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IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems PartI —Volume: 55  Issue: 1   Date: Feb. 2008

Table of Contents


IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—I: Regular Papers publication information
Page(s): C2-C2


Time-Domain Modeling of Low-Frequency Noise in Deep-Submicrometer MOSFET
Hamid, N.H.; Murray, A.F.; Roy, S.
Page(s): 245-257


A 40-MHz Double Differential-Pair CMOS OTA With $-{hbox{60-dB}}$ IM3
Tien-Yu Lo; Chung-Chih Hung
Page(s): 246-253


A Modified CFOA and Its Applications to Simulated Inductors, Capacitance Multipliers, and Analog Filters
Yuce, E.; Minaei, S.
Page(s): 266-275


Negative Impedance Converter With Reduced Nonideal Gain and Parasitic Impedance Effects
Yuce, E.
Page(s): 276-283


On Analog Networks and Mixed-Domain Spatio-Temporal Frequency Response
Ip, H.M.D.; Drakakis, E.M.; Bharath, A.A.
Page(s): 284-297


Synthesis of Nonseparable 3-D Spatiotemporal Bandpass Filters on Analog Networks
Ip, H.M.D.; Drakakis, E.M.; Bharath, A.A.
Page(s): 298-310


Background Calibration With Piecewise Linearized Error Model for CMOS Pipeline A/D Converter
Jie Yuan; Farhat, N.H.; Van der Spiegel, J.
Page(s): 311-321


On Modeling of Parallel Repeater-Insertion Methodologies for SoC Interconnects
Awwad, F.R.; Nekili, M.; Ramachandran, V.; Sawan, M.
Page(s): 322-335


A Power-Delay Efficient Hybrid Carry-Lookahead/Carry-Select Based Redundant Binary to Two's Complement Converter
Yajuan He; Chip-Hong Chang
Page(s): 336-346


Algorithms for a Sparse Reconfigurable Adaptive Filter and a Photonic Switch Architecture
Suk-seung Hwang; Shynk, J.J.; Taehyuk Kang; Bowers, J.E.
Page(s): 347-360


An All-Digital Fast-Locking Programmable DLL-Based Clock Generator
Chuan-Kang Liang; Rong-Jyi Yang; Shen-Iuan Liu
Page(s): 361-369


Analysis of Genomics and Proteomics Using DSP Techniques
Rao, K.D.; Swamy, M.N.S.
Page(s): 370-378


Optimized Address Assignment With Array and Loop Transformations for Minimizing Schedule Length
Chun Jason Xue; Zhiping Jia; Zili Shao; Meng Wang; Sha, E.H.-M.
Page(s): 379-389


Compensation of Frequency-Dependent Gain/Phase Imbalance in Predistortion Linearization Systems
Lei Ding; Zhengxiang Ma; Morgan, D.R.; Zierdt, M.; Tong Zhou, G.
Page(s): 390-397


Performance Analysis of Blind Adaptive MOE Multiuser Receivers Using Inverse QRD-RLS Algorithm
Elnashar, A.; Elnoubi, S.; El-Mikati, H.A.
Page(s): 398-411


An Optimality-Based Repetitive Control Algorithm for Discrete-Time Systems
Freeman, C.T.; Lewin, P.L.; Rogers, E.; Owens, D.H.; Hatonen, J.
Page(s): 412-423


A Matrix Pseudo-Inversion Lemma for Positive Semidefinite Hermitian Matrices and Its Application to Adaptive Blind Deconvolution of MIMO Systems
Kohno, K.; Inouye, Y.; Kawamoto, M.
Page(s): 424-435


Projection Operator-Based Factorization Procedure for FIR Paraunitary Matrices
Lannes, S.; Bose, N.K.
Page(s): 436-444


A Tutorial on GrÖbner Bases With Applications in Signals and Systems
Zhiping Lin; Li Xu; Bose, N.K.
Page(s): 445-461


Available Transfer Capability Calculation Using a Smoothing Pointwise Maximum Function
Xiaojiao Tong; Wu, F.F.; Liqun Qi
Page(s): 462-474


IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—I: Regular Papers information for authors
Page(s): 475-475


Quality without compromise
Page(s): 476-476


IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3