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IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems PartII —Volume: 55  Issue: 5   Date: May. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—II: Express Briefs publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

Design Considerations for Cascade $Delta Sigma $ ADC's
Cornelissens, K.; Steyaert, M. , Page(s): 389-393

Current-Mode High-Accuracy High-Precision CMOS Amplifiers
Falconi, C.; Ferri, G.; Stornelli, V.; De Marcellis, A.; Mazzieri, D.; D'Amico, A. , Page(s): 394-398

A Wide-Band CMOS LC VCO With Linearized Coarse Tuning Characteristics

Kim, J.; Shin, J.; Kim, S.; Shin, H. , Page(s): 399-403

A 50.8–53-GHz Clock Generator Using a Harmonic-Locked PD in 0.13- $mu$m CMOS

Lee, C.; Cho, L.-C.; Wu, J.-H.; Liu, S.-I. , Page(s): 404-408

A 1-V CMOS Pseudo-Differential Amplifier With Multiple Common-Mode Stabilization and Frequency Compensation Loops Shen, M.-H.; Lan, P.-H.; Huang, P.-C. , Page(s): 409-413

A Magnetic Feedback Method for Low-Voltage CMOS LNA Reverse-Isolation Enhancement
Vitzilaios, G.; Papananos, Y. , Page(s): 414-418

Physical Modeling of MEMS Variable Inductor
Yammouch, T.; Okada, K.; Masu, K. , Page(s): 419-422

Known-Plaintext Attack to Two Cryptosystems Based on the BB Equation
Alvarez, G.; Encinas, L. H.; Masque, J. M. , Page(s): 423-426

Strength-Reduced Parallel Chien Search Architecture for Strong BCH Codes

Cho, J.; Sung, W. , Page(s): 427-431

A 3$,times,$5-Gb/s Multilane Low-Power 0.18-$mu{hbox {m}}$ CMOS Pseudorandom Bit Sequence Generator Sham, K.-J.; Bommalingaiahnapallya, S.; Ahmadi, M. R.; Harjani, R. , Page(s): 432-436

CMOS Differential Logic Family With Conditional Operation for Low-Power Application
Kim, Y.-W.; Kim, J.-S.; Kim, J.-W.; Kong, B.-S. , Page(s): 437-441

Variable Digital Filter With Group Delay Flatness Specification or Phase Constraints
Dam, H. H.; Cantoni, A.; Nordholm, S.; Teo, K. L.,Page(s): 442-446

Design of Parallel Tomlinson–Harashima Precoders
Gu, Y.; Parhi, K. K. , Page(s): 447-451

A Fractionally Delaying Complex Hilbert Transform Filter

Hermanowicz, E.; Johansson, H.; Rojewski, M. , Page(s): 452-456

Performance of an SIMO FM-DCSK Communication System

Wang, L.; Zhang, C.; Chen, G. , Page(s): 457-461

A Note on PIN Polynomials and PRIN Rational Functions

Chen, M. Z. Q. , Page(s): 462-463

Improvement of State Feedback Controller Design for Networked Control Systems
Tang, B.; Liu, G.-P.; Gui, W.-H. , Page(s): 464-468

Networked Predictive Control Systems Based on the Hammerstein Model

Zhao, Y.-B.; Liu, G.-P.; Rees, D. , Page(s): 469-473

All-MOS ASK Demodulator for Low-Frequency Applications
Lee, T.-J.; Lee, C.-L.; Ciou, Y.-J.; Huang, C.-C.; Wang, C.-C. , Page(s): 474-478

A Mixed-Signal Vector Modulator for Eigenbeamforming Receivers

Tseng, R.; Poon, A. S. Y.; Chiu, Y. , Page(s): 479-483

A 4-W Master–Slave Switching Amplitude Modulator for Class-E1 EDGE Polar Transmitters
Lee, M.-C.; Kwak, T.-W.; Choi, B.-K.; Cho, G.-H. , Page(s): 484-488

Sustained Slow-Scale Oscillation in Higher Order Current-Mode Controlled Converter
Wong, S. C.; Wu, X.; Tse, C. K. , Page(s): 489-493

Corrections to “Multiplierless, Folded 9/7–5/3 Wavelet VLSI Architecture” [Sep 07 770-774]
Martina, M.; Masera, G. , Page(s): 494-494

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Page(s): 496-496

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Information

Page(s): C3-C3