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IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems PartI —Volume: 55  Issue: 5   Date: June. 2008

Table of Contents

IIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—I: Regular Papers publication information Page(s): C2-C2

Comparison of Pentacene and Amorphous Silicon AMOLED Display Driver Circuits Vaidya, V.; Soggs, S.; Kim, J.; Haldi, A.; Haddock, J. N Page(s): 1177-1184

A Novel Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Model for DNA-Protein Regulatory Genetic Circuits and Genetic State Machines
Hasan, S. M. R. Page(s): 1185-1196

A Precision High-Voltage Current Sensing Circuit
Dake, T.; Ozalevli, E. Page(s): 1197-1202

Differential Type Class-AB Second-Order Log-Domain Notch Filter
Kircay, A.; Cam, U. Page(s): 1203-1212

A Full On-Chip CMOS Clock-and-Data Recovery IC for OC-192 Applications
Li, J.; Silva-Martinez, J.; Brunn, B.; Rokhsaz, S. Page(s): 1213-1222

Optical Receiver With Widely Tunable Sensitivity in BiCMOS Technology
Tadic, N.; Zimmermann, H. Page(s): 1223-1236

Using Linear Relations Between Experimental Characteristics in Stiff Identification Problems of Linear Circuit Theory
Adalev, A. S.; Korovkin, N. V.; Hayakawa, M. Page(s): 1237-1247

Optimal Design of All-Pass Variable Fractional-Delay Digital Filters
Lee, W. R.; Caccetta, L.; Rehbock, V. Page(s): 1248-1256

Analysis of the Desired-Response Influence on the Convergence of Gradient-Based Adaptive Algorithms Vicente, L.; Masgrau, E. Page(s): 1257-1266

A Theoretical Study of the Quantization Noise in Split Delta–Sigma ADCs
Pamarti, S. Page(s): 1267-1278

A New Mechanism Producing Discrete Spurious Components in Fractional- $N$ Frequency Synthesizers Brennan, P. V.; Wang, H.; Jiang, D. Page(s): 1279-1288

Noise–Power Optimization of Incremental Data Converters
Steensgaard, J.; Zhang, Z.; Yu, W.; Sarhegyi, A.; Lucchese, L Page(s): 1289-1296

Analysis of Oscillator Injection Locking Through Phase-Domain Impulse-Response
Maffezzoni, P. Page(s): 1297-1305

Event-Driven Modeling of CDR Jitter Induced by Power-Supply Noise, Finite Decision-Circuit Bandwidth, and Channel ISI
van Ierssel, M.; Yamaguchi, H.; Sheikholeslami, A.; Tamura, H Page(s): 1306-1315

Neural-Network-Based Robust Linearization and Compensation Technique for Sensors Under Nonlinear Environmental Influences
Patra, J. C.; Chakraborty, G.; Meher, P. K. Page(s): 1316-1327

A Basis-Function Canonical Piecewise-Linear Approximation
Wen, C.; Ma, X. Page(s): 1328-1334

Chaos Synchronization in Complex Networks
Chen, M. Page(s): 1335-1346

Adaptive Stabilization and Synchronization for Chaotic Lur'e Systems With Time-Varying Delay Lu, J.; Cao, J.; Ho, D. W. C. Page(s): 1347-1356

Fully Automated RF/Microwave Filter Tuning by Extracting Human Experience Using Fuzzy Controllers Miraftab, V.; Mansour, R. R. Page(s): 1357-1367

A VHDL-AMS Simulation Environment for an UWB Impulse Radio Transceiver
Casu, M. R.; Crepaldi, M.; Graziano, M. Page(s): 1368-1381

Optimal PWM Control of Switched-Capacitor DC–DC Power Converters via Model Transformation and Enhancing Control Techniques
Ho, C. Y.-F.; Ling, B. W.-K.; Liu, Y.-Q.; Tam, P. K.-S.; Teo, K.-L. Page(s): 1382-1391

Development of Single-Transistor-Control LDO Based on Flipped Voltage Follower for SoC Man, T. Y.; Leung, K. N.; Leung, C. Y.; Mok, P. K. T Page(s): 1392-1401

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3