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IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems PartII —Volume: 55  Issue: 7   Date: July. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems
Page(s): C2-C2

A Low-Supply-Voltage CMOS Sub-Bandgap Reference
Becker-Gomez, A.; Lakshmi Viswanathan, T.; Viswanathan, T. R. Page(s): 609-613

A Current-Mode Comparator for Digital Calibration of Amorphous Silicon AMOLED Displays
Chaji, G. R.; Nathan, A. Page(s): 614-618

On the Spectral Tones in a Digital-Analog Converter Due to Mismatch and Flicker Noise
Chandra, G.; Seedher, A., Page(s): 619-623

Analysis and Implementation of a 0.9-V Voltage-Controlled Oscillator With Low Phase Noise and Low Power Dissipation Lee, S.-Y.; Hsieh, J.-Y., Page(s): 624-627

Wien-Type Oscillators: Evaluation and Optimization of Harmonic Distortion
Palumbo, G.; Pennisi, M.; Pennisi, S., Page(s): 628-632

A 5-GHz Subharmonic Injection-Locked Oscillator and Self-Oscillating Mixer
Plessas, F. C.; Papalambrou, A.; Kalivas, G., Page(s): 633-637

Experimental Analysis of Substrate Noise Effect on PLL Performance
Rhee, W.; Jenkins, K. A.; Liobe, J.; Ainspan, H., Page(s): 638-642

Wireless Dosimeter: System-on-Chip Versus System-in-Package for Biomedical and Space Applications
Shamim, A.; Arsalan, M.; Roy, L.; Shams, M.; Tarr, G., Page(s): 643-647

Statistical Spectra and Distortion Analysis of Time-Interleaved Sampling Bandwidth Mismatch

Sin, S.-W.; Chio, U.-F.; U, S.-P.; Martins, R. P., Page(s): 648-652

A Fully Differential Band-Selective Low-Noise Amplifier for MB-OFDM UWB Receivers

Tang, S.-K.; Pun, K.-P.; Choy, C.-S.; Chan, C.-F.; Leung, K. N., Page(s): 653-657

Low-Power Short-Range Radio CMOS Subharmonic RF Front-End Using CG-CS LNA
Teo, T. H.; Yeoh, W. G., Page(s): 658-662

A Low-Jitter Polyphase-Filter-Based Frequency Multiplier With Phase Error Calibration
Yin, J. K.; Chan, P. K., Page(s): 663-667

A 1-V 1.25-GS/S 8-Bit Self-Calibrated Flash ADC in 90-nm Digital CMOS
Yu, H.; Chang, M.-C. F., Page(s): 668-672

A Low-Power Implementation of Asynchronous 8051 Employing Adaptive Pipeline Structure
Lee, J.-H.; Kim, Y. H.; Cho, K.-R., Page(s): 673-677

Sandberg's Representation Theorem and Classification of Linear Systems
Borys, A., Page(s): 678-679

Improving the Security of Chaotic Synchronization With a $Delta$-Modulated Cryptographic Technique
Liang, X.; Zhang, J.; Xia, X., Page(s): 680-684

Improved Bounds on the $L(2,1)$-Number of Direct and Strong Products of Graphs
Shao, Z.; Klavzar, S.; Shiu, W. C.; Zhang, D., Page(s): 685-689

Improved Free-Weighting Matrix Approach for Stability Analysis of Discrete-Time Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay
Wu, M.; Liu, F.; Shi, P.; He, Y.; Yokoyama, R., Page(s): 690-694

Optimal Filtering for Systems With Multiple Packet Dropouts

Sun, S.; Xie, L.; Xiao, W.; Xiao, N. , Page(s): 695-699

A Gaussian Approximation of High-Order Distortion Spectrum in Broadband Amplifiers
Renna, F.; Marsili, S., Page(s): 700-704

An FPGA Implementation of MML-DFE for Spatially Multiplexed MIMO Systems
Yu, S.; Im, T. H.; Park, C. H.; Kim, J.; Cho, Y. S., Page(s): 705-709

Comments on “Improved Sufficient Conditions for Global Asymptotic Stability of Delayed Neural Networks” Chen, T., Page(s): 710-710

Special Issue on: Circuits and Systems Solutions for Nanoscale CMOS Design Challenges
Page(s): 711-711

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Information , Page(s): C3-C3