communication — Volume: 56  Issue: 1   Date: January 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Communications ,Page(s): c1-c1

Performance Analysis of Block Codes in Hidden Markov Channels
Chang-Ming Lee; Su, Y.T.; Li-Der Jeng ,Page(s): 1-4

Analysis and comparison of several simple impulsive noise mitigation schemes for OFDM receivers Zhidkov, S.V.Page(s): 5-9

Optimal Step-Size Constant Modulus Algorithm
Zarzoso, V.; Comon, P.Page(s): 10-13

Closed-form BER results for multiple-chip-rate CDMA systems based on the simplified improved gaussian approximation MinChul Ju; KimPage(s): 14-20

Stability of a frame-based oldest-cell-first maximal weight matching algorithm
Xike Li; Elhanany, I.Page(s): 21-26

Construction of block orthogonal golay sequences and application to channel estimation of mimo-ofdm systems Oh-Soon Shin; Tarokh, V.Page(s): 27-31

Compact formulas for the average error performance of noncoherent m-ary orthogonal signals over generalized rician, nakagami-m, and nakagami-q fading channels with diversity reception Radaydeh, R.M.; Page(s): 32-38

New constructions of quasi-cyclic LDPC codes based on special classes of BIDB¿s for the AWGN and binary erasure channels Lan Lan; Ying Yu Tai; Page(s): 39-48

Quasi-cyclic generalized ldpc codes with low error floors
Liva, G.; Ryan, W.E.; Chiani, M.Page(s): 49-57

Performance analysis for collaborative decoding with least-reliable-bits exchange on AWGN channels Xin Li; Wong, T.F.; Shea, J.M Page(s): 58-69

Ldpc codes for non-coherent block fading channels with correlation: analysis and design Xiaowei Jin; Eckford, A.W.; Fuja, T.E.Page(s): 70-80

Two algorithms for constructing efficient huffman-code based reversible variable length codes Chia-Wei Lin; Ja-Ling Wu; Yuh-Jue Chuang Page(s): 81-89

Toward a unified framework for modeling and analysis of diversity in joint source-channel coding Kwasinski, A.; Ray Liu, K.J. Page(s): 90-101

M-ary orthogonal coded/balanced ultra-wideband transmitted-reference systems in multipath Dong In Kim; Tao Jia Page(s): 102-111

Performance evaluation of multi-hop csma/ca networks in fading environments
Duong Hoang; lltis, R.A.Page(s): 112-125

A unified approach to the performance analysis of speed estimation techniques in mobile communicationAbdi, A.; Hong Zhang; Tepedelenlioglu, C.Page(s): 126-135

Mailbox switch: a scalable two-stage switch architecture for conflict resolution of ordered packets Cheng-Shang Chang; Duan-Shin Lee; Chao-Lin Yu Page(s): 136-149

Low complexity affine mmse detector for iterative detection-decoding MIMO OFDM systems Liu, D.N.; Fitz, M.P .Page(s): 150-158