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IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems PartI —Volume: 55  Issue: 3  Date: Apr. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—I: Regular Papers publication information Page(s): C2-C2

Cochlea-Based RF Channelizing Filters
Galbraith, C. J.; White, R. D.; Cheng, L Page(s): 969-979

A Capacitive-Based Accelerometer IC Using Injection-Nulling Switch Technique
Lee, W. F.; Chan, P. K. Page(s): 980-989

Binary-Weighted Digital-to-Analog Converter Design Using Floating-Gate Voltage References Ozalevli, E.; Lo, H.-J.; Hasler, P. E. Page(s): 990-998

Tunable Highly Linear Floating-Gate CMOS Resistor Using Common-Mode Linearization Technique Ozalevli, E.; Hasler, P. E. Page(s): 999-1010

Reducing the Number of Comparators in Multibt $Delta Sigma $ Modulators
Pesenti, S.; Clement, P.; Kayal, M. Page(s): 1011-1022

Optimal Voltage Scaling, Repeater Insertion, and Wire Sizing for Wave-Pipelined Global Interconnects Deodhar, V. V.; Davis, J. A. Page(s): 1023-1030

Systolic and Super-Systolic Multipliers for Finite Field $GF(2^{m})$ Based on Irreducible Trinomials Meher, P. K. Page(s): 1031-1040

Power-Supply and Substrate-Noise-Induced Timing Jitter in Nonoverlapping Clock Generation Circuits Strak, A.; Gothenberg, A.; Tenhunen, H. Page(s): 1041-1054

Cryptanalyzing an Encryption Scheme Based on Blind Source Separation
Li, S.; Li, C.; Lo, K.-T.; Chen, G. Page(s): 1055-1063

Synchronization and Small-Signal Analysis of Nonlinear Periodic Circuits
Brambilla, A.; Gajani, G. S. Page(s): 1064-1073

Numerical Determination of Possible Multiple DC Solutions of Nonlinear Circuits
Gajani, G. S.; Brambilla, A.; Premoli, A. Page(s): 1074-1083

Stability Analysis of the Continuous-Conduction-Mode Buck Converter Via Filippov's Method Giaouris, D.; Banerjee, S.; Zahawi, B Page(s): 1084-1096

Gain Scheduling Synchronization Method for Quadratic Chaotic Systems
Liang, Y.; Marquez, H. J. Page(s): 1097-1107

Chaotic Communication Based on the Particle-in-a-Box Electronic Circuit
Pizolato, J. C.; Romero, M. A.; Neto, L. G. Page(s): 1108-1115

Symbolic Vector Dynamics Approach to Initial Condition and Control Parameters Estimation of Coupled Map Lattices
Wang, K.; Pei, W.; Wang, S.; Cheung, Y.-M.; He, Z. Page(s): 1116-1124

Analysis of Spatiotemporal Patterns in an Infinite-Dimensional Electromagnetic System Wang, L.; Ma, X. Page(s): 1125-1132

A Differential Architecture for an Online Analog Viterbi Decoder
Maunu, J.; Laiho, M.; Paasio, A. Page(s): 1133-1140

An Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Direct-Conversion Receivers: Architecture and Performance Analysis Zheng, Y.; Cao, M.; Teo, E. K. H.; Page(s): 1141-1148

Identification of the Radial Configurations Extracted From the Weakly Meshed Structures of Electrical Distribution Systems
Andrei, H.; Chicco, G. Page(s): 1149-1158

A Family of Single-Switch PWM Converters With High Step-Up Conversion Ratio
Ismail, E. H.; Al-Saffar, M. A.; Sabzali, A. J.; Fardoun, A. A. Page(s): 1159-1171

Comments on “Bandpass Sigma-Delta Modulator Employing SAW Resonator as Loop FilterDutta Roy, S. C. Page(s): 1172-1175

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—I: Regular Papers information for authors Page(s): 1176-1176

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Information
Page(s): C3-C3