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IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems PartII —Volume: 55  Issue: 2   Date: Feb. 2008

Table of Contents

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems—II: Express Briefs publication information ,Page(s): C2-C2

A Gate Leakage Feedback Element in an Adaptive Amplifier Application,Berge, H.K.O.; Hafliger, P.,Page(s): 101-105

Performance Analysis of a Robust Photometer Circuit  ,Hernandez, W.Page(s): 106-110

DAC Quantization-Noise Cancellation in an Echo-Canceling Transceiver Hurst, P.J.; Norrell, A.Page(s): 111-115

A 0.004-mm$^{2}$ Portable Multiphase Clock Generator Tile for 1.2-GHz RISC Microprocessor,Inhwa Jung; Gunok Jung;Page(s): 116-120

MOS Translinear Principle for All Inversion Levels ,Minch, B.A.Page(s): 121-125

A Low-Noise CMOS Distributed Amplifier for Ultra-Wide-Band Applications ,Moez, K.; Elmasry, M.I.Page(s): 126-130

Class-AB Fully Differential Voltage Followers ,amirez-Angulo, J.; Lopez-Martin, A.J.; Carvajal, R.G.; Calvo, B.Page(s): 131-135

A 0.18-$mu{hbox {m}}$ CMOS 1.25-Gbps Automatic-Gain-Control Amplifier ,I-Hsin Wang; Shen-Iuan LiuPage(s): 136-140

Single-Phase SP-Domino: A Limited-Switching Dynamic Circuit Technique for Low-Power Wide Fan-in Logic Gates
Akl, C.J.; Bayoumi, M.A.Page(s): 141-145

An Indexed-Scaling Pipelined FFT Processor for OFDM-Based WPAN Applications
Yuan Chen; Yu-Chi Tsao; Yu-Wei Lin; Chin-Hung Lin; Chen-Yi Lee ,Page(s): 146-150

Hardware-Efficient Systolic-Like Modular Design for Two-Dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform
Meher, P.K.; Mohanty, B.K.; Chandra Patra, J.Page(s): 151-155

A Single-Data-Bit Blind Oversampling Data-Recovery Circuit With an Add-Drop FIFO for USB2.0 High-Speed Interface
Sang-Hune Park; Kwang-Hee Choi; Jung-Bum Shin; Jae-Yoon Sim; Hong-June Park ,Page(s): 156-160

A Class of SIC Circuits: Theory and Application in BIST Design ,Lei Shaochong; Hou Xueyan; Shao Page(s): 161-165

An Attack Against the Revised Murthy–Swamy Cryptosystem ,Youssef, A.M.Page(s): 166-167

Representations of Linear Dual-Rate System Via Single SISO LTI Filter, Conventional Sampler and Block Sampler
Ho, C.Y.F.; Ling, B.W.K.; Tam, P.K.S.Page(s): 168-172

Design of Multiplierless Lattice QMF: Structure and Algorithm Development ,Sang Yoon Park; Nam Ik ChoPage(s): 173-177

Improved Delay-Dependent $H_{infty }$ Filtering Design for Discrete-Time Polytopic Linear Delay Systems
Jianbin Qiu; Gang Feng; Jie Yang ,Page(s): 178-182

Adaptive Feedback Synchronization of a General Complex Dynamical Network With Delayed Nodes
Qunjiao Zhang; Junan Lu; Jinhu Lu; Tse, C.K.Page(s): 183-187

On the External Positivity of Linear Time-Invariant Dynamic Systems ,De La Sen, M.Page(s): 188-192

Constrained Control of Positive Discrete-Time Systems With Delays
Xingwen Liu; Long Wang; Wensheng Yu; Shouming Zhong ,Page(s): 193-197

A Fast, Sigma–Delta $(Sigma Delta)$ Boost DC–DC Converter Tolerant to Wide LC Filter Variations
Keskar, N.A.; Rincon-Mora, G.A.Page(s): 198-202