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IEEE Transactions on Communication — Volume: 56  Issue: 2   Date: Feb 2008

Table of Contents

A COVQ-based image coder for channels with bit errors and erasures
Andersson, T.; Skoglund, M. Page(s): 161-165

Method-of-moments parameter estimation for compound fading processes
Bouchereau, F.; Brady, D Page(s): 166-172

Adaptive ordering for imperfect successive decision feedback multiuser detection
Trajkovic, V.D.; Rapajic, P.B.; Kennedy, R.A.Page(s): 173-176

Variable rate and variable power MQAM system based on bayesian bit error rate and channel estimation techniques Lay Teen Ong; Shikh-Bahaei, M.  Page(s): 177-182

Second-order statistics for diversity-combining of non-identical correlated hoyt signals Fraidenraich, G.; Yacoub, M.D.; Mendes, J.R.; Filho, J.C.S .Page(s): 183-188

Performance of a CDMA system employing AMC and multicodes in the presence of channel estimation errors Kwan, R.; Leung, C .Page(s): 189-193

Capacity of large array receivers for deep-space communications in the presence of interference Vilnrotter, V.; Srinivasan, M. Page(s): 194-200

Generalized LDPC codes and generalized stopping sets
Miladinovic, N.; Fossorier, M.P.C. Page(s): 201-212

Soft handover overhead reduction by RAKE reception with finger reassignment
Seyeong Choi; Alouini, M.-S.; Qaraqe, K.A.; Hong-Chuan Yang Page(s): 213-221

Novel GLRT packet-data receivers
Haoli Qian; Batalama, S.N.; Suter, B.W. Page(s): 222-233

Unitary peak power reduction in multiple transmit antennas
Heechoon Lee; Fitz, M.P. Page(s): 234-244

Frequency domain detectors for ultra-wideband communications in short-range systems
Morosi, S.; Bianchi, T. Page(s): 245-253

Proportional QoS adjustment for achieving feasible power allocation in CDMA systems Mathar, R.; Schmeink, A Page(s): 254-259
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/TCOMM.2008.
The impact of space division multiplexing on resource allocation: a unified treatment of TDMA, OFDMA and CDMA Koutsopoulos, I.; Page(s): 260-269

A practical algorithm for power minimisation in wireless networks by means of multi-hop and load partitioning Piazzo, L. Page(s): 270-278

Power reduction techniques for multiple-subcarrier modulated diffuse wireless optical channels Weiwei Kang; Hranilovic, S. Page(s): 279-288

A comparison of frequency-division systems to code-division systems in overloaded channels Joon Ho Cho; Qu Zhang; Lixin Gao Page(s): 289-298

Serial search code acquisition using smart antennas with single correlator or matched filter Puska, H.; Saarnisaari, H.; Iinatti, J.; Lilja, P Page(s): 299-308

Performance analysis for MIMO systems with lattice-reduction aided linear equalization Xiaoli Ma; Wei Zhang Page(s): 309-318