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IEEE Transactions on Communication —Volume: 56  Issue: 8   Date: Aug 2008

Table of Contents

Combinatorial Interleavers for Systematic Regular Repeat-Accumulate Codes [Transactions Letters]
Johnson, S.J.; Weller, S.R. Page(s): 1201-1206

LDPC Codes for Flat Rayleigh Fading Channels with Channel Side Information
Jiang, Y.; Ashikhmin, A.; Sharma, N. Page(s): 1207-1213

Determination of the Best CRC Codes with up to 10-Bit Redundancy Baicheva, T.S. Page(s): 1214-1220

A Novel Approach to the Analysis of Diversity Receivers Corrupted by Partial-Band Noise Interference
Kragh, F.; Robertson, C. Page(s): 1221-1224

Pulse Construction in OFDM Systems Via Convex Optimization Xu, J.; Strohmer, T. Page(s): 1225-1230

Joint Estimation of Carrier-Frequency and Sampling-Frequency Offsets for SC-FDE Systems on Multipath Fading Channels Ping-Hung Chiang; Ding-Bing Lin; Hsueh-Jyh Li; Stuber, G.L. Page(s): 1231-1235

On the Performance of Opportunistic Cooperative Wireless Networks

Zhiguo Ding; Yu Gong; Ratnarajah, T.; Cowan, C.F.N. Page(s): 1236-1240

Bounds on the Distribution of a Sum of Correlated Lognormal Random Variables and Their Application
Tellambura, C. Page(s): 1241-1248

Fast ML Detection for Quasi-Orthogonal STBCs of Rate 2 in Under-Determined Systems [Transactions Papers]
Il-Min Kim; Park, Y.O.; Bang, Y.-J. Page(s): 1249-1257

Contention-Free Interleavers for High-Throughput Turbo Decoding
Nimbalker, A.; Blankenship, T.K.; Classon, B.; Fuja, T.E.; Costello, D.J. Page(s): 1258-1267

On Information Rates of Time-Varying Fading Channels Modeled as Finite-State Markov Channels
Sadeghi, P.; Rapajic, P. Page(s): 1268-1278

Precoded Modulo-Precanceling Systems for Simulcasting Analog FM and Digital Data
Papadopoulos, H.C.; Sundberg, C.-E.W. Page(s): 1279-1288

Average of Product of Two Gaussian Q-Functions and its Application to Performance Analysis in Nakagami Fading Mallik, R.K. Page(s): 1289-1299
Constant Envelope OFDM Thompson, S.C.; Ahmed, A.U.; Proakis, J.G.; Zeidler, J.R.; Geile, M.J.
Page(s): 1300-1312

Pilot-Channel-Assisted Log-Likelihood-Ratio Selective Rake Combining for Low-Rate Ultra-Wideband Communications
Chu, X.; Murch, R.; Liu, J.; Ghavami, M. Page(s): 1313-1323

Optimal Scheduling for Minimum Delay in Passive Star Coupled WDM Optical Networks
Huang, X.; Ma, M. Page(s): 1324-1330

The Role of Information Update in Flow Control Altman, E.; Basar, T.; Malouch, N. Page(s): 1331-1342

Robust Frequency Hopping for Interference and Fading Channels
Torrieri, D.; Cheng, S.; Valenti, M.C. Page(s): 1343-1351

Cross-Layer Rate and Power Adaptation Strategies for IR-HARQ Systems over Fading Channels with
Memory: A SMDP-Based Approach
Karmokar, A.K.; Djonin, D.V.; Bhargava, V.K. Page(s): 1352-1365

Threshold-Based Time-of-Arrival Estimators in UWB Dense Multipath Channels
Dardari, D.; Chia-Chin Chong; Moe Win Page(s): 1366-1378