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IEEE Transactions on Communication — Volume: 56  Issue: 4   Date: April 2008

Table of Contents

Transactions Letters - Random Redundant Iterative Soft-in Soft-out Decoding
Halford, T.R.; Chugg, K.M. Page(s): 513-517

Multistage Selective ML Decoding for Multidimensional Multicode DS-CDMA with Precoding Kim, D.I. Page(s): 518-522

Effects of Spreading and Training on Capacity in Overloaded CDMA
Ponnaluri, S.P.; Guess, T. Page(s): 523-526

Asymptotic Error Rate Analysis of Dual-Branch Diversity over Correlated Rician Channels Du, Z.; Cheng, J.; Beaulieu, N.C. Page(s): 527-530

Optimum Resource Allocation for Relay Networks with Differential Modulation
Cho, W.; Yang, L. Page(s): 531-534

A Framework for the Analysis of UWB Receivers in Sparse Multipath Channels with Intra¿Pulse  Renzo, M.D.; Graziosi, F.; Santucci, F. Page(s): 535-541

Performance Improvement of Non-Data-Aided Feedforward Symbol Timing Estimation Lee, S.J.; Beaulieu, N.C. Page(s): 542-544

Transactions Papers - Constructions of Nonbinary Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes: A Finite Field Approach Lingqi Zeng; Lan Lan; Tai, Y.YPage(s): 545-554

Turbo Coded Modulation for Unequal Error Protection
Aydinlik, M.; Salehi, M. Page(s): 555-564

A Unified Framework for Layered Transmission Over Fading and Packet Erasure Channels Etemadi, F.; Jafarkhani, H. Page(s): 565-573

Multiuser Interference Cancellation and Detection for Users with More Than Two Transmit Antennas Kazemitabar, J.; Jafarkhani, H. Page(s): 574-583

Trade-Off Between Diversity and Channel Estimation Errors in Asynchronous MC-DS-CDMA and MC-CDMA Ling, A.S.; Milstein, L.B. Page(s): 584-597

Network Coding for Efficient Multicast Routing in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
Zhang, J.; Fan, P.; Letaief, K.B. Page(s): 598-

Differentially-Encoded Di-Symbol Time-Division Multiuser Impulse Radio in UWB Channel Zhang, Q.; Ng, C.S. Page(s): 608-618
Scattered Pilots and Virtual Carriers Based Frequency Offset Tracking for OFDM Systems: Algorithms Gao, F.; Cui, T.; Nallanathan, A. Page(s): 619-629

On the Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative Diversity with Time-Hopping Ultra-Wideband Communications Abou-Rjeily, C.; Daniele, N Page(s): 630-641

The Impact of Non-Isotropic Scattering and Directional Antennas on MIMO Multicarrier Mobile Communication Channels Rad, H.S.; Gazor, S. Page(s): 642-652
On the Performance of Closed-Loop Transmit Diversity with Noisy Channel Estimates and Finite-Depth  Jootar, J.; Zeidler, J.R.; Proakis, J.G. Page(s): 653-665
Performance Analysis of Multiuser Diversity under Transmit AntennaCorrelation
Park, D.; Park, S.Y. Page(s): 666-674

Effect of Channel Estimation Error on Bit Error Probability in OFDM Systems over Rayleigh and Ricean Fading Channels Tan, P.; Beaulieu, N.C. Page(s): 675-685