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IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems PartII —Volume: 55  Issue: 8   Date: Aug. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—II: Express Briefs publication information
Page(s): C2-C2

High-Voltage-Gain CMOS LNA For 6–8.5-GHz UWB Receivers

Battista, M.; Gaubert, J.; Egels, M.; Bourdel, S.; Barthelemy, H. Page(s): 713-717

A Fully Integrated CMOS Active Bandpass Filter for Multiband RF Front-Ends
Zhiqiang Gao; Jianguo Ma; Mingyan Yu; Yizheng Ye Page(s): 718-722

Bang–Bang Control Class-D Amplifiers: Power-Supply Noise
Tong Ge; Chang, J.S. Page(s): 723-727

Class-D Audio Amplifier Using 1-Bit Fourth-Order Delta-Sigma Modulation
Kyoungsik Kang; Jeongjin Roh; Youngkil Choi; Hyungdong Roh; Hyunsuk Nam; Songjun Lee Page(s): 728-732

Analysis and Design of Configurable LNAs in Feedback Common-Gate Topologies
Liscidini, A.; Martini, G.; Mastantuono, D.; Castello, R. Page(s): 733-737

Design of 60- and 77-GHz Narrow-Bandpass Filters in CMOS Technology
Lan Nan; Mouthaan, K.; Yong-Zhong Xiong; Jinglin Shi; Rustagi, S.C.; Ban-Leong Ooi Page(s): 738-742

Exact Analysis of Three-Phase Rectifiers With Constant Voltage Loads
Pejovic, P.; Kolar, J.W. Page(s): 743-747

A Constant Frequency Output-Ripple-Voltage-Based Buck Converter Without Using Large ESR Capacitor

Yuan Yen Mai; Mok, P. Page(s): 748-752

Component-Efficient Multiphase Switched-Capacitor DC–DC Converter With Configurable Conversion Ratios for LCD Driver Applications Feng Su; Wing-Hung Ki Page(s): 753-757

A CMOS Digitally Programmable Universal Current-Mode Filter Alzaher, H.A. Page(s): 758-762

A Chaotic Peak Current-Mode Boost Converter for EMI Reduction and Ripple Suppression
Li, H.; Tang, W.K.S.; Li, Z.; Halang, W.A. Page(s): 763-767

Maximum Operating Frequency of Class-E Amplifier at Any Duty Ratio
Suetsugu, T.; Kazimierczuk, M.K. Page(s): 768-770

Current-Mode Phase-Locked Loops With CMOS Active Transformers
DiClemente, D.; Fei Yuan; Tang, A. Page(s): 771-775

On the Theory and Design of a Class of PR Uniform and Recombination Nonuniform Causal-Stable IIR Cosine Modulated Filter Banks Yin, S.S.; Chan, S.C.; Tsui, K.M.; Xie, X.M. Page(s): 776-780

Design of Near-Allpass Strictly Stable Minimal-Phase Real-Valued Rational IIR Filters

Yuk-Fan Ho, C.; Wing-Kuen Ling, B.; Zhi-Wei Chi; Shikh-Bahaei, M.; Page(s): 781-785

On Parallelepiped-Shaped Passbands for Multidimensional Nonseparable ${bf M}$th-Band Low-Pass Filters Saifee, Q.; Patwardhan, P.G.; Gadre, V.M. Page(s): 786-790

On Engineering Education, Superposition, and Commutativity Sandberg, I.W. Page(s): 791-792

Stability Analysis of 2-D Discrete Systems Described by the Fornasini–Marchesini Second Model With State Saturation Singh, V. Page(s): 793-796

Hopfield Neural Network Based on Estimation of Distribution for Two-Page Crossing Number Problem
Jiahai Wang Page(s): 797-801

A New Approach to the $L(2,1)$ -Labeling of Some Products of Graphs
Wai Chee Shiu; Zhendong Shao; Kin Keung Poon; Zhang, D. Page(s): 802-805

A Neutral-Type Delayed Projection Neural Network for Solving Nonlinear Variational Inequalities
Long Cheng; Zeng-Guang Hou; Min Tan Page(s): 806-810

LMI-Based Stability Criteria With Auxiliary Matrices for Delayed Recurrent Neural Networks
Yanjun Shen Page(s): 811-815

The Response Bounds of Unknown Nonlinear Systems With Sinusoidal Input
Zaiyue Yang; Chan, C.W. Page(s): 816-820

An Effective MIMO–OFDM System for IEEE 802.22 WRAN Channels
Hyunwook Kim; Jaewoon Kim; Suckchel Yang; Minki Hong; Yoan Shin Page(s): 821-825

A Low-Power Synchronizer for Multistandard Wireless Communications

Tsung-Heng Tsai; Yi-Jen Chen; Chi-Fang Li; Guo-Hua Pu; Yuan-Sun Chu  Page(s): 826-830

Special issue on circuits and systems solutions for nanoscale CMOS design challenges
Page(s): 831-831

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—II: Express Briefs information for authors
Page(s): 832-832

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Information Page(s): C3-C3