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IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems PartII —Volume: 55  Issue: 9   Date: Sep. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Express Briefs publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

An Automatic Antenna Tuning System Using Only RF Signal Amplitudes
Firrao, E. L.; Annema, A.-J.; Nauta, B. Page(s): 833-837

Design Technique for Mitigation of Soft Errors in Differential Switched-Capacitor Circuits
Fleming, P. R.; Olson, B. D.; Holman, W. T.; Bhuva, B. L.; Massengill, L. W. Page(s): 838-842

Optimal Filter Networks Groenewold, G. Page(s): 843-847

Delay Estimation in the Presence of Timing Noise
Kusuma, J.; Goyal, V. K. Page(s): 848-852

An Active-Frequency Compensation Scheme for CMOS Low-Dropout Regulators With Transient-Response Improvement Lin, H.-C.; Wu, H.-H.; Chang, T.-Y. Page(s): 853-857

A Time-Interleaved $DeltaSigma$-DAC Architecture Clocked at the Nyquist Rate
Pham, J.; Carusone, A. C. Page(s): 858-862

On the Design of the Triple-Resonance Interstage Network Roy, S. C. D. Page(s): 863-866

Multidimensional Adaptive Power Management for Low-Power Operation of Wireless Devices
Senguttuvan, R.; Sen, S.; Chatterjee, A. Page(s): 867-871

Interference Cancellation in Broadband Wireless Systems Utilizing Phase-Aligned Injection-Locked Oscillators Wang, X.; Gharpurey, R. Page(s): 872-876

Digital Background Calibration in Pipelined ADCs Using Commutated Feedback Capacitor Switching
Sun, N.; Lee, H.-S.; Ham, D. Page(s): 877-881

Limit Cycles in a MEMS Oscillator Teplinsky
, A.; Feely, O. Page(s): 882-886

Finding the Tuning Curve of a CMOS—LC VCO Buonomo, A.; Lo Schiavo, A. Page(s): 887-891

Switching Time in Relaxation Oscillations of Emitter-Coupled Multivibrators
Filanovsky, I. M.; Oliveira, L. B.; Verhoeven, C. J. M.; Fernandes, J. R. Page(s): 892-896

VLSI Design of Diminished-One Modulo $2^{n}+1$ Adder Using Circular Carry Selection
Lin, S.-H.; Sheu, M.-H. Page(s): 897-901

New Approach to Scalable Parallel and Pipelined Realization of Repetitive Multiple Accumulations
Meher, P. K. Page(s): 902-906

Numerical Estimation of Yield in Sub-100-nm SRAM Design Using Monte Carlo Simulation
Nho, H.; Yoon, S.-S.; Wong, S. S.; Jung, S.-O. Page(s): 907-911

Towards an H.264/AVC HW/SW Integrated Solution: An Efficient VBSME Architecture
Sayed, M.; Badawy, W.; Jullien, G.
Page(s): 912-916

High-Performance Low-Power Selective Precharge Schemes for Address Decoders
Turi, M. A.; Delgado-Frias, J. G. Page(s): 917-921

A Symbol-Rate Timing Synchronization Method for Low Power Wireless OFDM Systems
Yu, J.-Y.; Chung, C.-C.; Lee, C.-Y.,  Page(s): 922-926

Using Transmission Line Outage Data to Estimate Cascading Failure Propagation in an Electric Power System Ren, H.; Dobson, I. Page(s): 927-931

Global Synchronization and State Tuning in Asymmetric Complex Dynamical Networks

Wu, J.; Jiao, L. Page(s): 932-936

Analytical Stability Condition of the Latency Insertion Method for Nonuniform GLC Circuits
Lalgudi, S. N.; Swaminathan, M. Page(s): 937-941

Second-Order Balanced Truncation for Passive-Order Reduction of RLCK Circuits
Yan, B.; Tan, S. X.-D.; McGaughy, B. Page(s): 942-946

Source Extraction in Bandwidth Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks

Chen, H.; Tse, C. K.; Feng, J. Page(s): 947-951

An Effective Selective Detection Scheme Based on Pulse Repetition for Noncoherent UWB Systems

Kim, J.; Kim, S.; Park, Y.; Lee, S.; Shin, Y. Page(s): 952-956

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—II: Express Briefs information for authors Page(s): 957-957

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Information Page(s): C3-C3